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Richelle Ryan Interviewed…sort of

Porn Valley- On a recent KSEX show this month, Steven St. Croix had both Richelle Ryan and Roxy DeVille on as guests. Put it this way, there was an attempt to interview Ryan. And even St. Croix admitted that he had lost control of the show with conversational meanderings being dealt faster than a hand of 21 in Vegas. And Ryan’s attention span wasn’t working too well, either.

St. Croix mentioned that Ryan was a huge sex addict who just turned 21.

“She’s a huge fan of Jenna Jameson, and Jenna started her into this,” said St. Croix. “At the time we met she was introduced to me through Joey Ray who is a guy in the business. She was all nervous. We went to a bar. I’m like, hey, I’m Steven. And she’s, like, I’m so nervous! I’m a fan. And I started getting nervous because I don’t know what I’m supposed to be like. But people have whatever images in their mind about people.”

With the two women called on the the couch, co-host Lexi Lamour noticed that St. Croix was bashful and blushing.

“I get nervous around girls a lot,” St. Croix admitted. “You would think after so many years in porn…”

Richelle Ryan described herself as the newbie where DeVille has been around.

Ryan said she was a stripper back home. Back home is Richmond, Virginia.

“Tell us a little bit about this fascination with Jenna Jameson.,” St. Croix urged her.

“I’m in love with her,” said Ryan. “She has the prettiest pussy ever.” Ryan said she’s been watching porn movies since the age of 17, the first one being Blue Movie which starred Jameson. St. Croix said he was about 23 at the time when he appeared in it as well.

“It was like an Ed Wood-type takeoff story and I was in drag,” he recalled. “I played this director who wears fruit and looks like fuckin’ Carmen Miranda.” One of the women made a comment that St. Croix likes to dress in drag and St. Croix jumped to his defense concerning comments made on Wikipedia. that he’s a drag-person.

“I’m very comfortable with my sexuality,” St. Croix continued. “I know if I dress in drag that it’s okay and I’m doing it for a movie. I think I did it about four times in movies. I did Blue Movie. I did a movie called Glen and Glenda.”

Besides himself, St. Croix said that TT Boy was in that movie as well as Peter North and Gerry Pike.

“We were all drag queens.”

According to St. Croix the whole Blue Movie drag-thing was kind of clownish.

“Glen and Glenda was four guys who dressed in drag because they wanted to feel what their girlfriends felt,” St. Croix continued. “All I remember about that movie was we had to shoot exteriors. Frank Marino was the director- a good friend of mine- and I had to walk Van Nuys Blvd. in drag on Sunday in front of World Modeling. So I’m walking down the street and it’s a good 45-second bit. So I’m looking in the windows and trying to act feminine. Of course I have a beard on and platinum blond wig.” St. Croix said he got wolf-whistled by a couple of guys.

“It was from the back so I must have had a good ass.” Lamour also brought up the fact that St. Croix wore purple lingerie in the DCypher movie, Wonderland.

“But I was very comfortable walking in these huge-ass stiletto clodhoppers,” he laughed. After a series of ADD moments abetted by Lamour, St. Croix got back to Ryan who mentioned that her mother was supportive about her career.

“My step-dad is kind of like, uggggggh,” she said. St. Croix mentioned that Ryan was supposed to come on his show earlier.

“We didn’t do the show,” he said. “We hooked up and we’re having drinks. Was I being obnoxious?”

“I don’t think so,” Ryan answered. “I was nervous meeting you, though.” St. Croix explained that they were at Sapphire in Studio City and that Ryan was sitting at the bar with her girlfriend, Jessica.

“Jessica is kind of giving out the vibe that I got to go home and get up early,” St. Croix went on to say. “But you were giving out the vibe of look at my fucking dress, look at my tits and see my ass. And I went straight and grabbed your tits. I had my hands all over you.”

It was noted that Ryan finally got to meet Jenna Jameson at a recent Justin Timberlake concert but that story kind of got lost in the shuffle.

DeVille mentioned that she was excited because she just got her first magazine spread in Hustler’s Taboo.


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