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Penthouse Pet Valentina Vaughn -5/20/2005

Porn Valley- Penthouse Pet for June Valentina Vaughn was on the Howard Stern Show this morning. Vaughn, who lives in Philadelphia, was talking about her sex life and the fact that she hasn’t gotten laid since January. Vaughn also said four of the last five guys to be with her couldn’t get it up.

As Stern piled on the compliments, minion Richard Christy asked Vaughn if she’d like a beer and chloroform. Stern heard that Vaughn’s fantasy was that she would like to act out certain scenarios including student-teacher. Vaughn said she hasn’t done that. Education-wise, Vaughn took a semester at a business college. According to her, no teachers came on to her while she was in high school but one, a math teacher, would always dress her down for inappropriate clothing. She was going to school in Florida at the time. Stern imagined the teacher was having dirty thoughts about her but never acted on them.

“No teacher ever called you in after school and tried to do stuff to you?” he asked. Vaughn claims no. Artie Lange wondered if she went to Gay High. Vaughn explained that her fantasy deals more with authority figures but not an “ultimatum” situation. But Vaughn said she’d accept rulers and spanking in the scenario. Asked if she still entertained thoughts about getting into porn which was suggested in her bio, Vaughn said she didn’t know much about the adult business and doesn’t feel that way any more after doing a couple of photo shoots. Stern advised that her career should be just hooking up with a rich guy. Stern then pressed the issue about guys not being able to get aroused with Vaughn.

Christy wondered if it was ballet guys. Vaughn said some of them were drink and she tried not to be aggressive. “I’ve tried older guys- younger guys.” Asked if she had any weird odor, Vaughn said no. “And I don’t have genital warts.” Stern wondered if these guys were homos. Vaughn said she was beyond taking it personally. Stern asked if she had a penis. Christy was then invited to touch Vaughn’s breasts for ten seconds provided he did something humiliating. It was determined that Christy would suck Benjy’s feet and that Benjy would also get ten seconds with Vaughn’s breasts. Christy also wanted a deal that would included grabbing Vaughn’s ass. She shot that idea down. Stern then asked if she had a hang up about her ass. The word cellulite was mentioned.

Vaughn mentioned that she’s been with less than ten guys in her life and had one boyfriend for about seven months. Stern said Vaughn had a hot voice as well. She’s 22. Stern couldn’t figure out what she does to turn guys off. Vaughn has no qualms about being naked and demonstrated. “I can’t imagine what guy wouldn’t be aroused,” Stern commented. “I’m about to explode. Not too many women look like you.”

Stern also found it amazing that Vaughn worked as a stripper. She’s been doing it four years and works mostly in Philly at Delilah’s. She sometimes comes up to Wayne, NJ. She said she was weird about dancing in New York because it’s “a pain in the ass” getting in and out of the city. It was noted that she makes about $5,000 a week stripping and Stern asked if she was an aggressive lap dancer as well. Asked if she would make out with other chicks, Vaughn said no and never entertained the fantasy that she was into guys. “I’ve never had a girl-girl experience.”

When Stern began pressing the boyfriend issue again, Vaughn said she didn’t need one at the moment. She lost her virginity at 17 while attending a ballet boarding school. “That sounds mean,” said Stern. Vaughn said it was a big deal because her whole life she wanted to be a ballet dancer. “I quit five years ago.” Stern urged her to assume some positions. Vaughn said she does the moves when she strips and that she frequently pleasures herself but has gotten over the dildos and vibrators.

Stern asked what she thought about this morning when she played with herself. Vaughn, who uses her hands, said something about handcuffs. “I’m into that, too, but I’m shy,” she said. It was also determined that the guy Vaughn lost her virginity to was 19. She also dropped out of high school when she was 16. Gary ratted out on her and said she was kicked out of two high schools for smoking weed. “She was very depressed as a teenager and took anti-depressants.” Vaughn begged to differ. Gary went on to state that Vaughn never met her biological father and grew up with her mother who’s been married three times but is now a lesbian. Gary said Vaughn had been kicked out of the house for using drugs but she said that wasn’t true. But it was also determined that she did meth. “I was really young, though,” she said. She also admitted to being arrested in New York at the age of 18.

“They were following dealers. We were teenage girls walking down the street. We just out of the car and undercover cops pulled their car on the sidewalk. They jumped out.” Vaughn said she was in Central Booking for 27 hours for a coke buy but claims she doesn’t do that any more. Vaughn said she’ll drink and smoke some weed. Another time Vaughn was arrested when her mother called police. “I was disorderly. It was like being loud and fighting. Like when mother-daughters argue. When you’re a dumb kid you get even dumber. The police arrested me and I was resisting arrest.” Vaughn explained that she kicked the cop and was charged with assault. Vaughn was of the belief she’s been arrested more than twice, noting that she’s performer community service and how drug school changed her life.

“You must be nuts,” said Stern. “Miss your daddy? That makes you want to please a man.” Christy said Vaughn’s was the perfect story for porn. It was pointed out that Vaughn’s biological father was a ballet teacher and her mother was his student. Stern assumed that’s why Vaughn wanted to be a ballerina, to find her father. It was also pointed out that Vaughn loves to shoot guns and is in the processing getting her gun license. But she said they wouldn’t let her have one because of her arrests. “But I’m not like banned for life.”

Asked how often she strips to make $5,000, Vaughn said maybe two days then taker time off. “There’s no structure to stripping. Stern says he’s never seen a stripper that looks like Vaughn. Vaughn told him to go to Jersey and that she blows hot breath into guys’ ears. Christy wondered if guys offered money for more than a lap dance. Vaughn said she’d get ridiculous offers of cheap money to go in the parking lot.

There was also an observation that Vaughn had really low self-esteem. “She can’t talk to be directly,” Stern agreed. “When we were off mike you had trouble looking. I know I’m disturbing to look at.” To hear her talk, Vaughn didn’t think she had issues.



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