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Penthouse Pets on Stern- final

Porn Valley- The Howard Stern show played host to four Penthouse Pents today. They included Ginger Jolie, Jamie Lynn, Cassia Riley and Ashley Roberts [pictured from left], who were going to be competing against each other to win $10,000. Earlier a discussion was about Penthouse’s new management and how it cleaned up its act. “It got nuts with the urinating,” Stern said. “It’s got good content- they’re doing a good job over there. You’ve got to hand it to them. They rescued that thing. Now they can get regular advertisers again because they’re back to regular porn. Not freaky porn.” Artie Lange said the mag was getting all about lederhosen and two by four’s.

The idea behind the contest was a promotion of The Fantastic Four movie which opens this weekend. “They gave us 10 grand,” said Stern. “If you can come in and impress us with your talent, we’ll leave it up to you what your talent is.” Ginger Jolie had been on the show before and got it on with Victoria Zdrok. Jolie promised to show her oral talents Jolie explained that all of them are in competition for the 2006 Pet of the Year. Jolie said she had real breasts. Artie exclaimed that hers were perfect natural cans.

Asked if she did girls, Cassia Riley said all the time and everyone in the room. The night before, all four girls shared a hotel room. Stern had to pursue that line of question and it wax determined that each girl had her own room, HOWEVER, they like to be close to one another and hang out. “We all congregated into one room,” said Jolie. “We always do. We’re girls that like to be around each other.” Stern would have thought there’d be a rivalry, Jolis was ixnay on the ivalray. Stern wanted to know what happens in that kind of climate with everyone drinking. “You probably went out for the night. Where do you go? A club?” Jolie said they went out to a couple of clubs including a cocktail party for Penthouse. “Then we went to a couple of clubs and started drinking and got back to our hotel rooms.”

Jolie said they didn’t pick up any guys but did flirt all night. “That arouses us more that we’re flirting and using our sexuality to hit on other guys. We drive guys crazy, then flirt with them and then we just go home by ourselves.” Asked if her tits were real, Cassia Riley claimed they were. Jolie said they’ll usually come back to their rooms buzzed and take it from there. No guys are invited. The way it usually pairs up in Ginger and Cassia; and Jamie with Ashley. As far as the night before, Jolie said they didn’t get too drunk. “We wanted to get up early.” Jolie said she hand an erotic story involving Stern and the rest wanted to hear it. “They were so excited and so horny and they all loved my story. Then we started playing with each other. Jolie said she then paired up with Cassia Riley. “Then I had some of Jamie and some of Ashley.”

Asked if Cassia was dressed when she went up to her, Jolie said yes. “She loves to wear these really low pants.” Riley was asked to turn around and Stern said her whole butt crack was sticking out. Jolie said she was the dominant one. “One thing leads to another- a top will come off.” Stern needed a demonstration of top removal. Asked if they kiss, Jolie said yes. It was noted that by this time the clothes coming off becomes a group participation thing. Vibrators are generally introduced. Jolie, who was Penthouse Pet of the month in September , 2004, was judged first. Joli is currently single having broken up with her 46 year-old photographer boyfriend a couple of months ago. Jolie explained that she’s always traveling around with Penthouse doing promotions. “I just needed to be single. I want to get out there. I’m young and have fun and play around with the girls.”

Jolie said hers wasn’t an open relationship in that she and her boyfriend were sleeping around with other people. Stern heard that she would have threesomes with other women. Jolie said a lot of the girls in the industry liked her boyfriend. “He was pretty hot- they’d all come over. We’d play around and have some Tequila. That happened a lot.” Stern hoped the guy wasn’t too heartbroken over this. Jolie proceeded to tell a dominatrix story involving her and Stern where Jolie does a fictional cowgirl striptease dance and blindfolds him with his shirt.

Stern began lavishing compliments on Cassia Riley. Riley was the Penthouse Pet for April, 2005. She did nude modeling for six months before her Penthouse layout came out. Riley, who used to manage tanning studios, and her mother seem to have differences over her career. Riley, 24, has a boyfriend in a band and brings girls home all the time. Riley said what band he was in and Stern never heard of them. She also dated Everlast, according to Stern’s information. Riley didn’t seem too happy that Stern dropped that dime. “Nothing real serious,” she said. “It was off and on.” According to Riley he didn’t appreciate her. Riley’s talent was some argument about why Penthouse Pets are more interesting beer. If you actually listened to it, you’d have been grabbing the nearest six pack. Stern must have thought so as well. “Beer can’t talk- Penthouse Pets do,” Stern told her. Unfortunately Riley was allowed to continue with her spiel.

Jamie Lynn, the Penthouse Pet for January 2005, read a poem to Stern. Lynn was a full time model for two years and has appeared in several porn magazines. She’s also done softcore girl-girl films. “After her modeling career ended she went into real estate,” Stern noted. Lynn, 23, said she does girls but could never manage living with a woman. “I would kill her.” Lynn said she likes camping and is an outdoors girl. Stern asked to see her panties. “That’ll make the poem that much better.”

A caller-in then said in a contest between the girls and beer, beer wins. Stern then directed his attention toward Ashley Roberts. Roberts is the one in the picture wearing a cowboy hat, and Stern complimented her on her legs and natural breasts. Roberts says she weighs 110 at 5’5″ and Stern was of the opinion that’s what women should weigh. According to her biog, Roberts said her boyfriend avoids sex with her despite her many attempts. He’d rather play video games, she said. “What is he, a homo?” Stern asked. “What is the matter with him?”

Roberts says at best she gets it is once a week. It was noted that Roberts has modeled for lots of porn magazines. Roberts was adamant that she’s never been in hardcore. Stern said she did a urination layout as well. Roberts said it was more like one pee shot. “It was impossible- I was drinking tea and water all day and when it was time to do it, my stomach hurt so bad and it couldn’t come out. My body shut down.” It sounded like Roberts is prepared to move on after attempts that included wearing a whipped cream bikini.

Stern persisted with more relentlessly banal questioning about what went on in the bedroom at the hotel. Then Roberts told some dumb blond jokes with one of the girls doing a boo-hoo that no one appreciated her considerable talents. By this time the segment had worn out its welcome, and Cassia was subsequently declared the winner.


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