Pornstars at AEE advise security about Sean Tompkins

Sean Tompkins

Certain pornstar(s) who got into feuds with 50 year old porn stalking loser Sean Tompkins and were victims of his bullying, alerted security at nightclubs about him. From what I was told, security at these venues were told to deny him access if he were to appear.

We have ALL witnessed countless times how Tompkins bullies people, even female talent, online! It’s amazing that so many people (talent, producers, agents, etc) witness this and yet they STILL continue to kiss his ass. This industry truly cares about the well-being of its female performers, doesn’t it? Of course, no man in the porn industry actually cares about women in this business, they just use them to make money because they obviously can’t get a career anywhere else. Tompkins, being a convicted felon, really doesn’t have many opportunities when it comes to careers, so he just creates adult websites and writes about drug addict prostitutes who were raped by their daddy when they were just 5 years old!

What a wonderful industry!

Sean Tompkins


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