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PumpsMag Interviews Mary Carey

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Broadway Joel writes at – We’ve been anticipating the sexy long legged Mary Carey for a long time and we finally got her! We hope you guys are excited as we were to find out who her favorite professional athlete is, what celebrity she would like to do a scene with, as well as her origins in the adult entertainment industry. In case you haven’t met Mary Carey or seen any video of her, she is one of the girls in the industry with an incredible personality and it shows right away.

Did you know that she attended FAU? We didn’t but we know now and she also mentioned one of our favorite NYC and Miami strip clubs as her favorites. This hottie with 36DDD’s loves to do adult scenes, feature dance as well as enjoy the good life. In this exclusive interview….Ms. Carey answers every question we have for her and doesn’t hold back at all. If you were a fan of her before this interview, you will fall in love after the interview. Oh yea, and the pictures of her are just incredible!

(PUMPSmag): Where are you originally from?

(Mary Carey): I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl when I was 7 years old. So I consider myself a Florida girl since I lived there until I moved to LA when I was 22.

(PM): How long have been in this industry and what made you get into it?

(MK): I shot my first movie, a girl/girl scene in March of 2002, but I was a feature dancer for about 6 months prior to that.

(PM): What were you doing before becoming an Adult entertainer?

(MK): I was attending FAU as a theater major, communications minor and I was on the FAU Dance Team.

(PM): How did you come up with your name?

(MK): Mary is my real first name and and I was told by the feature agent I met with to pick a last name of a celebrity I looked like. So I went with Carey because I had always been told I look a little like Mariah [Carey]. Also, I liked how it rhymed.

(PM): How long have you been feature dancing?

(MK): I did my first feature dance booking in October of 2001, so I guess that would be 11 years now, damn.

(PM): You must have been to some of NYC’s, Miami and LA’s strip clubs, what is your favorite one?

(MK): I love Sapphire in NYC, super fun, it is the old Scores. I love Miami strip clubs. Full nude, full liquor and open till 4am or later. I love Tootsies in Miami, it was my 2nd place I ever featured, and Scarletts is cool. In LA, I have just featured at all the Spearment Rhinos. They are very beautiful clubs.

(PM): Who are you favorite exotic dancers and why?

(MK): My favorite feature dancer to watch is Christina Aguchi, she is just amazing. I also love Rubber Doll.

(PM): How do you keep your sexy body together? (small waist, great ass, wonderful breast)

(MK): I love going to the gym and do lots of cardio and I lift weights. I just started lifting weights 2 years ago and love it! I put on my music and go crazy on the treadmill. I am pretty sure I start rapping while I am running, I am sure I look crazy, LOL.

(PM): What’s makes an experience with Mary Carey so so special?

(MK): I think I am louder and crazier and I just speak without thinking and I have a pretty good sense of humor about myself, and I never take myself too serious like some girls do. Also, I am 5’9″ which is a lot taller than most girls in the adult biz so that alone would make the Mary Carey experience different. Oh, and I have great 36DDDs. LOL.

(PM): What’s makes Mary Carey so sexy?

(MK): Hmmmmmm I guess I would say my legs, which I love from all of my years of ballet. Also, my smile and my 36DDDs. I think my personality though above all else makes me sexy.

(PM): Did you enjoy running for governor and why?

(MK): Yes, It was an amazing experience, I loved it. I came in 10th out of over 130 candidates which was crazy. I also won the game show on GSN called “Who Wants To Be Governor of California” based on trivia questions and then the public voting. I had the most votes and won the 21,000!

(PM): Will you run for governor again?

(MK): I would love to but in the recall it was much easier since you only needed 65 signatures to get on the ballot. In a real election it takes over 800,000 I think. And the signatures have to be in person, on paper, not online.

(PM): You have gained a lot of fans from celebrity rehab and sober house, how did that experience change your life?

(MK): I loved doing the shows for many reasons. The first being that it was 2 mainstream tv shows and it gave me a chance to gain fans that normally might not know who I am. I got many female fans and college age fans from the shows since they watched VH1. Second, Dr. Drew saved my life as I had a problem with Xanax that I took to sleep at night and have been off of them since the show. The third was it was soooo cool living with the different Celebrities and meeting people from all different walks of life. I am still good friends with many of my cast members.

(PM): Are you planning on being on any other television shows?

(MK): I would definitely love to do more tv shows. I am hoping to get another one really soon. I just shot a mainstream movie in August so that was very cool. I love to act, host, and be in front of the camera.

(PM): There are many Adult Entertainer conventions approaching, are there any where your fans can come see you?

(MK): I am constantly traveling feature dancing and hosting parties at clubs. On I post it as well as Club Mary Carey and Mary Carey. I will be in Florida, Baltimore and St. Louis very soon.

(PM): Is there one celebrity you would want to do a scene with who would it be and why?

(MK): I am gonna have to say Britney Spears, I just love her.

(PM): Who is your favorite athlete and why?

(MK): Well, basketball is my favorite sport ever! I always liked Ben Wallce but not sure if he is my favorite, and I liked him during his Pistons time. Hmmmm, favorite I would say is Kobe right now. He is just a hard worker and an amazing player. Love him and go Lakers! Although, Heat is my favorite team since I grew up liking them in Fl, but Lakers are my 2nd favorie since I live in LA now.

(PM): How do you like to be handled in bed?

(MK): I like it rough!

(PM): If you are interested in someone do you like being approached are do you sometimes do the approaching?

(MK): I usually wait for someone to approach me but if I see someone I like I will make sure they notice me and come over.

(PM): What’s one thing men need to know about Mary Carey if they are about the approach you?

(MK): Please don’t be cheesy.

(PM): Any Hobbies and Interest beside work?

(MK): I love watching sports, basketball especially, going to the gym, reading and doing and watching ballet.

(PM): Name one thing your fans do not know about you?

(MK): Hmmm, this is tough since between my movies and 2 reality tv shows and all my appearances I don’t know if there is anything people don’t know. I can’t really think of anything. I guess people don’t know that I like to read books, so there.

(PM): Do you have any fetishes?

(MK): Not really, I like everything.

(PM): What do you do on a typical Weekend for you?

(MK): Many weekends are spent on the road feature dancing in different cities, and if I am home I am pretty low key. I like to go out to red carpet events and movie premieres though when I am in LA.

(PM): What makes you different or better then other women in this industry?

(MK): I say what makes me different is my personality and sense of humor. When I ran for governor my sense of humor about myself is what helped me get so much press.

(PM): What do you have planned for future?

(MK): I am working on a book, and I want to keep shooting mainstream movies and feature dancing. I also would like to one day get into radio. I keep myself busy.


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