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Riley Steele on the Stern Show- Doesn’t Connect with Men on an Emotional Level, She Says

from – Howard said that all of the guys are going berserk over this Riley Steele. He had the guys bring her in and said that she really is hot. He said she could be modeling. Howard said she looks tall too. She’s 5’7” but she had heels on which made her all that much taller. Howard asked Riley if she thinks that she’s going to be like Jenna Jameson and make a big career out of this. Riley kind of confirmed that with a moan.

Howard told Riley that he was watching some of the video on her web site and asked about the high socks she was wearing. Howard said she was really hot on there.

Gary said that she apparently doesn’t like to wear underwear. Howard asked if that was true and she showed him it was. Howard asked Riley where she grew up. She grew up in San Diego.

Robin asked about the father of the kid she was babysitting at 15. She confirmed that she was doing that guy. Howard asked about how she got the job and how old the kids were. She said one was 10 and one was 6. She said that she had been into porn from a young age. She said she had a lot of guy friends who would watch porn and they would just put it on. Riley said that it may have been their dad’s porn but she’s not sure.

Howard said that he read that Riley was masturbating in pre-school. She said she didn’t know what she was doing, she just knew it felt good. Riley said that she found out about it later on and she didn’t know she was up to that.

Howard asked Riley about what some people say about porn stars being mentally ill. Riley said that everyone has a hard life and you can get into any business and people have had hard lives in those too.

Howard asked Riley if her father tried to get her to stop masturbating when she was in pre-school. She said he never said anything to her about that. She said she doesn’t know what she was thinking about back then but these days she thinks about girls. She said she does need a cock but girls are physically attractive to her.

Howard said Riley must be mostly lesbian. She said she doesn’t really connect with guys on an emotional level so maybe she is. Riley said she was really young when she started having sex. She started in elementary school. She said people would see them and tell her dad about it.

Howard asked what happened to her mom. Riley said that she left the family when she was just one year old. Howard asked if she sees her at all now. She said that she doesn’t but she has 5 brothers and sisters. Robin asked why she was the one she left. Riley wasn’t sure. Howard asked if she ever asks about that. Riley said that she would go to her mom’s house on the weekends and she never liked it. She said she lived with her dad and her grandparents and she loved them.

Howard asked about how Riley got started into having sex with guys. She said she started doing BJs to guys in high school. Howard asked how she learned to handle a guy the right way. Riley said that she’s improved her skills a lot over the years. Riley said that Eric Everhart taught her the most. She said that you have to relax when you do it and just let your spit be a natural lube.

Howard asked Riley when she’s with a guy in her normal life, is a normal size penis okay. She said it’s almost a relief. Howard said he saw one guy pounding into her with a cock that looked like it was 10 inches. She said it was actually 8 but it was really thick. Howard asked how those guys last so long with her. She said she’s not sure but maybe they’re on drugs or something.

Riley said that the guys can go too long and you can get raw. She said she can handle it though. She said she can stay wet the whole time. Howard said she looked turned on in that video he saw on her web site. Howard gave her a plug for the site which is at You can also get her FleshLight at

Howard asked about this guy she was doing at 15. She said that he was a neighbor who hired her to baby sit. She said that she was very comfortable with him. Howard asked how it happened. She said that she would flirt a little bit more and stay later when she was babysitting. She said she would go pantyless and bend over to give him the signal. Riley said there was a lot of foreplay going on before anything happened. She said they would kiss and stuff and one day it just didn’t stop.

Howard asked if the kids were asleep in bed. Riley said they were. Howard asked how many visits it was. She said it was about a month and it was like twice a week that she was going over there. Howard said she ended up blowing the dad. She said that’s what she did. Howard said that’s wild. Riley said she used to be ashamed of that but not anymore.

Howard asked if the guy got blown a few more times. She said that she did him a few more times but it was always awkward. She said hat he was friends with her father so it was very weird. She said she stopped babysitting for him. Howard asked if the dad ever found out. She said that she hopes he didn’t.

Howard asked Riley how she got into porn. Riley said she saw some porn when she was a kid and it was a bunch of kids in a hot tub. She said that it was a bunch of girls and then she saw another one and she knew that’s what she wanted to do. Riley said that she started to watch Howard’s show when she was very young and that helped too. Howard said that they did have an influence on people. Robin said she wasn’t sure they should be proud of that.

Howard asked Riley about how she got into her first movies and she filled him in the details. Howard also heard that she got it on with someone in Kid Rock’s bondage room. Riley said that they were going to dance for Kid Rock one night and they walked into his room and he had full bondage stuff in the room. She said it was pretty hard core stuff. Howard said that’s great that he turned the room over to them like that. Riley said that she had met Kid Rock before at his concerts. She said that they dance on stage during his shows.

Howard wanted to dance with Riley so he asked Fred for some music. Fred played some Black Eyed Peas ”Boom Boom Pow” and they both danced. Howard said Riley is a great dancer. Her skirt went right up.

Howard found out that this bondage room was at the Hard Rock hotel out in Vegas. Howard said it’s odd how they gave him a bowling room and they gave Kid Rock a bondage room. Riley said that it was the first time that room had been used so it wasn’t there when Howard was there.

