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Renaud Shoos Him Away

Monstar posts on Ow. my head still hurts. As you can prolly tell, as this is Sunday morning and the party was Friday night. I’m still trying to figure out what the hell happened to Saturday. That party fuckin rawked. There were so many Pornstars there, it was great.

After a few location moves, it all came together @ Highlands Nightclub. We showed up and the first person I run into is Miss Alana Evans. She was looking pretty hot 2nite!!! We talked for minute and she let me know that she is going to Feature dance for the first time @ Spearmint Rhino in a couple of weeks. DAMN! that is good stuff. I’ll be sure to put up reminders about it, so no one forgets to go.

Then I bump into another friend of CPS, Johnny Diablo, who just signed on to do 10 movies for Nectar Entertainment. Johnny D. is a fuckin’ kool kat. That brings me to:

Comedic Monstar Moment #1: Johnny Diablo calling me out on my lack of new reviews.

Johnny D. : Did you get the dvds I sent you?

Monstar: yeah. dood they rawked. good shit.

Johnny D.: POST IT DAMMIT! geez. You’ve had American Ass #2 up for a month now!!!

daaamn. he cracked on me. But hey…Johnny D. reads the site.

Said Hay to Tommy Gunn, He’s one of my friends. It was kool to meet someone like that in person. good guy.

Goldie of fame was hanging out so I went over and told him what was up. That he, in part, inspired me to make this website. I would always see him putting in time and effort with his gig, and I could appreciate that. He has a tattoo that reads “Self-employed” when I read that I thought., “damn, that’s heavy.”

Then it happened. Beauty personified entered the room in the form of Avy Lee Roth. damn. she is gorgeous. I think I’m in love. When I see her Journey songs go off in my head

Comedic Monstar Moment #2: The people’s pornstar Dale Dabone busts me with his Rock impersonation.

Dale: Say, what did you think of that movie?

Monstar: well, I thoug…


A drinks were being spit out from all within earshot as fuckers busted up laughing.

My little Teagan was there. I have not seen her in a while but it was good to see her again even if it was a brief “Hi” & “Bye” type thing.

Comedic Monstar Moment #3: I see the Adultcon Guy EVERYWHERE! That dude is everywhere bustin his ass promoting his gig. I’ve seen him @ signings, conventions, clubs, …damn, I think I see him outside right now. So, I figure I’d get a picture with him to put up on the site, but that’s where he drew the line. He wasn’t havin it. it was pretty damn funny as he shooed me away.

The hardest people for me to get pictures of these days are Teagan & the Adultcon guy. Who would’ve thought.

I wanna give props to other chix that made my night a rawkin one:

Michelle Lay: I love that chick.

Tiana Lynn: There is something inherently sexy and dangerous about this sweet & innocent looking girl

Devon: Beautiful woman

Stacy Valentine: I was so shocked to see her. I have never meet her before and was always a big fan. wow.& Cytherea: again Happy B-day sweets. This girl never looks anything less amazing. I really dig her.

I know I’m forgetting a ton of people but whadaya want from me, I was smashed. HA! But ya’ll know I love you. I had a good time. There should be an event like this every weekend. Those people over @ All Media Play & the rest of the organizers can throw one hell of a party. Now I better go review Johnny D.’s dvds….



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