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Raven Alexis Battling Cancer; “This Is Not a Money-Making Scam”; She’ll Scrub Toilets If She Has To

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Raven Alexis has been battling cancer and is now down to 85 pounds. I spoke to her Sunday afternoon and Alexis tells me certain people are putting the word out there that she’s been running some kind of scam.

Alexis who’s been diagnosed with brain cancer [she’s been suffering Grand Mal seizures as a result] has since left the industry and is making ends meet and supporting two small children by webcamming.

“They’re my world,” Alexis says of her kids.

“I’m a sole provider and a single mommy. It’s just me and them.”

Alexis is in the middle of a bankruptcy and hasn’t done a movie for almost a year.

“It’s come to my attention that people are saying she’s taking this [webcam fees] for money. I have not accepted fundraisers,” insists Alexis.

“I did a toy drive at Christmas time on my Twitter, We took toys down to Mattel’s Children’s Hospital. It was great. It was fun. We got to put smiles on sick kids’ faces. But anyone who looks at this from a logical point of view, I’m not doing this for the attention and I haven’t received any money. Yet people are burning me at the stake for webcamming.

“There’s been emails going out saying that. I try to ignore such stuff. But certain things are being said and it’s not right. I’ve been trying to ignore that, but I’ve been calling people telling them this is the deal.

“I can’t have my life impacted this way because it doesn’t just involve me. It impacts my kids as well. I’m trying not to feed into any of this. Anyone in the industry can vouch for my professionalism. I’ve never been a druggie or a drunkard. I’m just a quiet person that tries to keep to themselves, make money and do a good job.

“I’m trying to do whatever, whether it’s scrubbing toilets or webcamming. I have two little babies, if I don’t work and do something that’s low impact or low stress, my kids are going to be living in a cardboard box next month.”

Alexis says all she wants right now is privacy and the ability to heal.

“I need to be here for my kids because they need me.”

Alexis has to use a walker to get around and her hair is just growing back from the Chemo.

“Unless I can do some kind of walker-fetish porn I can’t exactly go on set,” she says.

“And I can’t go in front of a camera, nor do I want to because I need to get back to a physically and mentally healthy state.”

For the moment, Alexis is concerned about keeping a roof over her head and paying her legal bills what with the bankruptcy. Neither can she drive because of her condition.

“Nothing of this is made up, and there’s no reason that it would be,” she insists.

“It’s hurtful, ridiculous and outlandish. I’m just trying to be able to do whatever I have to, to put food on my children’s table. I’m not looking for handouts or help. I’m a strong person and I can do this myself. But I’m not looking to be attacked or have my children’s lives ruined, either.”


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