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Paula Sladewski Murder: Too Many Questions Unanswered

from – The mystery only deepens in the January 3rd murder of attractive model Paula Sladewski. Paula`s charred body was found in a North Miami dumpster around 9 PM. Some new information has been released in February, but it has only widened the confusion.

Since the sketch was released no one has come forth and no one has been tagged as being the black man who talked with Paula after she exited Club Space. The boyfriend of Paula, Kevin Klym, has appeared on the Today Show and on America`s Most Wanted. He believes the man in the sketch was a bouncer and a doorman who checked the couple`s IDs when they entered the club. Kevin has also stated that this mysterious man was the same man who kicked him out of Club Space.

Club Space itself has issued a statement saying that Kevin is wrong about the “sketch man` being one of the bouncers. The club claims that they are fully cooperating with the police, and that the “sketch man` never was inside the club in the first place. So he was just lingering around outside the club, waiting to meet a beautiful blonde with no place to go? How could that be so? And how does Club Space know that the man was never inside the club?

David Wasser, a private investigator working for the family, was on Jane Velez-Mitchell`s Issues a few weeks ago. He talked to a street person who believes he recognizes the mystery man in the sketch. This seems like a good lead to follow, unless these witnesses also have disappeared. One thing that puzzles me, is that Michelle Sigona, a reliable crime reporter, has said that the sketch was taken from only one witness.

The sketch has to be questioned if it`s based on only one witness. And just because this black man was talking to Paula outside the club doesn`t mean he is the killer. There was a 14 hour window from the last time that Paula was seen to the time of the discovery of the burning dumpster. Somebody must have seen something in all that time? Very mysterious?

As far as the incident inside the club goes, the altercation or argument between Paula and Kevin, much confusion still lingers. Kevin claims there was no argument, that he simply saw that it was time to go. This makes sense. But Club Space insists there was a “physical argument` and this required force to 86 Kevin out of there and then a little later, to escort Paula out of there too. But some have implied that the “sketch man` was making a move on Paula on the dance floor, and that the bouncer was, in a sense, intervening on the mystery man`s behalf.

Strange indeed! It`s odd that with so many other people around, an alternative version of the altercation and 86ing of Kevin doesn`t emerge. It`s like people are hushing it up, for some reason? And I thought it odd also, that when Kevin and Wasser revisited the club a few weeks ago, they thought the staff has changed considerably since January 3rd. Moreover, they could not find the bouncer/doorman that Kevin so vividly remembered from the tragic morning.

The episode on America`s Most Wanted, that aired last Saturday night, was good, but no real new information was disclosed. The recreations of the activity inside and outside the club were very dramatic and realistic though. I recorded it and have reviewed it many times to see if I maybe missed something. That`s the first time I heard about the earring that was found by the dumpster, though. I can almost see the killer lifting the body from the car and taking it over to the dumpster. The earring must have dropped off then.

Also, the distinctive dress that Paula was wearing that night is significant. Unless nobody saw her after she left, and for reasons most obvious, Paula would have been noticed in this dress, had she gone anywhere else that was in public view. She had to go somewhere? Perhaps she wandered into an alley or a lonely street and was abducted off the street. I don`t see that as how it went down though. This was a bad neighborhood, but how could the streets be completely secluded at 7:30 in the morning?

I still believe the killer was inside the club and stalked her after she left. Somehow he coaxed her into his car and took her away to his apartment. No way did he take her to another party or to a restaurant or such. I don`t believe that she could have been in public view after around 7:30 AM, or someone would have come forward by now. Detectives will have to question Club Space employees and known patrons in there that night. I believe someone is lying to cover up for someone. Don`t you?

Yea, the mystery only deepens. And what about the abandoned vehicle that the police are looking at, that was found near the dumpster location. The odd thing is that they didn`t find it until Jan. 12th, 9 days after the murder. Was it stolen? Were there any fibers, fingerprints or evidence inside it? Who does the vehicle belong to? Why do police think that it`s linked to the killing?

Since so few clues are available, we are left with random speculation and desperate attempts to reconcile so many inconsistencies in this case. Either Kevin Klym is wrong or Club Space is wrong about that bouncer in question? Why can`t the police identify this guy, if he still works there? Club Space has stated that no one has quit, or there hasn`t been any changes in the staff. At this point, I`m finding Kevin Klym more credible than Club Space.

And even if we reconcile this dilemma, we still don`t know what really happened that night of Jan. 3rd. Who is the killer? Why did they do it? Was it random, possibly a serial killer, or can it be tied in to someone who had met Paula that night? More questions than answers, and we don`t seem to be moving in the direction of solving this case. The killer carefully concealed their crime, and we may never catch who did this.


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