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Rayveness Talks About Her Mainstream Career

Porn Valley- Rayveness was a guest on KSEX’s the D&B Show Tuesday night. Before she was brought on, Brandon, aka, B brought up the Jerry Tanner controversy which began on his show a couple of months ago. B worked crew on a Tanner shoot and made some rather unflattering comments about the veteran director.

According to B, an ad appeared in Hustler basically contradicting what he had said on KSEX.

“It was supposed to be a piece of journalism but it’s really not,” said B. “It said that everyone in the crew, all of the talent, they really enjoyed working with Jerry T. I was, like, fuck. I was there and no one was enjoying themselves. I guess they didn’t talk to me.” It sounded like B was fired from future Hustler shoots.

“Hustler Video knocked down the guy who spoke for himself,” declared B. “How un-Larry Flynt is that?”

As Rayveness was brought on, Dee mentioned that she met her through different Topco promotions.”She took me under her wing when I started working at Topco, and showed me the ropes and how to deal with them” said Dee. “Which was really cool with her.”

Rayveness was on The Wanker Show one time and Dee mentioned that Rayveness blew Wankus.

“I did not want to see that- I don’t need him with his trousers dropped,” laughed Dee. “It’s kind of a weird picture.” Rayveness then promised that she was going to say things she never said in her career before.

“Today’s the first of the big whammy of telling it all,” she said. “The second part of my interview will be on AI News.” Among things she wanted to talk about was her mainstream career.

“I have hidden my mainstream career for quite some time,” she stated. “The reason I told people I didn’t do it is people don’t respect you if you’re a porn star and then go into mainstream. The mainstream people don’t respect you, ‘oh, a porn star. I’ve whacked off to her 10 million times but I’m not going to give her a job on this movie.’ Unless you are already a big adult star then you go into mainstream, then they want you.”

Rayveness claims she body doubled for Reese Witherspoon in a movie titled Best Laid Plans.

“She refused to do nudity, which, I admire,” said Rayveness. “I admire her whole career. In the European version you can see me topless.” But Rayveness couldn’t remember the actor’s name in the scene she was in.

“But if you rent the version that you only see here in the states, you’re only going to see my hand and hear me go, ah, ah. But I still get residuals on it to this day. That was just a little itty bitty part. I didn’t know what SAG was. I didn’t know what I was doing. I just had a lady that fell in love with me. She tried to put me in Boogie Nights.” According to Rayveness her husband at the time, Red, told her he didn’t want her doing a simulated sex scene.

Rayveness said the director [Paul Thomas Anderson] wanted to see her in person but Red intervened and she turned it down.

“I missed a lot of chances in my career from having what I thought was the love of my life, from holding on to my mind and listening to my man. I’ve let the men in my life hold me back. No frickin’ more. Right?”

Rayveness said people thought she retired from porn but she didn’t.

“I quit- I honestly took a break because I was burned out that I wasn’t getting the boxcovers and I wasn’t getting the publicity,” she said. “Here I was for the last two years before I quit working with other guys on film. In fact I quit working with girls on film so nobody could say, oh, you still work with your husband? I was doing all the hot names in porn, all the big stars. I got fed up. I got angry. I needed to get out.”

Dee remembered how she, herself, took three years off and got behind the camera to get her head together.

“Okay, before I kill someone on set, what am I going to do?”

Dee said it wasn’t the talent or the scenes that made her do that. It was the pressures of living a double life- being a porn chick and trying to live a normal life and being in a relationship and around family without being asked what do you do for a living without the snarky comments.

Rayveness said she then got an opportunity be in a $20 M HBO movie, Path to War about Lyndon Johnson’s days in the White House during the Vietnam conflict.

“I got to play Lynda Bird his oldest daughter,” says Rayveness. “I didn’t tell anybody because I thought I would get fired. And believe me you are so replaceable in Hollywood. So I got residuals off that and let this money take care of me for awhile.”

She also has another movie coming up called Bottoms Up that stars Paris Hilton.

“I was on it as a background actress,” she said. “I was on it for about a week. It paid a couple hundred dollars a day. It’s minimum wage even though it’s SAG. But I wanted to do it because it takes you away from the porn and makes you feel normal. So I did that and they kept saying is there anyone here that wants to kiss a girl? I go only for a SAG voucher. I love to kiss girls but show me money. Because in porn you kiss girls anyway. And they kept offering me all these things and I said only for a day player contract. Finally they said a simulated scene in the movie. It’s quite a funny movie and I did a simulated sex scene.”

Asked if she got to meet Hilton, Rayveness said Hilton was on her cell phone 99% of the time holding up the crew.

“I like Paris, don’t get me wrong but she has no concept that you’re holding up production. There are all these people that are waiting on you to get off your cell phone.” Dee said she could equate from her experiences with Snoop Dog in How to Be a Pimp although she said he’s a nice guy but what the fuck.

According to Rayveness she also went to UCLA extension to get her song writing degree.

“It took me four years- it took a lot of time and I had to take a lot of classes twice,” she said. “Music comprehension is so complicated that it was very confusing and it took a lot of time and a lot of studying. Music is something I always wanted to do, but, again, the ex-husband said you can’t sing; nobody wants to hear you sing. He’s the one that got me in adult then, of course, didn’t want me to do other guys.

“So in 1998 I decided I don’t care if anybody wants me to sing; I don’t care what other people think. This is something I have to do for myself whether I make a dime off of it or not. So I talked to a friend of mine. If you complain enough the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I complained enough till one of my friends who is a music manager said if you can come up with some money, I’ll take you to Malaysia and I can get you two songs on a music video. All in one trip. I said I’ll dig a ditch to get my pennies together, whatever I got to do. I took all my savings and went to Malaysia and I made a music video. It is on MySpace.”

Rayveness said she was going to put it up there where everyone can download it.


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