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Plus One Blows the Lid off Aphrodite Escorts

Porn Valley- Remember that blind item that was posted on the other day? It ran something like this:’Just got a call from a pornstar’s husband!!!

Last night a call was placed to this pornstars cell phone from a ‘middleman’ asking if she and a friend would be interested in paying some special attention to some Japanese friends of a certain US Federal Agency!

According to the husband, a rep from the US Agency himself placed the call for a referral and wanted two girls to meet these Japanese businessmen as a means of solidifying a contract between the government agency and these Japanese partners.

According to the husband, the references were checked out and it was in fact a government agency representative that placed the call for a referral for this sexual encounter.

The 2 girls showed up to a hotel, met a guy in the lobby who handed them 2 Bank fo America Cashiers checks. The girls went up to the specified rooms and played with the Japanese guys noodles until they got all the sauce out of them!!!

HERE COMES THE PROBLEM!! This morning the pornstar and her friend went to the bank to cash the checks, and the B of A rep let them both know they were duped, they were paid in FAKE cashiers checks!!

Calls are being made now to get cash to make up for this blunder, and if not, then names will be posted and this will no longer be an anonymous post!!!!”

Gene sez: To shed some light on the subject, Brian, aka, Plus One and Cytherea were on KSEX’s The Wanker Show Monday night sharing some couch time with Regan Anthony. The trio appeared in a scene together in Team Tyler Productions’ THAR SHE BLOWS. Anthony also appears in a scene with Faith in Faith’s Fantasies and Wankus played some of that clip.

Wankus noted that Brian looked like he had lost some weight and Brian said Cytherea was driving him nuts to do something about it. The subject quickly got on to Jack Daniels, and Brian noted that Cytherea has now acquired a taste for Jack’s medicinal properties. Brian also noted that Anthony was wearing a padded pra.

“Why would a woman with store-bought double D tits wear a padded bra?” he wanted to know. Anthony said it makes them even bigger.

“Why didn’t you buy bigger?” Brian asked her and Anthony said because she didn’t want them that big at the time because she wasn’t in porn at that point. Cytherea then suggested getting a blow-up bra.

Anthony mentioned that she now has a website launched,, and Wankus asked what happened to the Anthony said her old webmaster ran off with all her content. The webmaster was a woman and Anthony said the site would be available for her to buy back in April.

“It’s been too much drama,” Anthony said. “We can’t find her, she ran away, she’s gone.” Wankus then noticed that Brian apparently had something crawling up his ass which tied into the blind item.

“It’s this guy in New York,” Brian stated. “Aphrodite Escorts.” Brian then started rambling about Lisa Sparxxx’s husband and Wankus told him to slow down so they could assemble this story. According to Brian, the escort service called him.

“It’s this guy named Joe Bandi who’s got some kind of reputation- I don’t know if he did anything wrong, but he made the introduction,” Brian continued. “He called and said this guy down in Long Beach wants two porn stars to come down there and give them a dance show and strip and do whatever.” According to Brian, money was mentioned.

“It was retarded money- that should have been my first red flag,” said Brian. “It was ridiculous money and apparently it was a favor from somebody who works at the FTA. Go down and do your thing. So Cytherea went down there.” Cytherea said the money was for two girls to dance for three hours.

“It was $9,000,” Brian confirmed. Cytherea asked if she could mention the name of the girl that was with her.

“That’s not my place,” Brian replied. According to Cytherea, the girl who was with her got a cashier’s check.

“She said look at this check- we look at it- it didn’t look right,” Cytherea said. Wankus asked why she accepted a check for excorting.

“I don’t do that!” Cytherea replied sensitively.

But it was assumed because the guy who gave her the check works for the government, things were on the up and up. Cytherea continued to have doubts about the check but Brian told her it had routing numbers, a water mark and it looked fine. The next day Cytherea and Brian discovered at the bank the check was counterfeit. According to Brian, the bank gave them an investigator’s number and told him to talk to the guy. Brian then called Aphrodite Escorts who told them they, as well, were getting a runaround from the government.

“You’re getting a runaround from the government? I would think they’d care about a counterfeit check,” Brian said. brian was then told everyone got fucked but as soon as the check was made good, Cytherea would get paid.

“The only people that did their job was Cytherea and the other one [the other girl],” Brian said. Brian kept talking about this guy Joe Bandi.

“Is he part of the agency?” Wankus wanted to know.

“No, but he represents them,” said Brian. “His words to me were don’t talk to anybody at the agency, talk to me directly. I don’t care who pays me- Melissa from Aprhrodite or Joe Bandi, I don’t care.”

According to Cytherea, she made some guy “happier than a clam” and wanted them to do their “fuckin’ part.” Wankus wondered whether there were any more exchanges between Brian and this Joe Bandi-guy.

“Now he’s real anxious for us to talk to Melissa at Aphrodite Escorts,” said Brian. “Prior to this when he was making money it was all fucking fine.” Brian said he had called Melissa and was expecting a call back from her. Wankus was all for calling her on the air.

Anthony suggested in light of what happened to Exotica 2000, that you don’t work for an agency. Wankus asked Brian if he had any legal recourse, and Cytherea wanted to make it clear, again, that she did nothing illegal, that all she did was dance.

“Was it a no-contact dance?” Wankus asked.

“Exactly,” she replied.

Brian said the point to the story is that a federal employee is paying for a bribe with a phony federal check. Asked if he was going to the guy’s house, Brian said, no but someone was going to.


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