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Rob Black: Free Speech Looks the Other Way on Crossover Performers

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Christian can do all the tough guy posturing he wants, but the accompanying picture speaks volumes.

So Rob Black on his show Wednesday, had to include Christian in his group of fanooks who work both sides of the porn industry fence.

The point Black was trying to make is that Seymore Butts, who’s been attacking Black on Twitter saying that Black is irrelevant and destroying the business has no rationale for how the Free Speech Coalition is destroying the business by looking the other way when porn is rampant with crossover performers, one test away from another HIV outbreak.

Black said Butts is a washed up, old, sorry ass who doesn’t have the guts to address Black because “he’s a punk.”

“You just sound like a cunt-bitch. When you attack me, say something good. I could give you a list longer than my arm why I’m a loser. But you opened this Pandora’s Box of shit. I’m going to play with it, smear it on your face and make you a shit man.”

Black said Butts brought in the argument about the number of twitter followers thinking it bears relevance to who you are. Black said when he started his twitter account he never paid for followers. Black compared Butts’ career to having played in the NFL and going back to playing high school football.

“I could pay for twitter followers [apparently like Butts].” Black said he’s in communication with people who send him articles about people who do that.

“For you to sit there and say the relevance of someone is on a Twitter account, I don’t know what stratosphere you’re from,” Black continued.

“With that rational, girls with 200,000 followers should be millionaires. These girls with those numbers of followers are begging for work, asshole. Pure Play Media distributes your product- all these fucking scary talented companies- and Pure Play Media has 7,000 followers. Seymore where is the logic of relevance?”

“How about Sophie Dee, Lee Bang’s wife?” Black asked Butts rhetorically.

“That power couple, she has 100,000 followers. Why don’t you have Sophie Dee Distribution handle your line? What the fuck, she has 100,000 followers and they’re verified. Might as well make her, Sophie Dee, Adult Video News. I’m not going to harp on that. Slam dunk.”

Black compared Butts battling him to Mike Tyson knocking out Michael Spinks. “At one time you were looked at like a player in the business. But now this is like when Larry Holmes beat the shit out of Muhammad Ali.”

Black said what he says appeals to people who think Butts as some big tough guy, but in reality know he’s a little asshole.

Black said that when he talked about the crossover guys this week he got complaints that he didn’t talk about the tranny fuckers in the business like Christian XXX.

“The concept wasn’t about outing people, but it’s about lies,” Black explained. “All I know is Christian will tell you, ‘I like to fuck trannies.’

“I have no problem with it. Christian never came off with the aspect ‘I’m going to bullshit you; I’m going to lie to you. I do crossover stuff.’ If you don’t like Christian you don’t deal with him.”

“But when Diane Duke says we haven’t had an HIV transmission and leaves out the gay community, that’s wrong. They’re a part of our community. Our own business is pushing the queers. Tim Von Swine gave me the greatest line that what you do on the camera for money is probably what you do in your personal life. If you do gay for pay, you mean to tell me you don’t do gay for pay in your personal life?

“Derrick Burts is no different, and nobody will answer that at Free Speech. I lump Seymore Butts in all this because he goes I’m selling the business out. Don’t you see this as fucked up? You say I’m running out of options? Asshole, you had everything, what options are left for you?

“You’re going, ‘How can I exploit my child again? And I’m working for Frank Koretsky.’ I’d kill myself.”

Black compared himself to Gary Hart who had the promise of a great political career but got caught with a chick in his lap.

“I happened to get caught in scandal.”

“Remember, Adam Glasser, those who feared me loved me. They loved to fear me. Paul Fishbein feared me. He hired bodyguards to protect him because he thought I would kill him. [True story.] When I was his friend, he feared me. When I was his enemy he feared me.”

Black went on some more about politics and compared the adult industry to the political world.

“Our business is like politics. You have Diane Duke and all these people who carry on a mantra. How is Derrick Burts any different than say Seth Gamble, Christian, Danny Wylde, Derek Hay, a queer who doesn’t want to say it; Ryan Driller, Rocco Reed, these guys who do gay for pay?

“Guess what, asshole. You just did it on camera so the entire world couldn’t see it? That’s your logic? How are those guys any different from Derrick Burts? They’re all the same, except Derrick Burts caught the bug and tested positive, but they’re doing the same thing.”

“That’s my first question to Seymore Butts who’s a supporter of the Free Speech Coalition,” said Black.

“How is that different than those seven actors? They all do the same thing except those guys said they don’t do gay movies any more. To me that logic means you’d do it if the camera wasn’t on you. ‘Then I’ll have my sugar daddies fuck me in the ass.’ Are you guys going to the Michelle Bachman gay away academy?”

Black suspected Burts got inside of the business by doing gay activities with a sugar daddy. “How is this guy any different?”

“If you’re telling me those pictures taken of you in Florida up a guys ass, that you were bamboozled, is it any different than Derrick Burts coming to you saying he got bamboozled into gay movies, and is it cool, now, if he does straight movies?

“Mike South, Mr. hard hitting news, pose that question. Seymore Butts, pose that question.”


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