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Porn’s Ben Dover Talks About His BBC Sitcom Star Son: “I Didn’t Want My Past to Impact on His Future”

from The dad of teenage BBC sitcom star Tyger Drew-Honey has told how he feared his notorious porn movie past could have destroyed his son’s blossoming career.

Lindsay Honey, 52, speaking for the first time about 14-year-old Tyger who plays moody schoolboy Jake in the hit show Outnumbered, said: “People do know I’m Tyger’s dad but I have never gone on record with newspapers talking about the family link until now.

“I didn’t want my past to impact on his future.

“People can be very judgemental in the acting world but I want Tyger to be judged on his merits and ability, not because his dad has slept with hundreds of birds on film.”

But Lindsay, who spent 30 years playing a sleazy blue movie character called Ben Dover, is proud of his son’s role in Outnumbered which features two put-upon parents struggling with three know-it-all kids.

Lindsay said: “Tyger has become a household name and is stopped by girl fans all the time.

“In fact he gets more fan mail than me these days, sadly.

“His mates get jealous because of all the attention he gets and he’s had a few problems with other lads but he’s a very downto-earth boy who takes everything in his stride.”

In the award-winning show now in its third series, Tyger plays the oldest of three children in the Brockman family alongside Ramona Marquez, nine, and Daniel Roche, 10.

He battles with his stressed parents Pete and Sue – played by comic Hugh Dennis, 48, and Claire Skinner, 44 – and winds them up by constantly plugging into his laptop and iPod to escape their bickering.

Tyger was nominated for Best Male Newcomer at the 2009 British Comedy Awards.

Sordid He and his two young co-stars have received massive plaudits from critics because their scripts are almost entirely improvised during filming.

In the last episode he got a dressing-down from his screen mother Sue for ogling girls.

Lindsay, who lives with Tyger’s mum, ex-glamour model Linzi Drew, 51, in a mansion with a swim pool and fleet of supercars in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, has made millions from the porn industry.

But in recent years he has tried to distance himself from his sordid past.

Last year he appeared as a stand-up comic at the up-market Edinburgh Festival with his oneman show “Innocent – Til Proven Filthy”.

Lindsay told The People: “I’m not ashamed of what I did and neither is Tyger but I do want to protect him from getting ribbed and teased.”

One person who wasn’t pleased to be associated with Lindsay was former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Mr Blair was shocked to discover his family’s favourite summer holiday home – a grand 12th Century chateau near the village of St Martin d’Oydes in southern France – was hired by the porn king to make a series of blue movies in 2001.

“I don’t think he was best pleased,” said Lindsay.

Lindsay’s latest project involves recording a World Cup song called England Expects with a group of glamorous backing singers called Take It.

He added: “I’m trying to break into the mainstream acting world but with my past nobody will take me seriously.

“As for Tyger there seems no stopping him now. Every time I watch the show I feel so proud.

“Funnily enough he’s nothing like the sulky teenager viewers see on the show.

“He certainly doesn’t dish out the lip he gives to his screen dad.

We get on brilliantly.”


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