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Randy Spears on KSEX- final

Porn Valley- Porn legend Randy Spears was a guest on KSEX’s The Goddess of Gush Show. Spears was pretty candid, charming and went totally goobers when a surprise phone call from Tom Sizemore came in towards the end of the show. Sizemore, who flaked the show last week, swears he’s going to be on the show next week in one form or another.

Attempting to start some shit at the beginning of Spears’ interview, Weiss asked Spears how pissed was he when Evan Stone got the Best Acting award.

“It’s always yours,” needled Weiss. “Were you like going under your breath, aw fuckin’ Evan Stone, bastard.”

“Not at all,” answered Spears. “Because I won Best Actor for Films. It was a movie called Eternity which is a fuckin’ great movie.” Weiss claimed Stone was on the show awhile back and allegedly said Spears can’t act for shit and that he [Stone] always deserves the award.

“There’s got to be some rivalry,” suggested Weiss.

“Not at all, man!” Spears replied. “Evan and I are good friends. We have no animosity towards each other. We work well together. We’re buddies. We’re not in competition.” Weiss said he and Spears and Stone have been in movies together.

“The first time I did a non-sex role was for Red Vibe Diaries 3,” said Weiss. ” Briana Banks was in it. She had pretty incredible tits- this tiny little doe of a chick and fuckin’ skinny legs. She filled out very nicely.” According to Weiss, director James Avalon had them improv for a scene.

“You were playing a judge and I started talking about trying to get you to fix these traffic tickets for me,” Weiss recalled. “And Evan Stone was supposed to break in and pull you away right in the middle of our conversation. We’re going back and forth improving and finally Avalon says, cut, cut! What’s the problem? He says, Evan you’re supposed to break in. He goes they didn’t stop talking. Like, dude, you’re supposed to improv. You’re supposed to interrupt.”

Later in the program, Weiss was giving away a movie and noted that he and Spears were in that one, as well, titled Lovers Lane. Spears remembered playing an FBI agent in the movie.

Plus One ventured to say that Spears was the best male talent in porn.

“You’re blessed with incredible genetics- you’re 107 years old. You look great,” Plus One continued. “It’s your professionalism. You’re always on time. You’re respectful.”

Spears, thankful for the compliments, acknowledged he wasn’t a Brian Pumper as few could be. Spears attributed the attitude to being an old timer.

“Back in the days when there was me, John Leslie and Paul Thomas and Randy West…” Spears went on to say. “And there was Peter North. There was like six of us.” Plus One said it was all before the hard on inducing pills to which Spears said cocaine did it for him and got him hard.

“Back in the day there had to be a rapport on the set or you weren’t fucking,” Plus One observed. “You didn’t have the blue pill. You didn’t have anything. You had to be amicable. You had to be nice or you’d be there all day.” Plus One said the exception was TT Boy.

“I don’t know what happened. He was a bad apple.”

Spears urged TT to call in.

“I want to talk to you- I want to find out what went wrong,” said Spears. “Meanwhile he’s swimming in his pool of money right now.” Weiss noted that Spears had gone over to the dark side as well. Speers agreed. To which Weiss said it seems like a lifetime ago.

“Like most movie people we party hard and we work hard,” Spears observed. “I didn’t know when the party was over. I was the last person there to turn the lights off.” Spears also conceded that he picked really bad women.

“I picked poorly- I had girlfriends who were really awful people.” But Spears also said that he’s changed things around a bit.

“I had a bad marriage.”

Weiss said it was someone in the business [Danielle Rogers].

“And you were heavy into the pharmaceutical scene.”

“I partied my ass off,” Spears acknowledged. “I buried a lot of pain that way. When I started out I was just having fun.” Besides, said Spears, drugs were always an aphrodisiac for him.

“I never did drugs without having sex.” Asked what turned it around for him, Spears said he met a good woman. On the subject of how many scenes he may have done, Spears couldn’t even venture a guess.

“I really do not know- I’ve done thousands of movies but I couldn’t tell you how many,” Spears said. In one of the scenes in Eternity, Weiss noted that Spears does a sword fight in a mausoleum.

“How fuckin’ creepy was that?”

“That was really cool, actually,” said Spears. “I had one week. Brad [Armstrong] called me up and he said, listen, I want you to take sword fighting lessons. I said okay. He said you have one week to learn this. I said, oh my God, you’re kidding me. I studied with this guy, a professional swordsman. It came time to do the big scene in the mausoleum and it was creepy because there’s dead people there. And it’s cold and echoy. But with some brilliant art direction by Mr. Armstrong and some brilliant direction, we pulled this thing off. We did this sword fight and it was cool, man. I had the whole costume on and everything. I really felt that I was a person from that period. I took it serious. I wanted it to look real. It was fun and it looks like we knew what we were doing.”

A caller-in remembered a movie Spears did when he first came in the business called The Final Taboo. It featured Alicia Monet and Spears revealed he had an affair with Monet.

“We used to hook up in a hotel room when we used to go up to San Francisco to shoot,” Spears recalled. “Which we used to have to do because it was illegal in Los Angeles and vice was following us around.” Spears said he remembered both the movie and Monet very well.

