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Rebecca Steel Interviewed-final

Porn Valley- Not to be confused with Rebecca Steele the dead porn star, Rebecca Steel the live one was on KSEX Friday night. Tony Batman was filling in for Wankus. Steel’s with where you can find photos of her. Asked who she deals with mostly over there, Steel said Sam.

“I deal with Joel [Lawrence], too but he’s a very busy man, now,” Steel added. “He has almost a hundred girls.” Batman pointed out that there was some Joel Lawrence drama on his I Don’t Think So Buddy show on KSEX the night before.

“I don’t know what happened- I’m doing the show with Monica Mayhem and she just puts her fingers up, ‘Fuck Joel Lawrence!’ I don’t know- it just came out of nowhere. The guy must have struck a chord with her.”

“He’s the best,” answered Steel. Batman agreed and said Lawrence has worked hard to get to where he is. Steel said Lawrence has started to dress up, as well, and looks really cool in a business suit.

“Did he put away that crushed velvet shirt that he’s always wearing?” Batman wondered. “I had one of those but I left those with my Miami Vice pants. I put those in a closet. I don’t wear them any more unless I’m going to a Miami Vice party. I won’t throw them away. You never know when you’re going to need that shit.”

Besides wearing a tie with the suit, Steel pointed out that Gold Star has a business office now.

Steel got in the business about seven or eight months ago. She’s from Denver. And, according to Steel, Shy Love got her into the industry.

“She was in a wrestling match down in Denver,” Steel related. “She got me into it and I was here three days later.” For now Steel is commuting because she likes the idea of separating her porn career from her real life.

“I like to go back, chill and relax and do my thing at home,” she said. “I love Denver. All my best friends are professional motorcycle racers. We all kind of stick together.” Steel said those people are real crazy but a lot of fun. According to Steel one of her good friends, David, is with stock car racing.

“He just signed with Pepsi and he’s going to have me do some photography work with the cars and the hot rods,” she said. Batman pictured her face on the hood of a car and Steel laughed about her ass being on the back.

“You’ll win every race because everyone will want to be behind you staring at your ass,” laughed Batman. On her current trip, Steel’s been in town about two weeks and planned to go home after the Eddie Van Halen party Saturday night. Steel said she had a couple of commercials lined up.

“I do commercials down in Denver,” she said. “Porn commercials for the Pleasure Company stores.” Steel had been shooting all week and did work for Cinderella.

“That’s such a good company to work for,” she added. “It was such a wonderful shoot. It was so together and even though there’s five people behind you you’re done by two o’clock.” Steel did a b-g, a blowjob and a solo. Batman seemed surprised that with all that work she was done so early.

“How was the food?” he asked her. Steel said it was wonderful and they had a whole layout. For his part, Batman said he loves going to porn sets for the spread, and if there isn’t one gets pissed.

“When there’s good food you’re loving to be there,” Steel agreed. “Pig out in a beautiful home, have sex and eat.” Batman recalled a DCypher shoot he was on.

“The food was excellent- they had flavored coffee and everything and cake- there’s breakfast, lunch and dinner there. The shoot went well and I’m never going to complain about everything that he does. He fed me well.”

Steel also did a girl-girl anal scene for Joe Laughlin of AMA this past week. Steel said she and her partner [Jessie St. Clair] both got it in the ass.

“She’s a pretty hot blond girl,” said Steel. Asked if St. Clair took it up the ass well, Steel said she hurt her.

“I’ve never done it before- poor girl. It was an aggressive scene.” Steel mentioned that it was her first “pegging” experience. Batman was of the opinion that pegging scenes involving guys should just stop and Steel said she’d try it one time. She was asked if she thought having a “penis” was empowering.

“In a way,” said Steel. “Because before we started the scene, it was, like, I want you to be as aggressive with this girl as you can without totally beating the shit out of her. I almost beat the shit out of her. It was hot. I really liked it. It was cool.”

Steel said if she tried it on a guy, he’d have to be hot. In her personal life, Steel said she’d never try it because her guy is supposed to be her man. If the guy asked her to do it, Steele; said she’d probably beat the shit put of him then leave him.

“They say it’snot gay,” stated Batman.