Howard read that Riley didn’t have sex for two years after that first time. Riley said that she and her friends were giving blow jobs to other guys in school. Howard read that she was going to lesbian parties in school. Riley said that those parties are just a bunch of girls getting together in real life to hang out, drink and just mess around. She said that they have stripper poles and stuff at the parties. Riley said there would be older women there too and they were just there to have fun. Howard asked what they would do there. She said they would dance and just have fun.

Howard said Riley sounds like a lot of fun. He asked if she has to get tested for diseases and stuff. She said that they do test often and that’s the great part about being in the business.

Howard gave Riley some plugs for her FleshLight and asked what that was. She said it was a mould of her vagina that you can jerk off into.

Howard read that she likes to have a Spider-Man. She said that’s when a guy jerks off into his hand and throes it into her face. She said she loves that. She wants to do it on film. Riley said that it’s kind of degrading but she wants to do it on film.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked if she’s still available for babysitting. He said if she’s not, what’s the move that can get a guy laid with the babysitter. Howard asked Riley if she’s a millionaire yet. She said that she’s not yet but she’s working on it.

Howard played a clip from one of her movies, Bad Girls 2, where she’s gagging and then getting banged. Howard asked if she like dirty talk. She said she does. Howard said he had another clip from the movie ”Honey” where this guy is calling her a whore. Riley said she was playing a whore in the movie and that’s why he was calling her a whore. In the clip the guy was telling her to suck his balls and she was gagging on him.

Riley said that she didn’t even know what that guy was going to do to her. She said it turned out to be kind of fun.

Howard said Tracy Morgan was there and he wanted to meet her. Howard asked if that was okay. Riley said that was fine. Tracy came into the studio and said hello to Riley. Howard told him to take it easy on her. He must have been a little rough on her.

Howard asked Tracy if he was hitting on her. Tracy said he was. Howard asked if she was the hottest porn star he had ever seen. Tracy said she was. Tracy was going crazy over her. He told her that was some awesome stuff. Tracy said that her toes looked like skittles too. Tracy said he loves to check out everything in porn movies.

Howard said that Riley’s movies are very high quality. Howard asked if she’s ever had sex with a black man. She said she hadn’t. Howard asked Tracy if the black man is good at sex. Tracy said he can’t speak for all black men. Howard said that some of the porn girls are threatened when they have sex with black men. Riley said that’s true and people want to kill you if you do have sex with a black man. Howard said that it’s a sad state of affairs when that is still going on.

Tracy said that no one ever goes off on black women for having sex with white guys. He said that’s where Tiger Woods went wrong. He didn’t have any black women that he was banging.

Howard told Tracy about some of the stuff that Riley was talking about and Tracy was going nuts over her. He said that she would probably break him. He said that she’d have him open like a research monkey.

Tracy was saying that he would even eat her butthole. He said he wants her to spit on his dick like she hates it and maybe write some racial epithets on it.

Howard said that he would love it if a woman would lick his asshole. Tracy said he gets that all the time. He said he gets his salad tossed all the time. Howard said he would feel bad if his woman had to do that to him. Howard asked how she does that kind of thing. Riley said that a guy can be on his back with his legs over his head. Tracy did an impression of what a guy sounds like when he’s getting his ass licked.

Howard said he must be a little uptight. Howard said that Tracy has to get on her web site. Tracy said he likes women who are like 200 pounds with a C-section scar on them. He said he doesn’t discriminate.

Howard asked Riley about a piece of jewelry that fell off of her. It was a vibrating necklace. She demonstrated it on Tracy. Howard asked how it’s used. She said that you take it and put it right on there. Tracy was trying to see what was going on there. Riley didn’t have any panties on so Tracy was trying to get a look.

Howard said it was great to meet Riley today. He gave her some more plugs for and her web site.

Howard said he was reading about Tracy being engaged. Tracy said he did that article a long time ago. He said that was long before he met Riley. Howard said that he seems to be taken with her. Tracy said that he wouldn’t be able to keep her because he would be way too jealous. He said she’d have to walk around in the house ass naked all the time. Tracy said that he would hit her where she doody’s at. Howard asked if she does anal. Riley said that she likes the pain. Tracy said he would do ass to mouth and more. Riley said that she’s never done that. Tracy said he would eat her like a Gyro.

Howard gave Riley some more plugs and started to wrap up with her a short time later. Howard said that it was a great day to have someone so beautiful there. Gary said that he wanted to get her on the Sybian and give the controls over to Tracy.

Howard told Tracy about the Sybian and Tracy was saying that he might have to cum too. He said he might have to pull his meat out.

The guys set up the Sybian and Gary showed him how to control it. Howard told Riley to be honest while she’s on it and be very vocal about it. Howard said that Riley might need it at 50 percent to start out. Tracy was confused by the equipment. He said he’s never had anything like that.

Howard told Tracy to jack it up slow and not just bring it up to 100 percent. Gary showed Tracy what to do and they started her out with the vibration. Tracy was fine with the controls. Riley was at about 25 percent and she was already getting off. Howard had them bring it up to 50 percent. Tracy jacked it up some more and she was getting into it more and more. She was moaning the whole time she was on it. Riley was done about a minute into it.

Howard gave Riley some more plugs and wrapped up with her. Tracy asked if he could keep the piece from the Sybian that she had sat on. Howard asked Riley if that was okay. Riley was fine with it. Howard asked Tracy where he’s going to keep that. He said he’s going to put that next to his Muhammad Ali gloves in his house. Howard wrapped up and went to break after that.


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