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Poppy Morgan, Paulina James and Gazzman Visit KSEX – final

Porn Valley- Co-host Ryder Skye’s telling Tony Batman how she now has to balance school work with porn.

“I’m getting stupider dealing with school,” laughs Skye, announcing that she’s doing a Wicked shoot any day soon. Randy Spears is directing.

Batman noted that there had been an American Porn Week shoot last weekend but the winners of the contest didn’t want to come on KSEX.

“They didn’t want to be on the camera with their names mentioned,” he added, mentioning that Poppy Morgan [pictured] and Gazzman would be on later to describe what that promotion is all about.

A new discovery during that shoot was Nicki Jane with Jane apparently making statements that she wants to be the next Jenna Jameson.

“Smart girls don’t say that,” commented Batman.

Skye replied that she didn’t want to be like Jenna. Batman also thought that upcoming guest Paulina James was going to bring Jana Jordan along, but such was not the case.

Batman also announced that there would be an Operation Desert Stormy party next week, and Skye recalled how she made a fool of herself during the auditions. According to her, Stormy was cute but she felt a little intimidated around Jonathan Morgan.

“I was freaking out because I was so nervouse!” exclaimed Skye who likened the situation to the time she auditioned for a mainstream feature, “California Vacation.”

According to Skye, her failure with that, as well, drove her into the arms of porn. She was laughing when she said this.

Batman also made mention of Craven Morehead’s pool party last Sunday noting that a bunch of UFC fighters had been invited.

“That’s someone drinking who has the ability to kill you,” he quipped.

Skye, likewise, announced that she was in the running for The Hottest Girl in Porn contest and would donate one-half of her prize money to charity if she wins. Batman asked if she was going to the Blue Moon party [which was yesterday]. Skye said she wasn’t because she was going to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with a girlfriend.

Asked why she didn’t go to porn parties in general, Skye commented, “It’s because I’m very wordly and exposed to many things.”

Skye’s friend Miss Piglet, also dropped by. Asked where she got that name, Piglet said it was the nickname of her special flower.

“Where all life begins.”

Piglet’s new thing is peeing.

“I pee a lot so I might as well make money doing it,” she reasoned. On the other hand, Skye said she had a difficult time doing it.

“I have stage fright.”

Batman then urged Miss Piglet to tinkle in a purple kiddie’s pool.

“I’d be happy to wipe her,” Skye volunteered.

Batman also said he’d be willing to stick his dick in a pumpkin hole if Miss Piglet would wrap her mouth around it. Miss Piglet promptly informed him that she doesn’t do b-g, which must rule out pumpkins as well.

“You need to get pounded until you get that happy face off,” Batman advised her.

When Skye ridiculed Batman about the fact that an interview DVD he prepped for KSEX froze their computers, Batman warned that in about four weeks he was going to take her to another conuntry. Presumably with the idea of leaving her there.

James, who was late getting to KSEX, explained that she had been on the set all day doing some g-g with anal. James laughed because she couldn’t come up with her partner’s name.

“She was so hot- she was with L.A. Direct,” James remembered. “I gave her my number and hopefully she’ll call.”

According to Batman, James, who attended the recent Sex Expo in Las Vegas, was hit on by a waitress named Michelle at The Four Queens Hotel in downtown.

“She [the waitress] wanted to lick the box- guys it seems are secondary any more,” said Batman.

James noted that for her first movie, Perils of Paulina, she had Evan Stone up her ass. James, who also shot a movie together with Bree Olson in Tokyo, was scheduled to show it at this weekend’s Film Festival at The Knitting Factory in Los Angeles.

James is also doing a porno Lindsay Lohan spoof and heard that Lohan was pissed about it. Nevertheless, James said she was looking forward to playing the character and having a good time on the set.

Additionally, James said she was thinking of taking a booth at Adultcon with Olson. On the 24th of the month James is also hosting a Go-Go dancing contest with a $1,000 first prize in Long Beach.

Later on in the show, James brought on newcomer Dulce Dearest who announced that she had just signed with Lighthouse Talent.

After a commercial break Poppy Morgan, winner of the Best International Actress award in Berlin and Gazzman got on the KSEX couch to explain Porn Week,

The promotion is basically an opportunity for fans to come on a porn set. The most recent was in Los Angeles, but Gazzman said similar shoots have gone on in Cannes, Berlin, London and Prague. They are run in conjunction with Harmony Films which is distributed by Evil Angel.

“We’ve been lucky with our movies,” Gazzman said. “We’re busy.”

Morgan, whose last time on KSEX was three years ago, said she’s been involved in all of the Porn Week shoots and that she sucked the cock of one fan who’s been in the business ever since. One of the guests at the LA shoot was a jumbo jet pilot.

Gazzman, describing the shoots as sexual free-for-alls, touted British newcomer Nickey G. as on the fast track to stardom. And The Initiation of Nickey G. was the movie shot last weekend. According to Gazzman it has a November release date.

Batman wondered how Morgan’s website got listed first in a Google search of her name. Morgan said something about sucking a webmaster’s cock in exchange. And Gazzman noted that, being the only Scottish porn director in the business, he probably also shot the only porn movie ever at Loch Ness.

He’s also been recipient of the Best European Film award and well as Best Foreign Director.


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