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Rob Black: His Live Feed is Available for Free Until It’s Not Available for Free; Has Marcus Been Double-Crossed?


Crazy man Rob Black had one of his best traffic days ever Friday afternoon. That’s because Black offered his live feed show, for free and will continue to do so until such time.

I was on Black’s show for the last 50 minutes or so and we talked about Mr. Marcus, Tasha Reign and other pertinent news. Towards the end of the show Black went on full blast about John Stagliano.

“We’ve got an outside lawyer who’s going to start filing lawsuits,” says Black.

“Right now all a lawyer has to do is either turn on the radio, and a good lawyer and his staff with six hours of Rob Black’s knowledge would be able to lay out a good game plan. Before three months ago there was no Rob Black. They will be schooled and well versed.”

I told Black in order for the tide of battle to be turned a lawsuit would have to be filed by a “hoodwinked” female performer against John Stagliano.

“You don’t think that’s coming down the pipeline you sonofabitch!!” Black screamed.

“John Stagliano’s days are numbered, you sonfabitch!!! Like The Rock says can you smell class action lawsuit?”

I told Black if that happens, then the dominoes would start falling in the industry and Black will have created the new porn America that he envisions.

Black had stated moments before that all it takes is for one attorney who has knowledge of the entire porn game to walk down to City attorney Carmen Trutanich’s office and talk to the LAPD Vice Dept. and present them with a wealth of evidence- “Here it is, what are you going to do?”

“We’re going to everybody that will listen,” answered Black, noting that Vice would have no choice but to act on information that a porn agency running out of the Vivid building is also operating an escort service.

“He would say, as an attorney, we want Carmen Trutanich’s office and the LA Vice dept. to know that a porn talent agency operating out of the Vivid building is running an escort service.

“You tell me when a lawyer sits down with these people nobody’s going to act?” asks Black, surmising that an African American woman [Captain Ann E. Young] who now runs LA Vice would be more than willing to listen and start investigating every single porn “model house” in existence.

Earlier in our conversation we talked about the Mr. Marcus timeline and I’m still of the opinion Marcus caught syphilis from a stripper and that’s what got the whole ball rolling. Black’s of the opinion that Marcus is doing every thing he has to do to re-emerge in the porn industry but for one big “If.”

“Marcus hasn’t told the full story of the cover up,” said Black.

My opinion is that Marcus himself doesn’t know the full story because with each successive interview he gave, Marcus kept changing parts of the story. In other words you start telling lies then you tell other lies to cover up the first lie.

“And sometimes you forget the lie. If he was on the up and up the story would be consistent all the way through,” I said.

“There’s an element of forgiveness when somebody does the ultimate and is going to prison,” continued Black.

“Granted that doesn’t mean one can come come back necessarily. Marcus never put up a fight on the civil case. He never put up a fight on the legal case. He quietly said fine I’m pleading guilty, I’m going to take the medicine and do everything I’m going to do.

“But what Marcus does know is that he went to the powers-that-be from Mark Spiegler to Chris Mann to Diane Duke and said, ‘you tell me what the fuck do I do.’ And they all told him fucked up stuff.

“So what we need to know, is, we need Marcus to say I went and talked to Mark Spiegler about the six Spiegler girls [that Marcus worked with during syphilisgate] and this is what he told me to do.

“‘I went and talked to Chris Mann. I don’t give a shit about all the past lies, but we he needs now is to say here’s the truth. This person told me that. This person told me this. I’m not smart. I’m fucking ignorant and this is what I did. I went to prison. Fuck you all, go after these guys.’”

Black suspects that Marcus will go back to his people telling them he’s toeing the line and where’s his payoff for keeping quiet.

“Here’s my thing,” says Black.

“If he doesn’t get the payoff, will he turn on everybody? More importantly, is, is he already getting the payoff because how else would he be living this entire time? Who is supporting Mr. Marcus right now?”

I suspect that question may never be answered.

Says Black, “Marcus is a pornographer and he’s basically been in this business all his life. He doesn’t know how to do anything else; he doesn’t know how to do anything but be a porn guy. With that being said, at some point he has to come back.

“As retarded as it sounds, the guy’s going to have to make a living at some point. And the only way to make that living is just to finally come out and say this, this and this. Trust me, it’s going to come out.

“Nobody’s going to let him make a living. Meaning Manwin and them if they’re paying him off they can only keep him in the shadows so long. Eventually it has to come out. To me I think Marcus was left out to hang, like go fuck yourself.

“The business could give two shits about people and what they do because people don’t give a fuck that Stagliano’s HIV and he performs with girls.

“They’re banking on the fact that none of the performers are going to care, it’s eventually all going to blow over and life will go on. They don’t believe that Marcus will put his foot down and start fucking saying all these people were involved in this mass conspiracy.

“I still believe they think Marcus is clinging on to hope that he’ll be welcomed back in the business and everyone will love him and he won’t have to fight to get back there. The powers-that-be are going ‘don’t worry, don’t worry.’

“I think when it sets in that he was fucked, that’s when he’s going to say, whoa- I went to people and they told me to do this; and it was this person, that person and this person.”


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