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Penthouse Pet Heidi Baron on Howard Stern Show

from – Howard…. said that this girl Heidi Baron was very good looking. He said she’s in Penthouse and read that she came here when she was 19. She claims that girls over in Germany walk around naked all the time. He heard a few words and said she didn’t have a big accent. She said she was raised bi-lingual so it wasn’t that bad.

Howard said that Heidi was raised in Germany and she didn’t think that being naked was that big of a deal. Heidi said that’s true. Howard said that good looks aren’t a problem for her either. He said she’s really good looking. She thanked him for that.

Howard said that Heidi is like Hitler’s dream girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Howard said the guy did know women.

Howard said it took an American Soldier to make Hitler’s dream come true. The guy had to bang Heidi’s mom to get it right. Howard asked if they talk about Hitler over in Germany. She said they never really learned about him. They don’t talk about him in school. She said that she was an exchange student in Texas and everyone would ask her about Hitler. She said they were very rude about it too. Howard said he knew a guy who went to Germany and history didn’t start until 1975 from what he heard.

Howard asked Heidi if she went to school in short skirts and stuff. She said she did and her teacher would tell her not to cross her legs so he could see up her skirt. She was wearing some panties just for Howard this morning. He had seen they were yellow. Howard asked to see more of them so she showed him.

Howard asked Heidi if she made love to any of her teachers. She said she had a crush on one guy but she didn’t do anything. She said that he wasn’t the type to do that kind of thing.

Howard asked Heidi if she’s good at identifying Jews. Howard played Guess Who’s the Jew with her. He had Fred doing his Kurt Waldheim Jr. impression. Fred told her that he would turn that fat little Jew in the corner (Benjy) into a lamp shade for her.

Howard had Fred give her 3 names to figure out who the Jew was. Fred, or Kurt, gave her Kim Cattrell, Uma Thurman and Jennifer Connelly. Heidi guessed that it was Kim Cattrell. Kurt said that it was actually Jennifer Connelly. He said she had a catholic father but her mother was Jewish.

Howard asked Heidi about how she got to Texas. She said that she was an exchange student and she ended up finishing school in Germany but she wanted to come back to America. She said she went to school for dental hygiene so that’s what she was doing. She was also modeling. Heidi said she was doing magazine work and runway modeling.

Howard said that this guy in Texas dumped her. He asked her what happened there. Heidi said she moved in with the guy and he was head over heels for her. Two months later he started to treat her like shit. Howard said she seems very nice and he can’t imagine why someone would do that. Heidi said he was 26 and he was trying to be Mr. College Guy like a 20 year old. She said that he had beer pong and stuff going on. Heidi said she went to L.A. for two weeks and he met some other girl and when she came back she got kicked out.

Howard asked if it’s hard to get legitimate modeling work after doing Penthouse. She said that Heidi isn’t her real name so she’s not worried about that. Howard said that Heidi Baron is a secret name. Howard wondered if her accent was bullshit too. Heidi laughed.

Howard said he heard that Heidi’s father was okay with her doing the magazine. She said that he was but he didn’t see the nude shots. Howard said that she’s very open in the shots. Heidi said she didn’t know it was going to be so graphic. She said that she does keep clean back there though so she wasn’t worried about that.

Howard asked if she likes anal. Heidi said that she has done it and some guys just try to stick it in there like it’s going to be wet like the pussy. She said that they have to do something to get it going. She said that they can gradually open it up after getting it wet. Howard said he likes that she’s adventurous and wants to try this stuff.

Howard read that Heidi dated Jarred Leto. He said he was on that show ”My So Called Life.” Heidi said she never saw that and she didn’t know who he was when he came up to her at the gym. She said that she went out with him for a few months and it came down to being just sex and she didn’t like that. Heidi said she never called him and she let him come to her. Heidi said that he never took her out and he’d just bang her and didn’t treat her with respect.

Howard told Heidi that he’d treat her right. He said that he’d take her out and wine and dine her. He said she’s probably a lot of fun. Heidi said she is. Howard asked if she will touch a guy under the table and tuff like that. She said that she would do that. Howard said he’d fuck her in Times Square so everyone could see.

Heidi said that Jarred was weird and she heard that he was bi-sexual so that was kind of weird. Howard said that he can’t be that bi if he was banging her. Howard said that other guys might put him down because he’s with someone so hot. Howard said he’s probably not bi.

Howard asked if Jarred has a big penis. Heidi said that he’s huge. She said that he’s like a black man. Howard asked how many inches he is. She said she’s not good with that. She said it’s the biggest one she’s ever seen. Howard asked if she was shocked at the size and said something about it. She said she played it cool and didn’t say anything. She said it was just a new project for her. Howard asked if he had to ease it in because it was so big. She said that he’s a smooth guy and he didn’t just jam it in there. Heidi said he knows what he’s doing and he’s good at that.

Howard asked if it excites her when she sees something that big. She said it does. She said that it can be a big thing but some men don’t know how to use it. Howard said he’s not that big and he doesn’t know how to use it. He said he just puts it in and hopes it works out.

Howard said he’d be happy if the guy was good looking and didn’t have a big penis. Howard said he got stuck with a bad face and a small penis and it’s just not fair.

