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Rob Black: “Gracie Glam is a true warrior in every sense of the word; She exemplifies what a woman should be”

“I could give two shits if Gracie Glam thinks I’m a raging douchebag,” Rob Black was saying on his show Thursday, .

“On my show the other night I listed the six girls that mattered in the business that people give acting jobs to- not cattle prodded mind you, not anal cream pies- but because they have marquee value.

“I named six of the LA Direct girls that I, as a director who has to deal with talent, knows clip stores or VOD stores like them. We know what girls sell and what girls don’t. You have systems with a 100 girls in a database, click a button to find which girls have the most action.

“If you do it right you can be Lisa Ann at 40 still having big action. I called for six girls- not only are you six the big shots at LA Direct you could also be the leaders in the business, have the balls and still stand up for girls everywhere.

“It was Gracie Glam who tweeted that pimps and scumbags are what agents are. Gracie Glam was the first one to step up. Love me or hate me. I’ve known her when Tom Byron began using her when she was a brand new girl.

“When I got out of prison and the first movie we did, Tom Byron said you’ll like Gracie. I think I put her in a shitload of movies. She doesn’t like me. Gracie Glam was the villain in Iron Man. She was the lead character of Birds of Prey.

“I gave Gracie two major roles. She also played the Tomb Raider character for Creature Feature before Jerry at Exquisite did the Lara Croft-thing. I also put Gracie in a girl thing when we needed to do product for the scumbag Koretskys.

“I’ve always like Gracie Glam,” Black continued.

“Whether she likes me or not she didn’t do anything bad to me. She was a professional. I had her in the middle of a dirty filthy parking lot at 4:30 in morning having sex. She is a professional like no other professional. I have to give her much respect. Whether she likes me or not I called for action. She saw the vision. She felt the power, the illumination. She left LA Direct and said ‘I’m managing my career.’

I felt how else can I thank her by making a banner for her and placing it on the AdultFYI website. You know the traffic and pricing- take a look at the stats and the traffic has been exploding. What you see there is an advertisement for a young lady named Gracie Glam. If you click that link it goes to Gracie Glam’s twitter page. All of you PR reps out there take a look at a website, at a traffic ranking and take a look at your girls.

“These girls hope they can get a little press release on AdultFYI. Guess what girls? Gracie Glam has been on top of this ball game and has a permanent link on top of the site that you beg, pray your agent so you can get mentioned on a website. Who’s irrelevant?

“Gracie Glam is now going to reap the benefits of what it means to make a sacrifice and have the balls to learn to fly once again. Gracie Glam’s not stupid. She knows that there’s something bigger in store.

“She knows Rob Black is telling her story that opens up her ears to a vision and a message, that if she listens, she will be rewarded with riches beyond belief. This is what it means to be friends of ours. You get yourself a clickable banner that goes to a Twitter page or Amazon wish list. Whether Gracie Glam likes me, or doesn’t, she did the right thing and she did something that none of you girls at LA Direct have the balls to do.

“She did it and over night and Gracie Glam is now the hottest commodity in the adult business right now, and she’s been doing it for three years. Gracie Glam’s back. And she’s not with LA Direct. She is a strong, independent woman who is now flying on her own.

“Gracie Glam is a woman that I want everyone to hire. Because if you hire Gracie Glam, I’m going to tell everyone to buy that movie because Gracie Glam is a true warrior in every sense of the word. She exemplifies what a woman should be.

“She joins the rank of a Katie Summers who put her foot down and said I will not be controlled, destroyed and have my body compromised by men, women or corporations whose soul interest is to make money off my body.

“She joins Katie Summers as two women who have stood up in this business to say enough is enough. I ask every company- hit up Gracie Glam and you book her. James Avalon, that next movie you need to hire Gracie Glam, an actress second to none.

“This is a bonafide star, Jacky St. James, New Sensations, Gracie Glam is back. You want an actress that’s an actress. You want a girl next door. That’s a girl next door. Gracie Glam needs to be supported by every single studio in this business, a woman who had the balls to stand up and tell Derek Hay and LA Direct and every other pimp out there enough is enough. There’s big things on the horizon for Gracie Glam.”


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