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Readers Respond to Summer’s Latest Hazing

We hate to say it…but we knew these responses were coming. After reading the letter to Delta from the Haze/Valentine family, this is how it touched a few of our readers.

Candy Cane writes:

Its about time someone has called out Summer Haze on her bullshit. The Delta thing is the latest routine of drawing attention to washed up chick thats not that hot to begin with.

For the last year, I have watched this skank cry all over adult webboards about all of her misfortunes. If its not someone is trying to burry her and get her fired from gigs, its to the other countless dribblings she does. Her bitching and whining get fucking old after a while. She wrote a column some time ago about the porn fest thing in Florida and how she thought the vent sucked and all….honestly, she came across like she was the only one who deserved to win anything at all. This girl is so fucking full of herself its no fucking funny. She talked about how some girl who no showed got robbed and how she was willing to help her out but then turns the sympahty towards herself talking about how she she lost a “$50,000” wardrobe.

With the Delta thing, here is what I say….BIG FUCKIN DEAL! The bitch apparently wants her cakes and eat it too. Craig said that they got tired of getting hassled by the crew and all for her autograph so they decided to pre-autograph shit and give them to the crew. First part that bothers me is Craig acts as if there is some mad ass demand for his skank. Not that I have seen. Then Craig mentions that this is the price they have to pay for being famous? What the fuck? The asshole acts as if Summer’s real name is Jenna Jameson. I have seen plenty of shit (and I do mean shit) that Summer has been in. I get more turned on by the thought of the Bushs fucking than I would to ever have to endure watching another one of her pathetic performances. Paint drying is more ethusiastic than her attempts to “entertain.”

My advice to Summer and Craig is this. GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELVES! I and I am sure many others like myself, are tired of reading your never ending bullshit. The days of drama queens in this business are over. Not everyone wants you or your shitty work. The pilot had every right to throw your shit back at you especially when he didnt ask for your shit to begin with. But hey, since Summer has so many fucking fans and she once lost a “$50,000” warddrobe (trust me, I know that figure was way way way overflated for insurance purposes) why not buy your own fucking plane so not to have to deal with that shit?Ill tell you why. Because you are no bigger than some wannabe who just hopped off the bus looking to make it big. Actually, its quite the opposite. At least the wannabe can learn how not whine and bitch from a role model that shows her how not to be in this business…that role model is you Summer.

So please do us all a favor and shut the fuck up and please dont whine for the next year. Give our ears a break. Give us time to digest your last bullshit cry for attention before you smash us over the head with another one. Please quit trying to keep your name out there with all of your sob sotries. So big fucking deal, you had some mishaps. Guess what…its called life and bitch, we all have our share of them. Feel free to send any magazines autographed to us…we are always in need of some good toilet paper and there is no bitch that deserves to be shit on more than you.

R.T. writes:

This man-beast Summer Haze really needs to get over herself and stop the drama queen bullshit. Her husband also needs to go back to school for his grammatical retardedness.

I say no more stories on about these two boneheads.

Mike South writes:

I am sure the people at Delta got a big laugh out of that letter.

Earth to pornchicks and meat puppets, if you are going to send a
professional letter at least have a grasp of proper English and spelling.

Now….Who the hell is Summer Haze? they say all these people recognize
her, sounds like wishful thinking to me.

Jace writes:

maybe summer should have had her lawyur type up that letter, seems someone need a little edumaction in the grammer and spellinging field when tryings to be the professionel

hooked on phonics worked for me!
Autumn Rayne writes:

Although it does make for very humurous reading, I am so tired of Summer walking around with a stick shoved up her ass.
If Delta didn’t like you MOVE ON!! There are TONS of other airlines you can fly..also don’t make it public knowledge by throwing your magazines in the cockpit if you don’t expect the public recognition. I bet you even wear your “feature” costumes on the plane.

Have you ever heard of discretion?? Look it up..If you know how.



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