Howard read that Heidi had a threesome with two other women in front of her boyfriend. Heidi said she loves women. She said that it’s hard to find women who truly like women. She said that some women come up to her just so they can be seen with her by men. Howard asked if she has ever been in a long relationship with a woman. She said that she’s attracted to women but might not be able to have a relationship.

Howard asked Heidi to describe her ideal woman. Heidi said she likes Angelina Jolie and petite women. She said she doesn’t like the Butchy types, she likes feminine women.

Howard asked if she’s seeing anyone now. Heidi said she’s seeing a guy now and he’s 36. She’s 23. Heidi said that she’s standing with him through some tough times. She said that he’s got some money but he’s having some tough times.

Howard said that the guy must be good looking. Heidi said he is. Howard asked where he met the women that she was with. She said it was his birthday and they met some women at a club in Hollywood. She said she brought them back to their place to celebrate his birthday. She said that she met the girls while dancing at the club.

Howard had Heidi dance with him for a few seconds. Howard said he might not have the looks or the penis but he can dance his ass off. Heidi was laughing at him. She said that he was turning her on but she sounded like she was joking. Howard said Heidi was throwing up.

Howard asked Heidi more about the girls she met at the club and she told him that women come up to her all the time at clubs. Howard said the boyfriend must love that. Heidi said that he does.

Heidi said she got drunk and the girls asked her boyfriend if she was bi. She said she blacked out and ended up in the bed with the girls. She said she didn’t remember anything that went on. She wasn’t sure how she got naked or in the bed with the other girls. Howard asked if the sex was done by then. She said that it was still going on. Heidi said one of the girls had a boyfriend and he came in and saw what was going on and ran out upset.

Howard asked Heidi if she was having orgasms from the sex. She said she was. Howard asked what the boyfriend did. She said that he just watched. He didn’t join in or jerk off or anything. Howard said he’d be jerking off in the corner like an ape in a cage.

Howard gave Heidi some plugs for an appearance she’s making down in Florida this weekend. You can get tickets at

Howard read about some other stuff Heidi did over in Germany when she was living there. She said that she met an older French guy there and he brought her to a swinger club when she was only 17. Howard said that’s wild. He asked why a guy would do that and not just bring her home. Heidi said she didn’t want to be with some other person because they were all nasty. She said that they had a free buffet there and there were rooms to do things with other people. She said that she watched the guy do other girls. She said she watched and it was interesting to her.

Howard asked Heidi how many times a day she has sex with her boyfriend. She said they don’t do it every day. She said she likes to use a vibrator though. Howard had to dump out of something that Heidi was saying. She was talking about legal issues over something. She said she was 15 or 16 and this guy who was almost 40 was in the dressing room and tried to make her give him head. She said that last year the FBI called her to show up in court but she didn’t show up. Heidi said the guy ended up getting out on bail. Howard had dumped out of some of the information so we didn’t hear the whole story.

Howard took a call from a guy who was trying to speak German but it wasn’t understandable. Anther caller was doing a Gary the Retard impression but Howard hung up on him.

Jeff the Drunk called in and asked if she’s a cum guzzler. She said she doesn’t swallow. Howard asked why she doesn’t do that. She said she likes it squirted on her face but she doesn’t like to swallow. She said that she has to keep her eyes closed though. She said the taste and smell of it isn’t good. Howard said that she should taste his and Fred’s because it’s like $800 wine.

Another caller asked if she would ride the Syrian. Heidi wasn’t sure. Howard told her that it could give her a great orgasm. Howard said the thing is very expensive and it’s a giant vibrator.

Heidi agreed to ride it but she wouldn’t take her panties off because she was on the rag. Howard told her to give it a try and she’ll like it. She was giggling the whole time they were setting her up. Howard told her to just let them know how it feels. Howard asked if she had implants. She said they were real and Howard didn’t believe it. She took her shirt off and then the bra off. Howard said she looked good now. The guys were all telling her that the Sybian doesn’t work with clothes on.

Howard had Gary put on his mask. He had a Fencing mask on this time. Howard asked if that was less offensive to Heidi. She said it was. Howard had Gary turn the machine on and had him turn that up slowly. Heidi was just giggling and laughing the whole time. She said she was sweating. Howard told her to let them know what was going on with her. She wasn’t saying anything, just laughing.

Heidi said it was tough for her to be on that thing. She told Gary to stop the machine but Howard told her to keep going if it felt good. She said stop a couple of times and Will said it might be rape. Howard asked if she was done. Howard told Gary to take it down. Gary turned down the power and Heidi said something happened. She said she was weak from it. She said she thinks she busted a nut. Heidi was barely able to stand after that.

Howard asked what she thought of the Sybian. She said it was amazing. She said it was much better than Jarred Leto.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked what he thinks about her and Beth getting it on. Howard said he doesn’t think he could handle that. The caller said he could film it and give some direction and keep it for the times he wants to jerk off. Howard said that would be a sexy image of the two of them together. He said he’d probably be in the corner jerking off and not be involved in that.

Howard said he likes Heidi and said that she’s bad at spotting Jews. She said her boyfriend is actually a Jew. Howard gave her some more plugs and wrapped up with her. Heidi gave a shout out to a friend of her’s that asked her to do that. She said that he’s a big fan of the show and he wanted her to do that. Howard went to break a short time later.


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