“It’s not gay because a girl’s doing it,” replied Steel and then she stopped short of debate on that subject. But Steel said she wouldn’t mind sticking her finger up a guy’s ass.

“I get turned on by that,” she added. Asked if she was keeping a track of the titles of her movies Steel said she’s getting to the point where she’s so busy, that isn’t possible.

“It’s a lot of fun but you stay so busy when you’re busy.” Steel also said when she goes home she usually goes mountain climbing but now’s the time of the year when it gets too cold for that.

“What’s funny is when I’m on the plane,” she continued, “and we’re flying out of Colorado. Colorado is so dark and cloudy. You know your attitude when it’s dark and cloudy. You don’t want to do anything. And then you fly up over the clouds and you see the sun. It’s so much better. I get all happy. I’m coming out to California! I get ADD on the plane.”

The project that Steel’s enjoyed the most doing so far is called Girl Talk.

“It’s just a real good movie- it was for Roy Karch and Sex Z Pictures,” she reported. “I’m pretty sure that one’s out.”

“Roy is a tough guy to deal with some time,” said Batman. Did you gel with him okay?”

“Roy makes you work your ass off,” admitted Steel. “But he is a damn good director.” Batman said he’s heard that Karch tends to get a little mouthy on the set.

“But his movies are really good,” Steel replied. “It was a cool movie.” Batman said Sex Z throws some really cool parties and Steel said she’s been to all of them. Steel was at the recent Britney Rears 3 party and probably left about one in the morning.

“I was wearing a school girl outfit,” she laughed. Batman observed that there were a lot of girls at the party who were laying down on the beds in the back room.

“I’m thinking there’s a whole bunch of people watching- it’s not a big deal- but why?” said Batman.

“They’re young,” said Steel. “Half those girls were 18 and 19 years old.” Batman also wondered if Steel ever got drunk at one of those parties and did something nuts.

“Yes,” she said. “In fact one of my friends showed me a recording. The first party ever. When I came up here, honest to God, I was fresh off the bus, literally. I’ve never experienced, lights, camera, action. Then I’m pushed into a room where there’s 50 photographers. They’re like what’s your best asset? Oh shit what’s an asset? So I was at the party and the drinks tasted so good. And I never messed around with alcohol too much. Before I know it I’m so shit-faced and they caught it on film. That’s why I don’t drink any more. I drink but in moderation.”

Batman also wondered if anything bad has happened to Steel in the months that she’s been working.

“Everything really good has happened to me,” Steel insisted. “A lot of girls come up to me and they want to make out. Which is fine. I don’t mind that. But, no, everything so far has been knock on wood.”

Steel intends to take a week and a half off to chill and come back and hit it hard.

“Then I’m going to the Lingerie Show in Vegas to see a bunch of hot girls,” she said.

Batman and Steel got into a dirty talk session. And Steel said for the longest time she had to “get some big balls” to talk dirty.

Getting back to her biog, Steel noted that she grew up in a one horse town, not Denver itself. She lived there until she was 18 years old.

“The small town did it to me,” said Steel, indicating why she got into porn. “I never did shit but feed animals.” According to Steel, all her friends then and cousins were bull riders.

“My home town is cowboy.” Under those circumstances, with a bull between her legs, Batman figured that Steel would be a good man pegger. So far, Steel’s done three girls in the ass.

“I’m a total fucking lesbian,” she admitted. “My boyfriend would never have to worry about me being with a man because I’m very respectful in that sense. With a girl? I’d have 10 in my bedroom at one time.”

Batman noted that maybe one out of a hundred porn relationships is working. To which Steel said she and her girlfriends are all single.

“You can’t date a normal man,” she said. “I travel so much I don’t have time to have a boyfriend.” Batman asked if she has booty calls in each city. Steel laughed.

“Yeah,” she answered as if the answer was pretty obvious.

Steel also mentioned that she just started dating a stripper.

“She’s so fucking hot- she’s got blond hair and blue eyes.” Stell also likes redheads, as well, but in a perfect penis world, Steel said she prefers 6-inches of cock.

“You can get off better,” she reasons. “For one it’s not hitting your uterus and your ovaries.”


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