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Playboy Shuts Down Spice

>I’m told that Playboy shut down all of the Spice division this AM. DONE, mailorder, TV, HUSH, etc.,

> This is the way it was told to me- if you’re a Wicked contract girl and have a bad attitude, look for another company. Apparently Wicked is in a house-cleaning mode.

> Fifth Element has signed Jewel De’Nyle Productions to an exclusive distribution deal which includes the company catalogue of over 60 titles. In the deal, De’Nyle will also be shooting 12 new titles a year, starting with a new interracial line.

> either Jessi Summers or someone purporting to be Jessi Summers is posting on My Space that she’s found God: so i get to oregon with no place to really stay, so i started calling the few friends i hadn’t lost contact with to try and find somewhere so i wouldn’t have to sleep on a park bench….lol… my friend trisha and her mom let me stay with them for a little bit until i got too out of control with my drug problem and then they kicked me out….

somewhere in the haze i moved in with a family that i lived with from like 4- 10. don’t ask me how i got there because i really don’t remember. and i met my ex david. he was awesome and i was soooo happy with him. i got kicked out for staying out too late with him, so i moved into his place. drugs started to have an even stronger hold on me than before…. coke, alcohol, tweak, and pills were my best friends… it really fucked up what me and david had. i would disapear for days at a time with no call to say that i was at least not dead.. and then show up at his place like nothing happened. he and even i didn’t know the extent of my problem.

i don’t exactly know where i went from there it’s all kind of a blur… but somehow i ended up working at best buy while i was still livig with david and in my first week working there i moved in with another one of the cashiers that worked there. oh yeah i forgot to mention that i did all my moving by bus (tri-met baby!).

so anyway i worked there for a good 4 or 5 months which was a LONG time for me considering how much i moved around.i thought it was great i had someone to corrupt so i could have a new party buddy and the most convient thing was that our dealer worked in car audio in the same store…. drugs became even more of a problem…me and david broke up and got back together fifity billion times over last summer which is about the point i am up to now. i moved in and out, i also lived wit various other people all over portland and the surrounding areas.. basically going whereever the parties were good and the drug supply was ample. i was miserable not to mention broke. there were times i got stranded cuz i spent the little money i had for bus fare on drugs…

then around my 18th birthday i moved back in with the family i grew up with again, claiming that i had changed and would abide by their rules, which when i moved in i intended to do,but then a couple days after my b-day i was right back doing what i had been doing for a good three and a half years.

i found some sleazy guy that claimed to be a legit photographer that ripped me off by paying me close to nothing for nude pics that he claimed were artistic not pornographic…anyways some good did come from it. the next week he hooked me up with a shoot in florida for he said it payed well and i figured it would be fun….plus i was sleeeping with guys for free or for a place to stay for the night, why not make something substancial and get a trip out of it? so i did it and i was sooooo nervous! overall it was a great experience.

a week after i came back from the two day mini vacation i got hooked up with my first agent. and i moved to cali after talking to him just a couple times. i didn’t really know anything about porn or the industry, or the lifestyle i was getting myself into( although it wasn’t that far off from how i had been living)TO BE CONT

alright, here’s a little bit about me… real name is megan. i grew up in portland, oregon with my mom and her girlfriend….yes my mom is a lesbian. at fourteen i was kicked out because my mom couldn’t handle me anymore, so i started living with friends or boyfriends….basically whoever would take me. i got into partying and drugs and stopped caring about school. by fifteen i was living a lifestyle that no fifteen year old should be living… i felt it was necessary to get fucked up everyday with whatever i could get my hands on to mask lonliness and pain that i wasn’t quite ready to address. considering pretty much all of my “friends” were dealers i got some pretty hardcore shit. i don’t remember all of fourteen or fifteen and i am glad… i witnessed too many horrible things to mention, but that’s what you get for hanging out with tweakers and ex cons….

at sixteen my mom and her girlfriend broke up. my mom’s gf cheated on her with the next door neighbor. there was more to it than that but that was the last straw. so my mom moved to reno, nv where all of our family lives and for some reason she wanted me to come with her and start a new life. i wasn’t totally excited but anything had to be better than where i was at… so i moved down to reno with my mom. we lived with my aunt and uncle for a couple months which was to drastic of a change for me. i went from no rules and getting fucked up all the time to basically being on lock down. i considered it to be like prison then but i now i view it more as rehab.that didn’t last long but then again i wasn’t really in the habit of living anywhere long. i actually kept m ost my stuff packed in suitcases no matter where i moved because in my experience people usually only let me stay with them for a month or month and a half before they got bored with me and kicked me out.

so my next home was my moms new girlfriend’s place. she got a new gf basically right after we moved there. it was a two bedroom broke down trailer with four people already living in it, not to mention about thirty cats….so i was the lucky thirty fifth addition to their “home” lol. my moms gf had two girls around my age but we didn’t really get along. actually i was treated like the red headed step child in that household. everyone took their shit out on me…and one night it got down to me almost stabbing my moms ex in self defense to realize i had to get the fuck out of there… my stuff was already packed so i was on my own once again i got a place in my exes name off of wells ave. which i had to work a good sixty hour week at mervyns to get, but by that time i had already droped out of school so i had plenty of time on my hands. it was great for a couple weeks. we were getting fucked up everynight and partying and having fun… something i hadn’t had for awhile. then one night he turned on me. he had always been verbally abusive but that night i thought he was going to kill me…. i can’t remember who called the cops i was kind of in a daze, but they came and he ran.there was blood spattered on the walls and carpet in the bedroom and in the bathroom where most of the beating went down. he had ripped the bedroom door off the hinges and totally fucked up what i considered my home which was something i hadn’t had since i was little. i was beaten up pretty bad but nothing so major that i needed to go to the hospital.

The cops had helicopters looking around the neighborhood with spotlight and they still didn’t find him. lol tweakers are pretty good at hiding, i knew they wouldn’t find him.

they told me to call as soon as he came back so they could arrest him. not only did he beat me he had a couple warrants out for his arrest. i was so scared waiting for him to come back home, it’s like in the movies when they start playing the cheezy music right before the killer attacks…lol. it took him a good hour to come back and he just walked in the house casually like nothing had happened. i never called the cops back…this continued until one day while he was at work i moved, with my half brothers help, back up to oregon….TO BE CONTINUED 🙂

> posted on After 6 years away…. she’s back!!! BACK!!!!

2006 has been the year of the comeback!!! Lisa Ann, Cassidey, Dayton Rains just to name a few. AND NOW…. the comeback of the one and only KENDRA JADE. Kendra is scheduled to shoot her first HARDCORE comeback scene this week for Defiance Films and Torrid Entertainment!

Recently Kendra has been tied to Mr Britney Spears and more recently she was seen hanging out with Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee… but now, back on film, naked, sucking and fucking with the passion only Kendra Jade is known for! Back in the late 90’s Kendra gained notoriety by being caught on camera with her stepmother in a hotel room fuck fest with talk show host Jerry Springer!!!! Springer was so embarassed by the incident that he BOUGHT ALL THE COPIES of the movie so that it would never be released to the public!!

Kendra is hotter today than we was back in the late 90’s, and she’s ready to come back and fuck for the world again on film… welcome back Kendra!!!


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