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Rob Black Calls Stoya, writer Chris Nieratko to Task

Stoya wrote an article for and got more than what she bargained for.

That’s because Rob Black, pretty much challenged everything she said in the article. What Black was trying to figure out, politely, is who’s cock Stoya is sucking over at the publication.

“It’s kind of like a hipster douchebag writer type of vibe,” explained Black noting that Aurora Snow is writing articles for The Daily Beast largely through Richard Abowitz who was her boyfriend at one time.

“That’s how the world works. I got to know who the fuck is the person over at that Stoya hangs out with- is it Bill Maher – that gives her Carte Blanche,” said Black, who pretty much answered his own question in the next sentence.

Black observed that is affiliated with ‘Vice’ on HBO which is produced by comedian Mahrer, and Black immediately saw a connection that involves writer Chris Nieratko.

Vice writer Nieratko reviews porn, produces a show called Skinema, and did a piece this week about female porn performers raising money by auctioning their bodies to help tornado victims in Oklahoma.

“I’m fucking disgusted,” said Black mumbling something about stories that have pertinent value meaning that Nieratko’s have little of that.

“Vice is an awesome TV show, and the fact that this fucking guy [Nieratko] would use this forum to write the retardest shit makes me sick. It’s obvious he’s in love with Kimberly Kane [who gets a major push from Nieratko].

“Awesome, Chris. Awesome,” Black said sarcastically.

“He basically fucks Kimberly Kane or I think so. I would imagine. It looks like that. He takes the forum to use and not use it to talk about our business, or the talent issues, about there being no health care and the bullshit testing procedures.

“And Stoya’s article is just a propaganda piece for the business. She’s an aberration of the business. She’s a contract player. She goes out with James Deen. It’s all bullshit. It’s an embarrassment. I don’t give a shit if you use a public forum for pieces about porn. But when you get with HBO and Bill Maher and they do stories about women rights and exposing the financial bubble in China, and you’re going to associate yourself with that?

“You’re going to talk about bullshit stuff, and do 17 articles on Kimberly Kane? God, Malenko [sic], you’re a dummy. You’re a dweeb that does this to hang out with porn chicks. Is Kimberly Kane the greatest piece of pussy you ever had? Seriously, bro, you have a forum and you can’t say anything?

“How much pussy do you lick? Every article you do is Kimberly Kane. Oh man, Jeezus. Wow. Thanks, bro, for ruining an awesome TV show and that makes Bill Maher a jerk off for hanging out with you.

“We have a business run by thieves and thugs,” Black continued.

“Kimberly Kane, her pimp is Mark Spiegler who’s destroying this business.”

Black also found it reprehensible that Stoya’s article gave a huge plug to John Stagliano.

“When you’re running and doing stories about people destroying this business, it’s a travesty. So you do a piece with Stoya who talks about John Stagliano the criminal.

“There’s a big meeting going on about John Stagliano next week,” Black announced.

“We got to fight the Staglianos. He’s in the upper echelon for attempted murder. There’s going to be lawyer meetings and authorities. They’re going to be talking about Staaags.

“But when I see a piece like this where Stoya’s talking about going to these agents. She’s telling you to go to LA Direct. Seriously. You got to read this piece. She’s telling talent don’t forget, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. That’s the mantra.”

Largely because her boyfriend James Deen works for them, Stoya gave another plug in her article to

“But when you’re Princess Donna at Kink, all the people there are not tested,” Black so informed.

“The people that are going to put penises in a girl are tested. But those who stick their fingers in her aren’t. They’re told to go wash their hands and use bacterial ointment and then you can finger the girls. Princess Donna warns everybody in the audience about how tough, violent, degrading, and disturbing this is and how the girl is going to be slapped.

“’But she agreed to it and signed the model release. Perfectly legal.’

“Now how is that any different than if we sat here live on my show Monday and I brought in a girl- we’re live. I tell you I’m gonna beat the shit out of this girl. I’m going to punch her face and do everything imaginable to this girl. And there’s nothing you can do because she signed a model release. How soon would you have the cops on me?

“But Stoya puts it out there that you can go to Kink and hook up with them. She tells you to go to a company that basically hires you to beat you up under the guise of BDSM. Peter Acworth – a guy who shoots firearms in his building- this is a company this girl Stoya is promoting.

“If Monday I decide to call every news agency and promote my new website and what you get is 18 year-old homeless skid row girls and we get that girl and bring her into a room, and I go here’s what we’re going to do- I’m going to tie her up and beat the shit out of her, drag her by the hair, and me and all my friends are going to spit on her and call her human garbage.

“She’s going to cry for help and scream and plead, but you’re not going to do anything because she signed a model release. We didn’t put a gun to her head. We did just like what does. It’s a fetish. The model release says we can do whatever we want to do. When we beam this up, do you think we’ll be visited by authorities? If we water board women which does, do you think we’ll be visited? Can we do all this? Oh, she signed a model release. I guess we can.

“Stoya, Dejenko, you put over That’s good. You put Stagliano over. He doesn’t test. He doesn’t do anything, and we just got a conviction on Mr. Marcus faking a test. I’m not sure where Staaaags falls into this category of faking a test, but there’s some unfathomable stuff going on.

“Stoya and Vice guy, put out a story on Stagliano, but he’s the dude out there practicing attempted murder. Awesome. And people are pissed off because I’m telling it like it is? I’m saying Stagliano is putting performers at risk and performing attempted murder. You guys understand that? Stoya, we’re talking about someone breaking the law, but that seems to be a cool thing with you.

“Starting next week there’s going to be a lot of things coming up, and I challenge someone at Vice to tell this kid Majinko to wise the fuck up and do some real journalism and talk about the real business and what’s going on.

“You can tell your wife how you hang out with women at all hours of the night so you can touch pussy claiming you’re a journalist. You sonofabitch, how dare you do fluff pieces about porn.

“As long as you do bullshit, we’re never going to have change or hope in this business because Stagliano controls it with propaganda bullshit bought off with a piece of pussy. You’re putting thousands of lives at risk and propping up people like John Stagliano.

“You’re propping up talent agencies like Spiegler and Hay. Shame on you, Vice. You’re making money off our business. You don’t want to look at the dark side. Instead Vice is letting Chris Melejenko do fluff pieces instead of about a guy who runs around with HIV and knowingly exposes talent to death.

“My skin is crawling. Shame on you, you sonsofbitches for letting Chris Malazaki work for you. Shame on you, Vice. I thought you were better than that, Bill Maher. We are dying in this business, and you let a sonofabitch write pieces for pussy.”


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