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Rob Black asks: Which One of You Girls- Kimberly Kane, Dana DeArmond, Bobbi Starr, Is Going to Step Up?

On his Internet show Monday night, Rob Black had more provocative things to say about the business in two hours than most other namby-pamby porn show hosts have to say in a lifetime

As he headed into the home stretch, Black got on the topic that porn badly needs a woman activist. Diane Duke is living proof that it doesn’t have one, he said. Black, in fact, asked the question when was the last time Duke had a penis in her ass, meaning in quaint terms, that she can’t relate to the business she’s representing.

Black pointed to miscarriages of justice where performers need to protect themselves from greedy agents who’ll send them into unsafe environs.

“Which one of you girls are going to stand up, take these girls under your wing and say enough is enough? That’s my challenge to you. I want the headline to be Rob Black says: Which one of you girls is going to step up and be the de facto leader?

“Which one of you girls is going to say why are we listening to a bunch of jerkoff men agents? Why are we listening to Mark Spiegler? Why are we listening to Derek Hay? When is a girl going to say my name is Dana DeArmond. My name is Bobbi Starr and everybody likes me and the guys at AVN- Steve Javors and Peter Warren – like to go out with me; they like to have dinner with me.

“Think about this. Does Bobbi Starr know every person that shoots in this business? Does Bobbi Starr know every owner in this business that’s worth knowing? Yes. So why isn’t Bobbi Starr an agent? Why doesn’t Bobbi Starr take the mantle of being a feminist leader? Why doesn’t she say I’m going to take the charge. I am going to take girls and I’m going to represent them. I’m going to make sure girls don’t work for shady people.”

“Dana DeArmond, I want to challenge you. Protect the girls from me. You have an agent. You are beholding to a man. You need someone to manage your career? You make enough money. Hire an assistant. I challenge you Dana DeArmond.

“Kimberly Kane, you’re a big leader. I challenge you. You guys don’t like men. Why don’t you take these girls that are being taken advantage of by evil people, why don’t you take girls that have to work for Porno Dan and go to his $500 slumber party fuck-fest where you and four girls, Porno Dan and Ralph Long and like three other guys and every guy takes turns fucking the girl. In my day when every different cock went into a girl, she got paid extra. That was in the Nineties.

“Dana, Kimberly, Bobbi Starr why don’t you protect these girls? Why don’t you say we’re starting an agency. The only other female agent was Shy Love and she bailed out to Peter North, some guy. Guys are the agents.

“I’m thinking you girls [porn performers in general] are shit like all the guys in this business are saying, you’re worthless shit. That’s why you have to live in a model house and you have to cam to pay your model fees.

“You have to pay 30%. You got to pay $50 for a driver and do all these things. You’re shit. All these girls who are shit have to go to Dana DeArmond, Bobbi Starr and Kimberly Kane and plead, please lead us.”

Remember Evil Angel does 3,000 pieces out the door at $18 apiece. They’re making $70,000 out the door on a release.

Which prompted Black to toss Belladonna’s name into the mix as a potential leader.

“I’m going to start a petition. I’m going to get name girls to start a petition where they get Bobbi Starr, Dana DeArmond and Belladonna to start an agency to lead them against the oppression of the business. Protect them from guys like me. It’s going to be a reverse of Measure B.

“If Drew at Hustler has a girl come to them that they want to use and they have to get it approved by Teresa Flynt, if Teresa Flynt approves it then they book the girl, what does an agent have to do with that. How is it that Bobbi Starr couldn’t field a car from Hustler or Jacky St. James at New Sensations. Jacky St. James is a phenomenal female director. She does awesome romance movies. You think it matters what agent she calls for a girl? You think when she books India Summer to act in one of her movies, she goes, oh, I’m only going to give you this role because Mark Spiegler is your agent.

“No, Jacky St. James would call Bobbi Starr to book a girl. The business has shrunk, girls. The day of the agents having juice is gone. Axel Braun books who he wants to book because you look the part. He’s not going to book a tatted up girl for Princess Leia because Derek Hay told him too. He’s not going to put a tatted up fat chick as Wonder Woman because Chris at Foxxx Modeling said do this for me. Axel Braun don’t fucking do nothing with the agents. Axel Braun and Vivid are the biggest motherfuckers in the business. They don’t give a fuck about an agent.”


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