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Response to Autumn Skye Story; Stolen Credit Card? “She’s publicly smearing the real name of Dick”

Mark Lasts writes: I am a booking agent in the adult industry.

I am also a producer and co-producer of content. Occasionaly, I have been a male talent when asked, or in situations where I split with other male talents on producing content.

Autumn Sky’s accounts of her experience with me and other persons / companies I involved her with are false and misleading.

I know Dick, and it’s unfair that you print the real name of this private individual when there’s no public record of her claims.

What is public record is that Autumn Sky posts her escort services in ads in New Orleans and on Sexy Jobs.. That she met Dick thru SexyJobs and worked out her own “private” arrangement with him during the time they were both to be at AVN.

She’s publicly smearing the real name of Dick, after he refused to give in to her extortion threat to him. Would you like to know Autumn Sky’s real name in connection with these affairs?

I work with many models who travel from out-of-state to work on bookings in the Los Angeles adult industry.

An agent in Florida sent Autumn Sky to me for work here in the Los Angeles adult industry. I booked Autumn on 7 shoots over a period of about 9 days, mostly for bigger companies in the industry.

The first shoot was for an Asian themed company, which hired me to be one of the male talent in a boy/boy/girl scene with Autumn, because – one of their Asian male talent originally hired turned out to be a poor performer. I checked with Autumn if she would object to my performing in the scene with her, and she had no problem with that, so we did the scene. That’s the end of that story.

With respect with the other 6 shoots booked, Autumn performed only 1 scene completely. She then commenced to walk out and cancel on the remaining 5 scenes. When she didn’t show up on the final day at the shoot location, I told her I was done with her, and she flew home.

At this point, I had to cover all of the experiences of her travelling, working with me, testing, driving, lodging, etc – she left without reimbursing any of it. The producers who booked her lost money and time, they mostly told me they were chalking it up to experience.

About 2 weeks later, Autumn contacted me and stated that she’d seen a doctor who discovered the cause of her experiencing pain during shoots.

Her problem was “fixed”, and she was ready to resume shooting. She begged me to give her a second chance, that this would give her an opportunity to reimburse me. I paid for her plane ticket once again, also helping her cover the expense of her important “family matters”. I had decided that she was a young performer in trouble, that I could help her out, and restore her reputation in the industry.

Autumn arrived and I got her tested. Before her test came back, 2 producers took the chance of shooting her. When the test came back, she was positive for 1 std. I paid for her medication and cancelled remaining shoots scheduled before her retesting could be done.

NOTE: Referring to Autumn’s claim that she lost out on $2100 of shoots during AVN – her test would continue to be dirty for 7 days before retesting, so be assured that all shoots until she retested – at the earliest, today Tues Jan 15 – should have been cancelled. Also, as her booking agent, she never told me about any shoots offered to her during this time period, i would certainly have warned the company about her dirty test.

BACK TO AVN – Autumn could not shoot, so I offered to take her to AVN, and I contacted a specialy printing company that I had worked with before at the previous AVN, furnishing adult models to promote at their booth. They agreed to include Autumn as a model to work for them on at least 1 of the days of AVN.

Autumn informed me that she had already arranged her plane flight to Las Vegas and a stay at the Venetian Hotel, paid through a male talent friend. She agreed to meet me there at AVN the 1st day she would work at the booth.

I arrived in Las Vegas on Wednesday by car , driving up another female talent I was working with. I contacted Autumn, she had still not gone to the booth, and the booth owners were asking why she had not arrived. I arrived at the booth on the convention floor at 4:30pm, and I was told that Autumn had just arrived.

Autumn explained that the delay was because she had to go get her hair done, and to find a dress. So the work hours for that day was pretty much over. I convinced the booth owners that I would have Autumn arrive on time the next day if they would agree to use her.

Autumn later called and complained that she should be paid $400 or she would not work there. I reasoned with her – she was completely unknown and had not proved to anyone that she could even do good work. She agreed to show up the next day.

When I arrived the next day, the owners complained that Autumn showed no interest in working or promoting. She didn’t even want her picture taken, until I reasoned with her that she at least should do that.

That night, Jan 10, I logged onto the internet in my hotel room at the Tropicana. I discovered 0 unauthorized charges were made on my credit card starting on Mon Jan 7 thru Jan 10 – for a room at the Venetian, for a plane flight to Las Vegas under Autumn Sky’s legal name, for Yahoo phone charges, for Itunes, for florist purchases to the state where Autumn’s family lives. This seemed impossible to me, because that credit card has always been in my possession.

I immediately contact my credit card card to dispute the charges and launch a fraud claim. This is now ongoing, and I’m awaiting the affidavit paperwork.

I immediatly contacted the Venetian Hotel to alert them of the charges being made from their Hotel. I drove to the Venetian and filed a statement with the Hotel of fraudulent use of my credit card, which their accounting department began pursuing the next morning.

As I was walking away into the casino, I spotted Autumn chatting with others at a bar. I immediately went to Venetian Security and asked them what they could do about detaining her. They investigated the Venetian Hotel and found that a room had be reserved under both my legal name and hers, using my credit card information, that Autumn had checked into the room herself. After calling Las Vegas Metro Police, Venetian Security went with me onto the Casino floor to find and detain
Autumn – but we could not find her.

The next door, I was informed that, Autumn had come back to the booth for her pay. I contacted Sands Security, and the Metro Police came to the Convention Center. They listed to my account, and informed me that they could not make an arrest until I received and filed the affidavit from the BankCard company.

So I went to the booth to resolve Autumn leaving the booth premises, because – I had told the booth owner I considered Autumn to be dangerous to their welfare. The usual pay agreed for girls working the booth was $200 a day if they worked the full day. I conferred with the booth owner, he felt that she only worked for the booth for a half a day, so I agreed with him that she should be paid $100.

Autumn then proceeded to tell me that she was going to smear my name and Dick, the person she was to meet. I know Dick, and I didn’t want him to be harmed, so I advised him to not get involved with her in any way. As I mentioned before, Dick had informed me that Autumn had set up their time with each other thru Sexy Jobs.

When Autumn discovered that Dick was not going to see her, she confronted me and made repeated threats and demands to extort money, or else she would smear his name and ultimately mine, even tell Police. I told Autum that I would welcome visiting the police department with her, because I had a case to file against her. She left me immediately, and I have not seen her again.

The statement and affidavit is in the process of my filing with Las Vegas Metro Police Division. The charges are credit card fraud and possession of stolen property. I do not know Autumn’s exact whereabouts now. But if her new agency would like to contact me as to her whereabouts, I would be glad for their cooperation and to involve the police in taking her into custody.


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