Launches On-Line Mag

Porn Valley- Sean from has announced a new feature for the website- an on-line magazine

Sez Sean: “I’m able to do what you guys are doing, going directly on-line, typing in the stories and putting them up myself. It might be boring for the porno fan because I’m keeping this strictly to real news and real sports.”

More importantly to Sean, however, is the fact he was able to resolve a thorny issue involving his credit card company which, in effect, was putting his sales on hiatus for three months. The credit card company wasn’t accepting orders until Sean discovered why. There was a glitch in the system that was rejecting the orders.

“It’s been pretty difficult to sell anything when you credit card provider has screwed up where you can’t accept credit cards,” Sean says. “I didn’t know that until I actually talked to somebody with brains at this place. So now we’re getting credit card orders again.

I called my webmaster, and we were both dumbfounded. What would happen is when someone would place an order to join our gallery they’d get an automatic response back to say your credit card has been denied. I finally had enough about the situation and joined myself to see what was happening. And I got it declined.

I called my credit card provider to see what was going on that I can’t even join my own website. This nice lady explained what happened. She corrected it at their end, and the next thing you know we’re getting orders. And this was going on for three months. I thought business was dead and when we’d get a message that so and so was declined, we thought they obviously didn’t know the difference between their billing address and some other address or they’re drunk-dialing at three in the morning, so-to-speak, on the Internet.

From what I had heard everyone’s business had been down but ours had been flat-out fucking dead. Now we’ve got it resolved. The frustrating thing is that we have been getting business off of adultfyi but the people get here to our site and can’t do anything. They can’t buy anything. So we’re starting off square one.”

Amusingly, in a recent porn legends poll, the question was asked to determine the most popular porn star of all time. The results were in this order:

Seka: 32.43%; John Holmes: 21.62%; Jenna Jameson: 16.22%; Marilyn Chambers: 13.51%; Someone else: 10.81%; Ron Jeremy: 5.4%

Jeremy lost out to “other.”



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