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Q&A with Natalie Dylan: 22-Year-Old Virgin Up For Auction

[]- In light of a dwindling economy, Natalie Dylan has taken her virginity and turned it into a business, collecting publicity money left and right. Although Dylan’s story has sparked national disapproval, she reveals that behind the hype, she is your average 22-year-old who dates, goes to school, and spends time with her family in San Diego.

R: What’s the status with the auction? Have you made any decisions?

N: I haven’t made any decisions yet, but I’ll take you back to the catalyst of this all. I finished my BA and I knew I wanted to pursue a master’s. I was prematurely thinking of different topics. I find virginity fascinating with the different cultures and looking back at the geisha and all these different things. And so I did a basic Google search on virginity in different cultures and I came across this article about a Peruvian woman who wanted to put her virginity up for sale, and she was offered an enormous amount of money to do that.

I decided to continue my thesis research and implement it into my own life; to basically extract an age-old tradition and implement it into modern day. I contacted Dennis Hof at the Bunny Ranch and he thought it was a great idea. He wanted to help me think of a good strategy to get it out there and decided Howard Stern would be a good platform for that. After that show, every media source picked up on it and it’s been crazy. I’m working on a book, there’s talk of making a feature film. It’s so funny how you open up (no pun intended) but more opportunities open up to you.

R: What was the Bunny Ranch like when you visited?

N: You know, it’s really funny, it’s like a sorority house! It’s such a non-judgment zone. People seem very real there because, I mean, what do they have to lose? I found everyone very lovely.

R: Are you nervous as hell about this? Is it nerve-wracking, taking your sex life to such a public level?

N: I have yet for the nerves to kick in. I’ll definitely be nervous on the actual night. I’m not going against my own morals. For all the money in the world I would never go against my own morals. Why do people think exchanging sex for money is bad? I feel very comfortable even though a lot of people don’t agree with what I’m doing. I haven’t lost a single friend over this and my family of course doesn’t love my decision but they still love me.

R: Are you flattered that you are worth $3.8 million?

N: To me, it’s ridiculous. I don’t think it’s because of me. And not even necessarily about my virginity. The media has sensationalized this so much to the point where I feel like people just want to be part of this hype. It’s almost like the “American Idol” of virginity!

R: Does it make you uncomfortable to know that people are judging you?

N: Not really, because this whole thing is on the Internet. When people see me, I become more humanized to them. The only way I could take it personally is if it’s somebody I already know.

R: Let’s say during this process you meet somebody and you fall in love. Would you consider not going through with all of this?

N: Well I’m dating right now and it’s really tricky because I’m trying to separate having sex for love and having sex for money. Everything really depends. You can only have a relationship if you’re really open to it at the time, otherwise it won’t really work.

R: What else are you looking for in a man beside just the money?

N: It’s primarily monetary. If I just wanted to have sex I could go to a bar tonight, and mission accomplished!

R: What if the highest bidder was 80 years old?

N: I don’t know about that one so much. This is tough because I’m trying to think like a businesswoman. But I would definitely have to do a thorough background and medical check, make sure he’s OK, you know.

R: And you are currently not in grad school?

N: Correct! Everyone’s pulling the headline that I did this to pay for grad school! I actually work; I could easily pay for grad school. I just saw this as a great way to put money in my bank account, especially in this economy!

R: What is something that people don’t know about you?

N: I’m not evil! A lot of people think I’m saying that all girls should do this, and it’s so funny. So many interviews, people have said, “Well what are you teaching young girls about marriage?” and I say, “What are you teaching these young girls, that their virginity is the most important thing they have to give to their husband? I know I have much more to give to my husband than my virginity!” If there’s any message I’m sending, it’s do what you want with your virginity and don’t follow what society thinks you should or shouldn’t do.


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