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Paul Thomas Left Steve Hirsch and Went to Vivid’s “Enemies” So Why Couldn’t Rob Black Get a Meeting?

Rob Black said if Christy Canyon hadn’t opened her yap, he would never have brought up the dirt he has on Steve Hirsch. I don’t think that’s necessarily true. With Black, who insists that Hirsch tried driving him out of business, it was now or later.

Black on his Monday night show recalled when Hirsch got the “Vivid jet.”

“I thought some day I’m going to get a Bill Asher. [Black says Asher is the guy who put Vivid on the map.] But Steven is a guy I’ve known my whole porno life.”

Black said he’s been an admirer of Hirsch especially the fact that Hirsch brought Ginger Lynn on board.

“Who besides Traci Lords was that face of porn?” Black asked.

Black remembered when he was coming up in the business and went to a private industry hang out party with Ginger Lynn.

“There were two big players in the business and I think Ginger was hanging with one of the guys, a big player. There was fucking drugs and booze. Ginger the entire time was sitting next to Tom Byron and Van Damage.

“Van’s saying I’m going to shoot you in one of my movies. He’s touching her knee and Ginger’s pushing his hand away like he was a little boy. Tommy and her are talking about old stories. I keep going I can’t believe I’m sitting here looking at you. I jack off to you all the time. I’d do it until my dick would bleed.”

Black said while he knows Lynn has a man in her life he’d ask permission if he could do cellphone content with Lynn.

“It’ll be a real scene that we’ll put up on

“Will you ask your boyfriend if he’ll give you a pass and let you do cell phone content with me? You’ll make my goddamn dream come true. Please. Please.”

Black’s, who’s been sucking cock on Hollywood Blvd. to make ends meet, said the next stop is obviously anal and he doesn’t relish it.

“I know it is, but we have no options left. Let’s call Steve Hirsch. He brought back Paul Thomas who left him. Paul Thomas did The Graduate movie for Jerry Estrada which Howard Levine sold. A guy that left Steven and went to his enemies, that guy came back home and directed Behind The Green Door which isn’t out yet. He got a shitload of money for it.”

Black tried to secure a meeting with Hirsch via Paul Fishbein.

“I called Paul. He said no problem but Steven’s going to want to know what it’s about.” Black said he wanted the meeting set up on the QT where no one would spread rumors.

Black further explained to Fishbein that the meeting with Hirsch was about work.

“He’s got a cable channel and he’s reaching out to a mutual friend of mine that we know who’s acquiring scenes for Vivid TV. There’s no way maybe we can all work together?”

Black’s argument was that Axel Braun already had a huge chunk of the Vivid pie, wouldn’t it stand to reason there’d be some left over for Black?

“There’s a hole there for somebody to do something.

“It took three days and Fishbein gets back to me. He goes, ‘It’s what I thought. Steven’s not going to have a meeting with you. Marcie runs all the productions so anything, production-wise has to go through Marcie and Axel and that’s it.”

Another interesting angle said Black is that Marcie is friends with Dave Peskin who used to work for both Vivid and Black.

“Peskin would talk shit about me.”

Black hastened to remind his audience that Hirsch years ago threatened to put Black and Byron out of business.

“’If you don’t go condom, bad things are going to happen.’ Not in so many words, but Hirsch told Tom Byron he was going to freeze Extreme Associates out.

Black, for the remainder of the show, painted a picture of a company head who lacks clarity and has convenient memory gaps and losses when the circumstances apparently suit.

Black particularly threw a dig at the end when he said, “There’s this place. I don’t know what it is, but people told me about it. There’s this place. It’s on Hollywood & Vine but you might need to talk to these people because something’s clouding your judgment, Steven.”

What Black was referring to is a drug rehabilitation clinic which Hirsch is rumored to have a piece of.


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