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Psssssst. April Flores Has a Plastic Vagina

Violet Blue writes on : Plenty of porn stars have done it. But how many have talked about it?

I’m talking about making their perfect-copy body-part sex toys. In any garden-variety adult store, one can buy Jenna’s mouth, Peter’s penis, Keri’s foot, Ashleigh’s anus…and the ladybits of many a lady who stars in Porn Valley’s fine visual products. As artist Midori illustrated last weekend in her “Plastics” art show, imitation human sex toys are often more than the sum of their parts, conjuring up visceral reactions in observers, and likely also users, of the expensive and (often) contextually creepy toys.

Yet, other than squeaking on Howard Stern that we should buy as many of Rhapsody’s Realistic Love Tunnels as possible — how does any given “Rhapsody” feel about being the subject of such a product? Every time I see a girl’s molded punany in a sex toy display, I wonder what the conversation was like leading up to, and during the casting process of her nethers. Did she Tweet in surprised exuberance with her legs in the air to followers no doubt waiting with bated breath, “Now Rhapsody has two coochies!”

Or not. After interviewing Midori I did wonder if the starlets think about what’s happening to their most private look-alikes, and if they do think about their body doubles, how the women feel about having their likenesses in someone’s underwear drawer, ready for use in an almost voodoo-doll kind of way.

Seems to me there’s a horror movie storyline in there somewhere.

Fortunately, before my imagination got away from me, I had the opportunity to interview porn star April Flores (also:, NSFW) who recently had her vulva cast into a lifelike, realistic masturbation toy. Flores not only had much to say about the process, including what her husband thinks of it, and her reflections afterward, but she also did something no other porn performer has done with her cloned part. She let several famous artists loose on their own copies, and took the art show on the road.

Violet Blue: What sort of things did you think about when you were asked to model for the toy?

April Flores: When I received the first email saying that someone was interested in using me as a model for a toy I was very flattered. For some reason I thought it was going to be an action figure type toy, so I envisioned dressing the April doll up and styling her hair like I used to do with my Barbies. I planned on having her get it on with our Hulk action figure too! Once I did some research on Topco I realized the toy would be of a more adult nature, and I became very intrigued and excited. When we had the first meeting with Topco it was explained to me that the toy would be an actual sex toy and part of their Wildfire Celebrity Series. Then I became thrilled! They told me that this would be the first ever Plus Sized Love Toy molded from an actual person. I couldn’t believe this had never been done before. I felt beyond honored to have been asked to provide the pussy that would break new ground for sex toy diversity!

VB: Did you have a conversation with your husband about it, and if so, how did he feel?

AF: We were both in a state of shock because we set out to change people’s perceptions of what is considered sexy. My main goal in doing adult is to show that women of all body types can express their sexuality. To us, this was a huge sign that our hard work was being noticed and paying off.

VB: What was the process like?

AF: The casting process felt wonderful. All I did was lie on a table and relax. The casting team at Topco Sales did all the hard work. I had never put much thought into it, but there is a true science to creating a mold from a human body. There were several steps involved, the first of which was putting a cream on my skin to protect it. There were three or more steps involved, but Topco has their own unique process they’ve perfected, and I can’t really elaborate further. I was basically watching the Casting team while admiring their cohesion as they worked so quickly. I was also thinking how awesome and surreal it was that an actual toy molded from my body was being created!

VB: Afterward, did you get one? What did you think and feel the first time you saw and handled it?

AF: It took about six months from the molding process to receive a prototype. The very first thing I noticed about the toy was its substantial weight. It weighs almost eight pounds, and I kept joking that it was my baby. I could not stop studying the toy up close because I had never seen my vagina from that angle without the use of a mirror. It was truly surreal how realistic it looked and felt. Cyberskin warms to body temperature and feels just like human flesh so I just kept squeezing its thighs and belly, watching it jiggle. We also had fun taking pictures with my legs spread holding the toy directly in front of the area that was replicated. The resulting pictures are some of the strangest I have posted on my blog.

VB: What is it like having this toy out in the world? Do you ever think about what people are doing with it, and how does that make you feel?

AF: It feels great to have the toy out in the world. I hope that people are enjoying their toy, dressing it up in cute lingerie and using it to pleasure themselves. I hope that some bring it along in the tub and incorporate water because it is waterproof. It would also be cool if some kept their toy in the box and displayed it on a shelf like they would a collector’s item. I sort of feel that it’s out in the world and has taken on a life of its own.

VB: You did something very unusual after the making of your toy — unlike any other female porn performer, you had famous artists make art out of their own personal copies. Where did this idea come from? What were you trying to say by doing this?

AF: My husband Carlos Batts came up with the idea for the April Flores Toy Show and is the curator. Carlos and I always try to mix art with sex and this seemed like a great idea. This project was inspired by the irony of fine artist Jeff Koons’ work and the playfulness of the lowbrow artists’ beloved Dunny movement. In this exhibit, the toy cast provides the blank canvas on which each artist expressed their vision. The cool thing about this show is that it’s an unusual format in which to explore issues such as beauty, sexuality, pleasure toys and art. The show has been exhibited in Los Angeles, San Francisco and will be in New York and Philadelphia on October 22 and 24 respectively. New artists from each city will be added, causing the show to evolve and incorporate elements of each city it visits. Each artist has put a lot of thought into their piece and made a unique statement. I am so honored by the participation of each artist and their willingness to use a non-traditional medium as a canvas. I think the art that Midori created in her show “Plastics” is another unique way of using sex toys in a non-traditional manner in order to provoke thought and conversation. It would be amazing to have the Plastics show and Toy show together in the same space. I think this would really spark an interesting dialogue.

VB: What’s next for the toy, and you?

AF: The Toy Show will be traveling to Philadelphia and New York City next month, which is super exciting for me! (Information is at, link NSFW.) Eight artists will contribute new pieces bringing the total to 20! Watching the show grow from the eight that originated in Los Angeles to 20, unique, one-of-a-kind works of art that will have crossed the country is pretty awesome. Glamazons is a new film directed by Carlos Batts and will be released September 28. Then Behind the Red Door, also directed by Carlos, will be released October 19. Both films are being released through Heartcore Films which is a film division of Good Vibrations and these will available on their site. I am still working on developing my plus-sized clothing/lingerie line. And lastly, I am taking singing lessons because I am working on some club songs. The first track is called F.A.T.T.Y. (Fabulous All The Time, Y’all) which is produced by The One who is on OM Records. The song has a great beat, with very positive, cute lyrics. I cannot wait to perform it!


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