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Rob Black Asks : Why Pay For Testing When It’s Available For Free?

Let me explain the whole gimmick behind our testing structure.

When HIV testing was first implemented in our business, it was not something that was available for free on a wide basis. Our industry had people get tests, but there was no uniform system. There were clinics that you would go to, either Norton Testing in Sherman Oaks or the 10 minute clinic in West LA. The notion that testing didn’t exist before AIM and then Cutting Edge is bullshit.

When I shot for Elegant Angel back in 1996, everybody on set had an HIV test. Any reputable company required them. The testing system was no different than it is now.

Back then testing cost money. It wasn’t as available in different venues as it is now. We were primitive.

Then we evolved and testing became available for free. You had places like Planned Parenthood and you could get medical checkups. AIDS Healthcare Foundation and LA County Health Department offered HIV testing for free. So the concept of paying $180 for a test became out dated. It doesn’t mean anything now.

The technology has also evolved to where the testing is as accurate as it has ever been. Whether Elisa or APTIMA, the testing now is pretty fucking good. The only difference is some tests have different windows. This test detects in 7-10 days, this test detects in 20 days, whatever. Now it’s not whether or not you have HIV, but when you got it.

So I think we’ve come to a point where Free Speech Coalition and the testing system that is in place is meaningless. The role that they are playing as a governing body involved in our healthcare is not needed now.

A place like AIDS Healthcare Foundation get millions upon millions in donations, federal grants, you name it. And they offer all of these tests for free. The more tests they administer, the more money is given to them. When people show up to get tested, they don’t get turned away.

So this makes the whole concept of paying $180 twice a month moot. Why would any producer not accept a test from someone other than PASS, when it’s the same tests, the only difference is that it’s free?

The PASS system protocols all go out the window when people do privates. The testing doesn’t matter as long as it’s done at a reputable place.

We’ve established that the testing done at Cutting Edge or Talent Testing is moot because you can’t control what people do in their private lives. The test simply finds the disease, it doesn’t prevent the disease. And if you tell me that the tests you spend all this money on is better than what is available for free you’re all full of shit.

So there’s no reason to have Free Speech Coalition and the PASS system be in place. The only reason is for Diane Duke and these entities to make money.

You can go to AIDS Healthcare Foundation and test every month, every two weeks, every day if you wanted to. If talent were smart they would organize carpools and caravan down there and get their free tests.

Again, explain to me why you’re paying $180 to test other than for paying Diane Duke’s 100K plus salary.

When things get outdated you replace them, whether it’s flip phones or cassette players or whatever. You gotta upgrade. The concept of this outdated expensive testing system is ludicrous.

It’s absurd that we need to test with PASS and Cutting Edge. All these people do is draw blood. We’re not reinventing the wheel. You pay all this money. For what?

The rhetoric we hear in our business is that our tests are super tests and they determine whether or not you have HIV better than any other test. That’s bullshit.

The tests they offer anywhere else for free are just as good as any PASS approved super test. It’s the same fucking test.

If somebody can explain to me why the expensive PASS approved test is better than any test offered by AIDS Healthcare Foundation, I’ll jump on that bandwagon.

Can you get a gonorrhea test at AIDS Healthcare Foundation? Yep. Can you get a gonorrhea test at Talent Testing? Yep. Is the gonorrhea test at Talent Testing any better than AIDS Healthcare Foundation? Nope.

If HIV happens off set and never happens on set, because there’s no way to track or control peoples off screen behavior, then why do we need PASS? The notion of on set off set is bullshit. So we have to address condoms. We have to address testing and the money that is spent. We have to address aftercare and education and prevention.

None of this involves talent laying out in excess of $4000 a year for testing.

So where is there a need for the PASS system if we’re all saying that no one contracts HIV on set? Why do we need PASS when people like Derek Hay are sending girls out to fuck non tested people? It’s a big crap shoot and you all know it.

The mantra of no on set transmission is bizarre. All that happened is we got lucky. People were exposed. Otherwise, why was there a moratorium? It means people were exposed on set to HIV.

According to Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition, no one else tested positive and there was no on set transmission of disease. But the fact that there could have been shows you the testing concept is not that it is a preventive measure. It’s only a notification measure. We’re just notifying each other if we have HIV. That’s it.

It’s all a roll of the dice. The reason they keep spouting this mantra of no on set transmission is because of liability issues. The only reason I can see why they do it is to keep their structure from falling apart. To keep the money train going and to make them feel like they are necessary.

Their goal is to disarm you from the knowledge to protect yourself and to make you feel unsafe so that you need them. They don’t tell you about AIDS Healthcare Foundation and the free testing they provide. Instead they demonize them. Why? Because of money.

What does Free Speech Coalition do? And why do we use a flawed testing system and pay what we do? Especially in 2013, where the best testing is available for free?

These are very simple questions that we ask over and over and never seem to get an answer. I ask these questions and people look at me and put their hands up and say, “Rob, nobody wants to change. And if nobody wants to change, what’s the use of trying?”

You have to establish a roadmap and once you do you put it up. Before you say they will not follow this roadmap, you have to at least throw up the roadmap.

I’m not doing this for the industry as it is. I’m doing this to reshape an industry into what I feel should be the new direction. If people want to be a part of it, that’s great and you’re all welcome. If not, you can fuck off to Vegas and hang out with Derek Hay and try to figure out how to not get whacked and get buried in a hole in the fucking desert.

We’ll stay here and create something. That’s what we’re gonna do.

There are no aspirations to help people who don’t want helping. It’s like trying to introduce Western style democracy to hardline Muslim regimes. They don’t fucking want it, so why waste time on them?

My goal is not to bring change to people who don’t want it. I’d rather create a group that grows as a grassroots movement and have people that seriously want to part of it.

I hope this conversation makes you ask questions about testing. Why do you really need Free Speech Coalition? Why do you need to give them money? What is it that they do now?

If everybody’s convinced that all of the recent HIV cases were contracted off set, and we have to rely on peoples trust and responsibility, why does talent still have to pay in excess of $4000 a year to have testing done at a place that is not secure? The sense of security that Free Speech Coalition gave to talent to disarm them has been shown to be bullshit. They were never protected in the first place. All they get is a piece of paper saying whether or not they have a disease. It doesn’t keep the disease from happening. If they do get a disease, they are left to their own devices. There is no help at all.

Plus the fact that there is no need for Free Speech Coalition because the testing system that is in place is not needed. It’s moot.

The only purpose Free Speech Coalition has is to make money from the adult industry. Let’s put them out to pasture where they belong.

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