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Portia: Craig Valentine Banged Me Two Different Times and Promised Me Work

I got the following post from Craig Valentine [pictured]. I also got a call from Portia, a stripper who’s in the middle of one of the most interesting bitch fights I’ve ever seen with so little at stake- fifty bucks.

Craig Valentine writes: Ok mario said i shot this girl without a test in a hardcore scene. the girl says i did shoot her in a hardcore scene and she had a test, i am fucking lost here…how did a girl go from not having a test to having a test ???? well lets see what is true. lets go to the AIM database. I figured as much like i told ya on the phone this is one of marios girls.

So dont know where this is going gene i am completely lost. thought the rebecca hilton thing was nuts.

Where do we go from here? this all comes down to 50.00 and a talent copy of a movie i have nothing to do with..i dont have much more to say on this insane asylum

Gene sez: I get a call from Portia who calls me from Florida. For the time being Portia is under house arrest for a marijuana rap. Here’s what she has to say about her involvement with Craig Valentine.

I ask her how she is and Portia tells me she’s having her period otherwise she feels pretty good.

“Craig Valentine is claiming he never shot you,” I tell her.

“He shot me I think in February of last year,” says Portia. “He shot me in my house, in my bedroom. And he didn’t pay Mario a finder’s fee for me. Then I talked to Craig about a week ago and he said he was going to put a restraining order on Mario, I think banning him from all the clubs. I don’t know what that was all about. But he was pretty pissed off that Mario has been making the accusations which are true. They’re all true.”

Portia also contends that she was Valentine’s booty call in exchange for work that never transpired.

“He was, like, let me come over and bang you. I’m like no you’re not going to do that,” Portia continues. “But he came over my house two times- he banged me two different times. He promised me work to do some films. But I don’t know what it was. He never came back and offered, hey, we’re going to meet, and we’re going to shoot you with another guy or another girl. Whatever. He never came through with that.

“But I will say this much- that was recently. That was like about three months ago.”

According to Portia, she had been tested at the time she initially worked for Valentine.

“I had all my paper work from being tested,” she tells me.

“So you actually worked for him a couple of times?”

“Yes,” she says. “I did a blow job scene and a dildo scene.”

“But you’re also saying he promised you more work but never came through.”

“Right,” she says. “Pretty much. Three months ago he really hurt my feelings. I felt so used. I’m not ugly. I’m 33 years old. I’ve been a stripper for 15 years. I have a very nice body. I’m very healthy. I work in a gym right now. I don’t use drugs. I don’t smoke cigarettes and I take vitamins. I’m a very healthy girl. My body looks good. I look maybe 25, 26, 27.”

“Are you still in the business or are you out of it?”

“Right now I’m just taking a break,” Portia replies. “I’m on probation. And at the end of May I’m going to be off the probation-thing and get back in the business. This probation is giving me a headache.”

“What do you mean by probation?”

“Well they kind of got me on house arrest,” she answers. “I can’t go out and do any work.”

“I don’t mean to laugh but it is kind of funny in a way. What are you under house arrest for?”

“Marijuana,” Portia answers.

“What a bullshit rap.”

“They caught me with marijuana,” Portia explains. “They gave me probation. Then I was going to Brazil- I go there a lot- actually I just got married. My husband is 20 years old and he’s from Brazil. All my friends are from Brazil. I speak the language. I go over there and hang out. We’e going to start buying property over there soon- my husband and I. But I went over there three different times on probation. I have permission from the judge to leave. The third time I went to Brazil, my passport was stolen. Then my passport was recovered. I stayed over there for four months. I violated probation and came back. I was put on house arrest but I don’t have the ankle bracelet put on. They’re kind of like on the trust system.

“I’m real scared,” she continues. “I don’t want to violate again and have to go to jail for a year. So I stay at home and go to work at the gym. In May I’ll be off house arrest and be able to go back to work at a club or I can just stay in the gym, whatever. But it irks me. Craig is lying. I’m not going to lie- I’m telling the truth. Craig is lying. He’s trying to save his ass and that’s what’s happening. And it’s coming out in the open.”

“Thank you for talking to me- you sound like a very nice lady.”

“I’m a good girl,” states Portia. “I don’t believe this should be happening. And Mario’s a good guy, too. He takes good pictures. I did a magazine for him and I thought the pictures came out very well. I have copies of them at home. I wish people would stop bad mouthing him. I wish all of this would stop and that the truth would come out. This is like a big war now.”


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