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Playboy Playmate is Suing BlogNYC

Posted on Wait, we’re being sued by Martin Siegel of Brown Rudnick? The same guy that defended Ken Lay in his bankruptcy proceedings? Rock! We really are the good guys! We also may be the first website in history to officially be sued for saying that we “owned” someone. Pwned!

I know some of you have been asking about what’s going on in the Stephanie Adams case, sorry for the delay but we were waiting to hear back from Stephanie and her Lawyer Martin Siegel. Well we finally heard from them, and to the sound of jaws dropping all over NYC, nay the world, Martin Siegel has signed his name to a laughable complaint alleging that we have libel and defamed and ruined Stephanie Adams.

Possibly the most ludicrous part of the lawsuit is their claim that she is not a public figure, presumably because it’s much harder to prove libel and slander against a public figure. They’re making this claim despite everything she has posted on her THREE FUCKING WEBSITES ABOUT HERSELF boldly declaring that she is a “Playboy Playmate”, a “spokesmodel”, a “celebrity author” as well as prominently displaying news clips about herself and providing a media and press inquiries link. Also, in the initial letter we received from her lawyer one of the complaints was that we claimed to have “communicated with Stephanie herself” rather than her PR DEPARTMENT. How many “private individuals” do you know that have a fucking PR DEPARTMENT?

Please everyone, Stephanie Adams is merely a simple, private person, can’t we all just let her be? Are we in the fucking Twilight Zone?

Now here comes the fun part. Since Stephanie Adams and Martin Siegel chose to go forward with this lawsuit, we get to do a fun little thing called discovery.

“Discovery? That sounds like fun, how can I get involved,” you say. Easy. We have to think of anything and everything we want to know about Stephanie Adams’ life that even remotely relates to our case. Her book sales, how much money she makes, etc. So if you have any questions that you think would help us defend ourselves against this baseless lawsuit please send them to [email protected].

Also, and this could be important, one of the claims that Martin Siegel makes in the complaint is that Stephanie Adams never put up on her MySpace account for people to come here and “bash” us regarding our original article about her. She has since taken it down, I copy/pasted it word for word, but didn’t take a screencap of it so if anyone remembers seeing her MySpace post and are willing to testify or sign an affidavit please let us know at [email protected].

You can click here to read the entire complaint And as always if you’re just coming across this you can read the entire history in our Stephanie Adams archive (start from the bottom and scroll up). Click after the fold to contribute to our legal defense fund.

While we do have a kickass attorney, Neal Johnston, representing us pro bono, since this is going to trial there will be some costs incurred that will definitely put a strain on us at some point during the trial. If you’d like to kick in to our legal defense fund and help us fight for free speech, any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Back story June 28: Is Stephanie Adams a Lying, Bullying Bigot? We are by no means setting out to give a definitive answer to that question, but we do intend to provide some compelling evidence that would seem to suggest that the above statement may be true.

One of the truly wonderful things about being sued is that if Martin Siegel ever actually comes up with anything more than a summons, we get to do a fun little thing called “discovery”. That’s where we get to find answers to these and many more questions about Ms. Adams. She has to provide all the documents we need to defend ourselves against this baseless lawsuit. And we plan on defending ourselves diligently even if it means keeping Martin Siegel and the law clerks at Brown Rudnick very busy.

One thing we know is true, Ms. Adams was a Playboy Playmate…14 years ago. Although you might think it was last month if you went to her website as much as she mentions it. In fact it’s the first thing she lists to describe herself, “Playboy Centerfold – Spokesmodel – Celebrity Author”. I graduated high school in 1992, maybe I should plaster that on the front page of all my websites.

Playboy does maintain the philosophy of “once a playmate always a playmate” so I wonder if Playboy would condone their playmate behaving in such a despicable manner.

As you all know Stephanie Adams is suing BlogNYC for defamation, libel, slander and false statements among other things. All of which is intended to scare us away. Although suing someone for all three of those things is sort of like suing someone for walking fast, jogging and running slowly.

The lawsuit came about when we did a write up about Stephanie Adams suing the NYPD for $5 million for use of excessive force after she allegedly lost her temper and threatened a cab driver (keep that in mind it will come in handy later).

While we were at first excited that Stephanie Adams broke our cherry and decided to sue us, we were a little let down that this wasn’t her first go around with madness. It all started with this letter from Martin Siegel of the highly esteemed Brown Rudnick law firm in Manhattan. Then it seemed to just spiral out of control.

