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Priscilla Milan, Joanna Angel Visit PrimeTimeUncensored

Porn Valley- With guests promised but no one as yet in the building, attorney Michael Fattorosi got his PrimeTimeUncensored, show rolling with some suspender thumbing Clarence Darrow impersonations.

That’s an exaggeration, of course, as Fattorosi’s off Broadway show got cut short when Gold Star Modeling’s Priscilla Milan [pictured] popped in with her pretty little head.

Milan was supposed to be joined by Chavon Taylor, also from the agency. But Taylor and her boobonzas no show’ed- a source of near suicidal consternation to Fattorosi. Again an exaggeration, but Fattorosi’s a patron of the arts where Russ Meyer-style silhouettes are concerned.

With a surname that might lead you to believe otherwise, Milan explains that she’s Spanish. Fattorosi was also very impressed with the fact that Milan gave up a paying gig to appear on the show. Milan explained that she had been called to spell another girl who had passed out on the set from drugs.

“They were trying to revive her,” said Milan. During a commercial break, Milan was saying something about having been with another agency called Pink Star run by a guy named Nick. Milan, who’s been in the business about six months, explained the situation as tantamount to house arrest where she wasn’t allowed to go out.

“They said you have to stay here and work- I left anyway.”

That’s when Milan escaped and joined up with Joel Lawrence’s group.

“I love Joel,” states Milan who’s 18 1/2. “He’s a good agent and he makes me happy. And he’s smart.” Fattorosi noted that Lawrence has a degree in economics.

About her time so far in the business, Milan, who’s done maybe 20 movies and takes breaks for body rejuvenation, says she loves being in front of a camera.

“It’s fun- I like the attention.”

Co-host Veronica Rayne then text messaged Fattorosi to let him know that what was supposed to have been a 45-minute shoot in Corona was taking five hours. She was still willing to come in, but Fattorosi wished her, under the circumstances, godspeed.

Though she’s a product of California, Milan had been living in Washington State. She’s also a mother of a 16 month old son named Gabriel. Milan also expressed the desire to have a daughter but said she’s not going down that mother-road again for a long time.

“I got married at 16,” Milan continues, noting, dryly, that she conceived in a hotel bed in New Mexico. Her now ex husband is a car salesman, and Milan said she was presently in a lesbian relationship with another girl in the industry, besides performing from time to time at Rouge, a strip club in Van Nuys.

According to Milan, she wanted the divorce because her ex couldn’t satisfy her, that he had a penis like a baby’s.

“Just kidding,” she laughed.

“I’m a sexual person,” Milan then proclaimed as she revealed a tattoo near her vagina- oriental characters that spell out the words “sexual passion.”

Milan began dating male performer Talon but stopped although they’re still good friends. Justifying the break up, Milan claims Talon wasn’t responsible, aside from the fact that he’s much older than she [he’s 37] with two daughters 18 and 19.

“He has an amazing penis, though” she said. Fattorosi, smiling like the Cheshire cat, said it was funny that she mentioned Talon and wondered if Talon’s crossover work had bothered her.

“He’s not bisexual. He’s not gay,” declared Milan. “He did gay porn- a little- but that was a long time ago. He’s not like that now!”

Although Milan was willing to admit that Talon had his cock sucked, she didn’t think that made him gay. Then, again, on the subject of a man taking a finger up his ass for a prostate massage, Milan considered that a gay act. Taking into account what she had just said about Talon, Fattorosi wondered if he owned any personal effects with the names “Gucci” or “Prada” on them. Milan didn’t know.

On the subject of Talon’s brother, TT Boy, Milan said she met him on a go-see, before knowing Talon but would never work for TT.

“He’s weird and disrespectful,” she said, describing a moment in TT’s office where he wanted her to get on top of his desk so he could finger her.

“That made me feel violated,” she declared.

When Fattorosi mentioned that he was a lawyer, Milan perked up.

“If I punch someone would you help me?” Milan wondered. She then explained how she got into a row with a stripper over at Rouge because she had slept with Talon. Milan suspects Talon did it to get back at her.

According to Milan, the stripper needed a place to crash, so Milan invited her to spend the night- and she spent most of it with Talon.

“And we made love that night, too,” said Milan. “Then Talon wakes her up and fucks her- he made her swear not to tell me. Then he confessed.” Of course, Milan freely admitted she slept with Talon’s best friend which might have warranted the circumstances.

Fattorosi was curious who that was.

“Wanker Wang’s assistant,” she answered.

“Not the Minion!?” roared Fattorosi.

“He’s a performer,” said Milan. It was about this time that Joanna Angel walked into the studio. She was asked if she were seeing James Deen, another male performer.

“We don’t talk about that,” said Angel.

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