The subject veered wildly off course into NASCAR territory and Spears said he had baseball connections and hockey connections but none in auto racing. Plus One said he did.

“These guys gotta know who we are- they watch porn,” Spears thought.

“There’s not a full set of teeth among ’em,” Plus One laughed.

Spears said he had relatives from Louisville and can switch on the southern accent.

“Another Wicked contract person talks like that,” Weiss observed. “Carmen Hart.” Spears said she had a Carolina accent and has fucked her several times. Cytherea then brought up the subject of Sandra Bullock and that Plus One came up with a limp dick when he had the opportunity to fuck her.

“Failed miserably,” Plus One noted. “But she had a good attitude. This was right after Demolition Man and right before Speed.”

Weiss then asked Spears about the difference between fucking on screen as opposed to off screen.

“Fucking on screen is work,” said Spears. “Can you have a good time? Can you enjoy it? Absolutely. Let’s face it.” Spears says when he goes home sex is completely different.

“I get to enjoy myself- I don’t have a camera or hot lights,” he said. “Open up, that’s what we hear all the time. It’s totally different. When you’re not working it’s me-time. You can be comfortable. I don’t fuck for four hours in a row at home. I’m too tired.” Asked if he grabbed his woman by the shoulders, pushes her down and cums in her face, Spears said he isn’t known for that at home.

“Jumping up and doing the flying wedge pop shot,” he mused. “I just dump inside her. Why pull it out? Roll over and go to sleep.”

Spears was trying to remember the first time he worked with Cytherea.

“I was forewarned [about her squirting],” said Spears. “But I didn’t know the magnitude or the volume.” Cytherea believed it was for Hustler and that Clive McClean shot the scene.

Plus One noted that McClean’s widow Erica got the Barely Legal series.

“That is so cool,” said Spears. “That is so cool. We love her.”

“Clive pointed the camera but Erica ran the Barely Legal series,” said Plus One. “She conceptualized everything. She wardrobed everything. She scouted everything.

“But it was great that he [Clive] passed so quickly,” Plus One continued. “It was horrible what he had. He led such a crazy, active life that I’m glad he went quickly. My biggest concern was that Barely Legal was going to go to someone other than Erica.”

On the subject of Cytherea drenching him, Spears said he thought she was hot and that she was cumming all over his dick.

“Then she’s like here’s what you need to do- you need to pull it out,” said Spears. “When you pull it out I’ll shoot all over the place. I was not ready for that- it was amazing.” Plus One made it be known that he fucked all the squirters like Fallon and Alicia Klass but nothing quite like Cytherea. Spears said he’s seen Cytherea hit a wall 10 feet away.

“She blew up Clive’s monitor on a Barely Legal,” Plus One pointed out.

Cytherea then lent the information that she was born with the umbilical cord wrapped twice around her neck.

“I was born dead and they revived me,” she said, noting that she’s got ADD, Dyslexia and other brain maladies as a result.

Cytherea mentioned something about Julia Ann having the best tits in porn but Plus One was weighing in with his vote for Hyapatia Lee.

“The finest specimen ever to grace the blue screen,” Plus One told her. “As much as you have my heart.” Spears was talking about remembering things and Weiss asked him if he remembered directing a movie for Jill Kelly Productions.

“You did a reverse flake,” Weiss told Spears. “Instead of the talent flaking, you flaked.” Spears admitted it.

“I flaked on my own movie,” said Spears. “I had partied way too much the night before. The daylight came and I was supposed to be on my own set at 9. I didn’t make it. I called them up and said I can’t do it and I’ll tell you why.” Spears joked about giving himself a kill fee and that Bud Lee was called in to direct it. Cytherea thought Lee was awesome and that she’d fuck him.

“He’s cute.”

Which reminded Spears of a story involving Hyapatia Lee.

“We went to Chicago to do the Jenny Jones Show back when Jenny Jones was a decent show before it turned into a freak show. They flew us in, set us up in a nice hotel. Bud and Hyapatia; me and my ex-wife. And we had this wonderful evening after the show. I loved Hya.”

Asked if he wanted to do a shout out to his ex [Rogers], Spears said he would.

“One of the most miserable, evil, cruel human beings I’ve had the displeasure to know,” said Spears. “She was Satan.””All I can say is, karma, motherfucker,” he continued. “Karma. There’s nothing good about being a mean and evil person.”

A caller in named Dr. G from Miami started talking about Hyapatia and urged Spears to come to south Florida.

“The Florida chicks are awesome,” Spears agreed. “When I used to go to Miami I had a great time. I used to get hit on by guys as much just as much as girls when I was down there. Which is cool. That’s no problem, either. That’s not my side of the fence but everybody kind of parties it up down there.” Spears said back in the day they used to have really good cocaine down there.

“The whole side of your face would go numb,” said Plus One,

“Exactly,” replied Spears.

Plus One then gave Spears a blow by blow description of Cytherea’s first anal scene which came out in a movie this past week.

“Did you leave the cock in the ass and then you were squirting while the cock was in your ass?” Spears asked her rhetorically. “That’s dirty porn, man.” Plus One said it was shot at The Olson Twins house.

“That makes it especially dirty,” said Spears.


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