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Rob Black Challenges Facts and Figures Dispensed by Diane Duke and Stuart Waldman

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With this being April 15th, Rob Black wondered if anyone, among the 99%-ers of porn, gave a shit about filing taxes or paid them.

“Most of us are struggling to pay our bills,” says Black. “99% of the business is completely fucking broke.”

Black said he had a meeting Saturday with a big female name in the business and was told he was telling people in the business things that were known but not discussed because no one wants to lose work.

Black vowed he would continue to deliver the message if he had to be the voice of the working guy.

“The industry is fucking broke and you have Diane Duke and Stuart Waldman [pictured]- these two retards talking to a San Bernardino newspaper.

Reading from the article, Black said, “It smells like a retard that shit his pants.”

Black read excerpts the article in which Duke talks about the business losing jobs and moving to other states.

“Waldman this fucking retard said, ‘VICA was opposed to Measure B because it meant an estimated loss of 10,000 production jobs that the adult film industry attracts, including makeup, lighting, carpentry, transportation, food service, payroll processing, Web design and actors. The adult film industry has been estimated to generate between $1 billion to $11 billion a year.’

Black challenged the figures of 1B to 11B as estimated income of the adult industry.

“I wonder who pays this guy?” mused Black. “He’s fucking stupid. I’m stupid, but I‘ve never said anything so publicly ludicrous. This asshole says there’s 10,000 production jobs in the business. Transportation?

“There’s Dave the driver – him and his brother. Stuart Waldman, fuckhead, Dave transports all the fucking porn girls and porn guys who have DWI’s and don’t have licenses.”

Black admits that there are some guys who’ll drive you around for $25 blow jobs.

“Food service?” said Black. Marcus London and Devon Lee have a kickass food service that’s awesome. There ya go. There’s the food service. But even their cheap is not cheaper than McDonalds.”

[But Black’s of the opinion that Tommy Gunn and Marcus London might lose their ranch because they’ll never get their money back on Spartacus.]

On the subject of catering, Black said Axel Braun orders out pizza and that’s the extent of food service on an Axel Braun shoot.

“They tell you to eat before you come on set.” Black then offered an alleged quote from Larry Flynt: “They’re all whores- they don’t need to eat.”

Black said In N’ Out or El Pollo Loco serves as caterers of the business though unofficially. Then there’s McDonalds.

Black pointed out that Waldman judging by his comments knows nothing about the business.

“Nobody has catering except Wicked, you stupid motherfuckers. San Bernardino Press? They’re stupid motherfuckers because they don’t fact check.”

“Now that we’ve established what our catering is, I know six makeup artists,k and they do the makeup for everybody. Now what?” Black continued.

“Hey Stuart I think you’re a 1%. Diane Duke fills your pockets with money.”
Challenging the Free Speech Board, Black also pointed out that Marcie Hirsch who’s on it looks better than she did 15 years ago thanks to face lifts and lipo. Free Speech, says Black sends Mark Kernes out to do its dirty work. “Who’s going to hell at Kernes, this poor prick.”

“I think there’s three lighting guys in the business,” Black continued, challenging Waldman’s figures.

“The only lighting you need is when you do features. Waldman, you stupid fuck. Diane Duke, you’re part of this. All you’re doing is a disservice to our workers. You’re making them look stupid. I don’t get it. You guys are the investment bankers that are putting people out of their houses. Look at the Twitter feeds and the people that are broke and need help.”

Black suggested that Free Speech set up hooker junkets to Vegas.

“Set up deals with Hof, and the other Chicken Coops. Build a porn star ranch. There ya go. I just gave you an idea. Instead of flying girls to Kink where they’re beaten and bleeding, set up a plane where the girls are going to the area outside of Nevada where they’re getting a job where they can be tested. Why don’t you do that? You’re not helping girls and guys in the business.”

Black said this also includes the guys who have their sugar daddies who go to work for Derek Hay.

“If you’re gay in your work life doesn’t that mean you’re not gay in your private life?” Black asked.

“If Larry grabs you and makes you a star in a Chi Chi LaRue movie and you’re getting fucked in your ass by two guys and getting loads shot in your ass crack and doing it for $2G’s, you can tell me you’re not gay?”

“Diane if you want to help everybody, set up a junket to the legal brothels but don’t tell everybody your sitting in a 11B business with 10,000 jobs.”

Black said with the Free Speech organization being corrupt from top to bottom, you can’t fire yourself.

Black who used to make millions himself says, “Now here we are the oppressed 99%-ers having people tell us to shut our mouth.”

Black compared the industry to the Soviet Union where people finally got fed up with the KGB and Soviet leadership.

“The new Russians saw a person like Reagan. Reagan saw a leader like Gorbachev who dug the American vibe. Russia had people in bread lines and they had to take care of their people. The entire business has been destroyed by people like Manwin and Spiegler and Derek and the Josefs.

“The IVDs will let a company starve to death so they can’t pay their bills.”

Back in the Nineties, said Black, it wasn’t unusual for a company to make $100,000 a month profit. We were Wall St. where everybody took care of each other. Old timers will tell you about the money we made.”

Black suggested talking to Evan Stone about how it used to be for performers.

“Now Evan Stone won’t talk to me because people will know he’s friends with me and they’ll cut him off from work. That’s the guy who starred in Pirates. Evan is terrified that people like Vivid who I’m exposing will tell him to fuck off.

“Diane Duke and Joanne Capistrano are telling people there are 10,000 jobs we’re going to lose. If there were 10,000 jobs, nobody would be bitching.

“Madelyn Monroe wouldn’t be looking for a place to live. She could go into lighting or be a food service assistant. She’d go to work for London-Gunn catering.”


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