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Q&A: Jessica Dx Conquers Europe as Cam Queen

Harkening back to her youth, Jessica Dx remembers her rigorous training in the arts of ballet, tap and modern dance, which she began mastering from the age of three until she was on the cusp of becoming a teenager. She even performed at the Royal Albert Hall, having attained a high degree of expertise.

Otherwise, Dx characterizes her childhood as relatively mundane. She lived in the northeast of England, where she spent equal time between divorced parents until she moved to London. She gave academia the old college try, counting herself an average university student until she dropped out. She did return briefly to train for a career in midwifery, but dropped out again, this time for good.

I have really grown and discovered who I am as a person, and sex work has been a huge part of that.

Then, during a summer spent visiting Ibiza, she lived with a young woman who worked in the local strip club. The woman introduced her to a unique way of reconnecting with her dance roots, inspiring her to decide to perform herself. Upon hearing about her plans, a friend recommended she try out camming. She joined a site that very week, and three months later quit her day job to pursue camming full-time.

As the years passed, Dx took to streaming with the same work ethic and self-discipline that had marked her path to the Royal Albert Hall. This time, though, she was applying her stagecraft and physical finesse to winning viewers over online, basking in the glow of a ring light in the comfort of her home.

Today, Dx has over 100,000 followers spanning a multitude of premium social platforms, where she sums herself up in profile descriptions as “Brit, boobs, bush and bangs.” Her momentum even earned her the crown of 2023 XBIZ Cam Model of the Year at last September’s XBIZ Europa Awards. Now, she opens up about her aspirations and business stratagems as this month’s cover star.

XBIZ: Talk about your brand, overall style and the ways in which you combine authenticity with fan-engaging fun.

DX: I don’t really have a niche that I’m known for — unless I can count my boobs as my brand! So I guess my brand is very much just my authentic self. It makes camming so much easier and fun. I’ve tried a few different things over the years, like cosplay and domination, but I work best when I’m truly feeling in the mood. That helps me be in the moment and perform with passion.

XBIZ: How do you juggle work while making time for a personal life?

DX: This is a really hard question because I’m not sure what “real life” is! I definitely feel like this work is more of a lifestyle than a job. I think that’s what I love about it. However, I make sure to take time off where I completely step away from all work, and travel or take a vacation. A reset is always needed. The rest of the time, my life pretty much revolves around work, but as long as I can get to the gym and take my dogs on a walk, it’s a good balance for me.

XBIZ: Discuss your approach to staying healthy, mentally and physically.

DX: My health is really important to me. The gym has been the key to keeping me physically and mentally in a good place. I meditate daily, which has been a game-changer in my overall headspace, while also boosting productivity. I make sure to listen to my body and where my head is at. Sometimes, that simply means logging on for 20 minutes, realizing this is not for me today and taking the day off.

My best streams happen when I’m physically and mentally sound. I’ve figured out that forcing myself to work when I’m not does not lead to good results. This industry can be very isolating, especially as a solo streamer, so finding good friends within the industry has also been really important.

XBIZ: How did you and Danny Blu meet? How do you find ways to work together well, while still making “we” time for your relationship?

DX: We met in Ibiza. He was serving the drinks and I was drinking them! We stayed friends when we both returned to England and after a few months, it developed into what it is now. We do have a lot of content together by now, but we actually shoot together very rarely. We’ve figured out that what’s best for us professionally and personally is shooting with other creators, and we enjoy watching each other with other people. So we keep our sex life alive and get to have fun with other people shooting content too.

XBIZ: Talk about the biggest ways you’ve grown over the years, as a person and as a content creator.

DX: The biggest way for me has been my confidence. My first few streams on cam, I couldn’t even take my top off. That confidence has knocked through to all other aspects of my life. I have really grown and discovered who I am as a person, and sex work has been a huge part of that. In terms of personal growth, I actually don’t know where I’d be right now if it wasn’t for this industry. Finding new interests and hobbies I can pursue has also really helped me grow.

XBIZ: What are your main sources of revenue and what takes up most of your time?

DX: Right now, Streamate is my main source of revenue, alongside ManyVids. I’ve focused solely on streaming during the last couple of years and even quit OnlyFans to focus on it, but this year I relaunched my OnlyFans and I’m currently working on organizing all of my content. It’s been very time-consuming.

XBIZ: When you’re streaming, what kinds of chat goals do you usually have and what do your fans seem to like best?

DX: On Streamate, it’s mainly group or one-on-one shows, but I often do “gold” show goals where I’ll do anything if we meet them. Sometimes, it’s naked dancing or a full squirt show. My fans love the gold shows, but some fans love having me to themselves for cam-to-cam. And of course, they love my boobs! Although initially some of my fans weren’t really on board with my decision to get my boob job, they definitely were afterward!

XBIZ: How do you handle marketing on social media?

DX: Sometimes very well and sometimes poorly. I run all my own social media and it’s very difficult to keep up with all of them. There’s a lot to handle with the different platforms, but my main focus is my Twitter and Instagram. I have others that I give a little attention to, like TikTok, but I find those main ones easier to be active on.

XBIZ: What was it like winning the title of 2023 XBIZ Cam Model of the Year?

DX: When I saw the list of nominees, I thought there was no way I could ever win, so it was a really nice surprise. I was obviously speechless on stage! But after eight years in the industry, it’s really nice to have the recognition. I’m so grateful to my fans for making it possible, they really are the best. The whole XBIZ experience was amazing.

XBIZ: What’s next for you in 2024 and beyond?

DX: Hopefully, I’m going to continue growing. I have plans to start on a new cam site in addition to Streamate, somewhere I can hang out with fans and just chill and be myself without doing one-on-one shows. I would also love the opportunity to shoot professional porn, but I’m excited for wherever this industry is going to take me next.


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