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Pasonxxx.Com Launches

During the Run Mary Run! shoot we had a chat with Kris Slayer, husband of Red Heaven who’s now using the name Pason and is promoting her new website
“It started out really small,” said Slayer of the site. “I re-did it about three times also to accommodate the new name change.” Slayer explains that Pason was Red Heaven’s name to begin with. “In a way- she’s gone by that name since she was four,” said Slayer. “She decided that she didn’t want to have a fake name in the industry. She felt that her fans should know her like anybody else and that she shouldn’t be fake and ashamed of what she does, because she’s not.”

Slayer: Her website’s pretty cool. We update it about every week. Every Sunday night she has a cam show on it. Before we used to do the shows just in front of the computer but now because we got a laptop and wireless connections, she’s going to be everywhere. Fans will be able to see her in the shower, in the bedroom, doing a whole bunch of crazy stuff. If you have a membership to her site you’ll get to see a whole bunch of other girls’ webcam shows. Those are always awesome and usually have a guy in there and get pretty hardcore. Pason one time during one of her cam shows got a blow-up doll and fucked it with a strap-on. We also archive all of her cam shows so people can go back and watch them any time. We put up new videos and photos every Sunday and just put up a forum so people can write whatever they want. There’s lots of free stuff on the site and almost makes you feel like a member before you are one.

Pason’s also going to start feature dancing. She’s a classically trained dancer in ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, tap. Everything. She can move like no other. I’ve seen her clubs and she blows people away. So we figured it was about time for her to try to feature. So she’s getting all her costumes ready and everything. She’s already found a feature agent and will start going to clubs everywhere and she’ll just blow people away.

Gene: How did you two meet.

Slayer: We met in Hawaii. I was in the military. She was dancing with a company, Ballet Hawaii. She was also working in one of those shops where you pay twenty bucks, the window unfogs and you see her behind the glass where she dances naked. I went into the arcade and started walking out. She says, hey, even if you don’t want to buy anything from me, just come back and talk to me. I went back there. We talked for a little bit and started relating on a lot of stuff together. Later when she got off work we went out and got pizza. We went back to her place and had a very long night. The first time we were together intimately was that first night.

Gene: That’s like the ultimate fans’ story.

Slayer: I guess so. Two months later we got married and a few months after that we moved to L.A. After she tried a few clubs out here- they were not doing as good as Hawaii- she e-mailed a few people and tried to get into porn. One person wrote back and told her an agent to go to. We talked to him and started working together. We did that for a little while and then started to work with other people. We’ve been married almost three years now and are going strong.

Gene: How many scenes would you say you two worked together before you branched off.

Slayer: Maybe about 25-30. Something like that. Our whole thing was we wanted to get comfortable with the industry and see how everything works. We treat it as a business. And we still have a great outside-of-work life. Then we still do stuff, go out on dates, everything. It hasn’t affected our marriage whatsoever.

Gene: And she’s cool with you working with other women.

Slayer: Definitely.

Gene: Aside from your wife who are some of your other favorites.

Slayer: Danni Woodward. I’ve worked with her twice. She’s just great. Allison Chaynes is wonderful. She’s so nice. I’ve been wanting to work with Holly Hollywood forever. She’s just got the nicest personality. My wife has worked with her a couple of times.

Gene: I understand you also had a webmaster horror story.

Slayer: Before I taught myself how to build Pason’s website we went to a guy to get the website built. He wanted $3,000. A $1,000 up front. A $1,000 half-way done, and a $1,000 at the end. We re-paid him two of the three thousand. We thought he was half-way done but really there was no members’ section and the website was just horrible. He didn’t want to do anything we wanted with it. He stopped working on it for awhile and wouldn’t explain way. We had a meeting with him and signed another contract that he would be done by a certain time after we got on his case. He wasn’t done by that time and it turned into this horrible fiasco. This guy didn’t want to work and basically took our money and ran. We took him to court and finally got our money back after quite a few months of court time. Then Pason had surgery and was down for a month. During that month I decided to teach myself how to build websites. In a month I had her website up and running with a members area and everything. It was definitely a lot cheaper.



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