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Rob Black: Adult Performers Coalition for Choice Are Terrorists

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Just as Rob Black was talking on his Internet show about the need for a coalition, Julie Meadows [pictured] and Co. sent out a letter urging performers to join the Adult Performers Coalition for Choice

This was not what Black had in mind by a coalition and called Meadows a “retard” for polluting the premises. Black chose to single out Meadows because, though she’s no longer an active performer, Meadows continues to talk like one. Black also welcomed the undersigned to that letter to come on his show so he could pick them apart.

Black was wondering why Meadows, who hasn’t been in the business for years, is part of this movement.

“Probably because she doesn’t look fake and plastic.”

Black went down the list of the undersigned, noting that Tasha Reign’s name appeared. Black early in the history of his program pointed out that Reign and Brooklyn Lee were part of the Dubai contingent.

“Tasha Reign goes to Saudi Arabia to fuck the prince. An awesome choice for her to be on the list”

Since the platform seems to be about performer choice, Black put that matter to rest.

“There is no choice, idiots!” he screamed.

“If there was choice, we wouldn’t be in this situation, dummies.”

Kylie Ireland’s name also appears on the letter.

“Kylie Ireland groans and bitches because her and her husband Andy create the magic that happens behind the scenes of Axel Braun and Vivid, and they bitch about the time and money and how they’re not being appreciated.

“That’s why she’s still there, underappreciated, underpaid.”

Black also remembered when Kylie Ireland was making gang rape movies for Platinum X.

“Julie Meadows, Diane Duke, Free Speech Coalition, Manwin you are liars.”

What Black particularly found galling is Meadows continuing to state how AHF is comparing porn performers to animals which is not what AHF’s Mark McGrath said. McGrath said, “Measure B is a minimum standard; animals in Hollywood films are treated better.”

Which, if you read that properly, said Black, means that there’s more rules and regulations governing the use of animals in films.

“You cannot keep animals on set for a certain amount of time,” Black pointed out. “There are rules and procedures.”

Black said Meadows and company were merely a part of a conspiracy to cover up Mr. Marcus and syphilis and Manwin and money launderers.

“You’re part of that. You understand that? You’re part of that and you’re saying we’re protective of our performers? You’re part of a conspiracy and a cover up of a guy who worked and transmitted syphilis. How are you telling the porn performers that groups of people don’t care about them?

“Julie why are you and the Free Speech Coalition liars? You are liars. You want to come off like you’re smart, but you’re a liar with a cue card. You are a flat out liars. Don’t you dare send this [letter] to performers.

“Who are you speaking for? Who are you? You are not an active performer. You’re a gay Republican who’s against gays. Who writes your guys’ material?

“What choice Julie? You’re telling me performers have choice? Stop bullshitting everybody. Alana Evans and all these girls and guys you should be mad. Why is Julie Meadows, a non active performer speaking for you guys?”

Black suspected that Jessica Drake’s name was on there to throw weight and that she couldn’t have been there by choice that she’s probably being held “captive against her will.”

Black also hastened to point out that Nina Hartley whose name is also on the letter used to be pro condom at one time and had workshops. Black also wondered why Tanya Tate’s name appears since she isn’t American.

“I don’t think Tanya Tate’s even actively performing,” said Black.

“This is the bullshit of the day. This coalition is bullshit and is comprised of bullshit and is a money grab controlled by Manwin and Free Speech.

“These dirty cocksuckers are trying to get money out of it. Every performer who signs up, I’m going to put you on blast and make you famous. Were going to put a list together of all the traitors and sell-out terrorist sympathizers.”

“You eight motherfuckers are the first terrorists,” declared Black.

“You are an enemy combatant. I’m going on record and saying this is an enemy combatant. They are a 9/11 hijackers. They are enemies of the state. That’s what you are, and you’re holding Jessica Drake as a hostage.

“I told you, Brad Armstrong, to take Jessica out of this situation. Look at this bunch of losers. Jessica Drake is a shining star of our business.”

Several weeks ago, Black explained how he would woo Andy San Dimas if he had a chance, and described a seduction scenario involving Drake that consisted of wine, candles, Hungarian violin music and back rubs. Okay so Black never mentioned Hungarian violin music. Whatever, it sounded like a cheesy plot from a Skinemax movie.

“When Jessica Drake is out there she’s making the bucks,” Black noted.

“Jessica is the bread winner. She’s getting $5,000 for a speaking engagement. She’s got book deals. This is a Renaissance woman. She could easily do a run for a position for a seat like an assembly woman. Remember Stormy Daniels was going to do that.

“Jessica Drake could promote safety and safe sex and show that it’s cool. You have Jessica Drake promoting safe sex in low income impoverished districts.”

Black suspects that Manwin forced Drake to put her name to the paperwork, except he seems to forget that Manwin runs Wicked’s website operations.

“I’ve said Jessica Drake is the future of our business, and when you put her on this list, she’s being forced against her will. Her boss and her husband aren’t looking out for her. And Manwin, a foreign national, isn’t looking out for her.”

Black also envisions Drake as the new Dr. Ruth.

“She shouldn’t be a part of this terrorist organization. Anyone who is part of that, I will lash you, and put you on blast. You are doing nothing but hurting this business. Do you understand that?”


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