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Rob Black: Andre Madness, I never did one thing to this cunt except give him an opportunity”

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Since I don’t see the stream of his show, I’m not sure whether Rob Black broadcasts his show, from a psychiatrist’s couch or not. I used to think it was a jail cell. Now I’m not certain. Black’s Friday show was an assortment of angst and admissions that he owes people money..

“Unless they put me in prison or kill me this is never going to end,” Black said of his broadcasts which generally put some segment of the adult industry population on notice,

As an illustration, Black says he probably did more in 15 minutes last week to discredit the LA Weekly than $100,000 of attack ads would have.

“You guys make me sick. XBiz, you can be a leader.”

Except XBiz is now flagrantly promoting tube sites.

“And we’ve established AVN is owned by Manwin and is a big racket.”

Black noted that the former owner of AVN Paul Fishbein was touting a new Fan Show to take place in September. Guess Fishbein forgets it’s already been down with the FOXE Awards.

“Think about the logic Fishbein has,” said Black.

“The AVN show is a disaster. ‘We’re going to have fan voting, oh awesome. And we’re going to be on In Demand.’ So you’re basically doing a BTS product that people are watching for free, but they’re going to watch this for $10? Real logical.

“This business will always be there for bottom feeders like Fishbein and the fringe people,” Black mused.

“The business isn’t going away. Any new girl in the business will do some work because any company still doing gonzo will shoot them. Unless you’re doing something special like 20 guy gangbangs for Devil’s Films. Shit like that.

“All the big talkers, I love Lisa Ann, but she’s the same as the rest. Even she says she’s all about the money. ‘Fuck the business they’re all losers.’

“She says, ‘When I had an agency, I would nurture a girl then I would have to dispel what she was told about me at Porn Star Karaoke. Fuck everybody. I don’t live in California any more.’

“Lisa Ann doesn’t give a fuck,” said Black.

“She makes money, that’s it. She spoke up about Mr. Marcus [[doing a sex scene live on air at the Manwin studios] because she didn’t like the situation.

“But she works for Manwin. That’s our business- about money – I love Lisa but the girl believes she needs to make $15,000 a month to live and not $6,000. A girl in porn wants to make three times the money her father did by putting clothes pins on her head.”

Noting the story about Kink,com that was making the rounds, Black said he wasn’t sure if Penny Pax, the subject of the article, was a Spiegler girl. Black said it’s all our fault what the business has become.

“It’s just wrong what Stagliano did; it was shitty and no one said anything about it. I owe Tara Lynn Foxx for four months from Snow White. Frank Koretsky, they all fucked me on that deal.”

Black said he didn’t pay Foxx not out of meanness but that his well had simply dried up.

“Tara Lynn Fox you should call Frank Koretsky’s Dream Zone and tell them Rob Black owes you $200.

“People will privately say everything I’m saying is right, but they won’t speak out publicly,” he continued.

“Nobody talks. I get it.

“John Stagliano, Manwin, Mark Kernes, Free Speech, Mr. Marcus, you hurt people. I owe my sound girl money. Okay, I’m a scumbag. Bryn Pryor degraded me on that set and he talks shit about me on sets. I owe James Deen for bashing a girl’s head against the wall He was dressed like a clown. She couldn’t look at him because she’s afraid of clowns. Mr. Hollywood, James Deen, I’m going to pay you. I owe James Deen $1,000. But that’s why I’m labeled a bad man.

“James Deen works for Evil Angel, John Stagliano. If anybody else in our business was doing what John Stagliano is doing, you would all be lynching them and running them out of town. You know if I was HIV positive, Mike South would be calling for me to be under arrest. But it’s alright for Type 9 to send a girl to a Stagliano shoot without telling her he’s HIV positive.

“But John Stagliano can put a woman’s life in danger. That’s alright.

“Mark Kernes calls me I’m evil. What have I said except the truth? Mark Kernes, me and you got into an argument at the premier of the Deep Throat play where Alana Evans is trying to tell everybody I’m on crack because I’m skinny. I sat there and argued with Kernes and he had not one thing to say.

“Brad Armstrong thinks I’m a scumbag and an asshole because I talk positively about his wife. I have done nothing to hurt this business. You’re going to tell me Art Attack which rapes and pillages the companies in this business – and I owed them 20,000- that I’m a piece of shit? But from 1997 to god knows when, I can add up my good years and how much money I gave them.

“Any businessman would take millions for that $20,000. I was working for Jerry Estrada, and he called me a convict. And this fuck at Art Attack tells people I’m a piece of shit?

“Even after that, after 20 years in this business I watch Steve Hirsch and Jeffrey Douglas and Jules Jordan, the guy who brought Manwin into the business then cried when they left him and took all of his employees.

“Jake Jacobs who works for Wicked on a regular basis, and fucks girls in scenes, the guy makes more than $500 a day. I owe Jake Jacobs money and he proceeds to talk shit about me on a set with Hustler. So does Andre Madness. This is a guy who was a suitcase pimp and brought this crying cunt into my office begging I give Stephanie Swift the Miscreants role.

“He broke away from being a suitcase pimp to being somebody in the business because of me. What do I get? Andre Madness is on a set talking shit about me. Instead of saying Rob gave me my start, now I’m a loser.

Brad Armstrong did a gangbang for me. I talk nice about his wife and that’s what I get? There ya go. Andre Madness, I never did one thing to this cunt except give him an opportunity.

“Jake Jacobs was my camera guy at Elegant Angel where he got paid thousands of dollars. He was my editor as was his wife. I paid him $600 a day. I owe you money from Snow White. I owe you money from a movie that’s marred in controversy and is the fabric of the destruction of the company. But you fucking sit there on a goddamn set saying Rob Black’s a scumbag. That’s what you said on set.

“But John Stagliano can put peoples’ lives at risk, and Manwin ruined the business. That’s cool. Tim Von Swine said that’s how people in the business are. ‘You pay them, and they’ll say how great you are.’


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