First off, we have already shown that either Stephanie Adams or someone using the goddessy mailing system and the same IP address as well as claiming to be her PR department is the same person who also posted in our comments section, under at least four different names. One of the comments being, “Get your hands out of your pants and use it to scroll down her web site for a change,” (that too will come in handy later).

Second of all, the e-mails and the fake comments all took place right around the time Stephanie Adams herself was posting on her MySpace site calling me an “amateur” and asking for people to come and “bash us” and saying that “good always defeats evil”.

On her website Ms. Adams sells advertisements. $300 (for three months) or $100 (one month special offer). We’re still not quite sure how that’s a special offer, but anyway…we clicked through nearly every page we could find on her site and didn’t find one advertisement. The only reason why that’s particularly odd is because on the site, Stephanie claims that goddessy has “millions of visitors from all over the world who come to our web site and our community is growing rapidly.”

Who wouldn’t want to advertise on a site with millions of visitors? I guess there seems to be some discrepancy between what she considers millions of visitors and what Alexa Traffic rankings considers millions of visitors. According to Alexa rankings (which ranks websites according to their traffic) is ranked 3,723,582. By comparison, our “amateur” site is ranked 36,173. That’s about 3,687,400 higher than Ms. Adams’ goddessy site which claims to have “millions of visitors” or if you’re better with graphs you can take a look at the one below. BlogNYC is in red, and goddessy, where you can find it, is represented in blue. We aren’t pulling in millions of visitors a month and we’re still completely kicking the shit out of her website so you can only imagine how long it would take her site to get “millions of visits”.

Way back in 2002 a certain website, which for now will remain nameless but can also be backed up by witnesses and documents, innocuously criticized Stephanie for using “blue text on a black background” making her website difficult to read. What followed was three years of torment and threats from Ms. Adams. Along with posting the persons personal information all over the internet, they were subjected to e-mails with gems like these:

“You need glasses. The background is navy and the text is blue. You are no one but the old, ugly little Jew I met in Italy with Mario (who wishes you were Italian). Get a life and stop wishing you could be with me (or communicate with me) because not only are you are a troll, but you have too much time on your hands (when your small shriveled up dïck is not in them jerking off thinking about me).

Btw, neither the person who wrote the blog entry nor the person who e-mailed her were Jewish and to this day are clueless as to where that term came from.

“You are Mario’s jew friend. Why don’t you stop jerking off to me and buy a hooker!?”

GODDESSY makes over 70 million dollars a year and surely does not need the help of an amateur.

“Apparently, you have been looking up information on several of my web sites and are a deranged, ässhölë who came from a mother who was probably a hooker and a father who was probably an alcoholic. You sound like the type and any if you send any further e-mails, they will be forwarded to my security department, who by the way, WILL find out who you are, where you live and more. BEWARE!!!”

“By the way, you and your Jew friend are both old, poor, ugly, short, jealous, demented, lonely trolls who are still wishing you could be with a woman like me. You are so unworthy, you’re not even good enough for me to shït in your mouth. Try to be happy, if you can, because you will soon have to answer to my Uncle. It might not be directly, but from what he told me today, you will be getting the message soon… You will soon have your hands cut off for it.”

“Your daughter is going to grow up and become a crack whörë for men to fück her up her äss at $1 a pop. That’s what you taught her, Dïck!”

“You sound like a jealous fäg! Why don’t you get a sex change, Dicko?”

That’s just a small sampling of what this person was put through for nearly three years.

Then there’s the case of Stephanie Adams vs. Wikipedia. Apparently Stephanie was all in a frenzy because the Wikipedia entry about her mentioned that she offered Tarot card and love readings. She became so outraged that the moderators had to ban her for “personal attacks”

User GODDESSY is via her own admittance the person of who this Wikipedia article is about (Stephanie Adams). User Goddessy has been blocked and banned by several moderators and administrators. User Goddessy has made several severe Personal Attacks and been warned and kept attacking.

Also, if you do a DMOZ search for the result you get is, “Tarot Card Readings By Sorceress”.

Does anyone else see a pattern here? In every instance we could find, and there are quite possibly many others, Stephanie Adams is the one who seems to have serious anger management issues. A blogger, Wikipedia, a cab driver, the NYPD, BlogNYC…there is one constant in all of these stories.

All rather odd behavior for someone who claims, on a poster of herself that she is trying to pawn off for twenty bucks on her website, “love = pride”. Strange, because after reading all of this it would seem that Ms. Adams has very little of either.



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