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Rob Black: I’d rather Have Gloria Allred Than a Soccer Mom

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Rob Black, master of conspiracy, believes there might still be a guardian angel in Sacramento looking out for the adult industry, but he has a strange way of presenting his facts.

This week the meeting on the condom bill AB 332 was postponed and Black believes a second chance is being afforded the business.

I don’t know what that chance might be considering the fact that AB 332, from what I’m being told, looks to be a lock to pass. It might not be this year. But Black made some very interesting points which should be passed on.

“I think we have somebody on the inside in Sacramento that’s looking out for us,” he stated.

“Why? Because these votes, and these issues, and these people are dragging their feet when they could destroy us. Every time we sit there and we step on our dicks, someone in Sacramento takes the dick out and says go try it again.”

Black talked about who was in attendance from the industry in Sacramento this week noting that it was Peter Acworth, Princess Donna and a woman attorney named Karen Tynan who specializes in Cal/OSHA defenses and employment/labor law.

Ironically, Tynan also handles sexual harassment cases, and the way Black talks about Acworth and Princess Donna, you’d think Tynan would be their attorney of record. Black also describes Tynan as “a soccer mom.”

Okay. A process is a process. It’s neither hastened nor slowed down. It has to go through its procedures, so I don’t think there was any cock blocking going on in Sacramento to benefit the industry. Black is of a different opinion.

“This Karen Tynan, a labor lawyer works with all the people in the business because they started getting hit with Cal/OSHA,” explained Black noting that TT Boy was pretty much run out of the state with nary any one from the industry lifting a finger.

“They [Cal/OSHA] ran TT out, and nobody in the business stood up for him. They said we’re going to get rid of TT and see if any of you will say anything. Nobody opened their mouths when they ran him out. The people in Sacramento saw that nobody in the business was going to say anything. What the fuck is wrong with them in the porn business, they’re asking?”

Black recounted the business history between Sharon Mitchell and Michael Weinstein.

“And they ran Sharon Mitchell out, but everybody’s fine because she’s a fake doctor and nobody gives a shit. So the person in Sacramento is saying how many tries should I give these guys? The guys in Sacramento are saying to the porn business are you going to create a Homeland Security? But nobody’s supporting the fabric of the business.”

Where Black was absolutely correct was his observation that, so far, the industry has been sending “freaks and a side show” to speak on its behalf in Sacramento.

“The terrorists of our business sent Diane Duke and all those freaks. They trotted out the freaks to get involved. The Free Speech Coalition, the Anwar Video Coalition was basically going to put us out of business, but this person in Sacramento made sure that Manwin and the terrorists did not destroy us.”

Black said, like learning that Manwin owned the YouPorn station on Sirius, he was punched in the face and kicked in the balls when he learned that Peter Acworth and Princess Donna were speaking on behalf of the business this week.

“That is who they sent on behalf of the adult business to tell the legislators not to vote on this bill. If that wasn’t YouPorn showing up on the Sirius dial. I don’t know what is.”

For the first time listeners, Black went over Acworth’s resume.

“This is a guy who owns a dungeon armory in San Francisco. A motherfucker who runs a criminal organization right under the nose of Nancy Pelosi.”

Black explained his references to a criminal organization, describing a police raid on the armory and the discovery of drugs and fire arms on the presence. Acworth got busted.

“He got arrested and charged,” said Black. “Firearms were being shot in this historic dungeon. In this day and age, when you have lunatics firing automatic weapons in theaters and schools, in a day and age when you have lunatics setting off bombs, you have Peter Acworth firing guns in what’s supposed to be a non-violent landmark.”

“This asshole, this English cunt, his sidekick is Princess Donna, a girl who basically takes a ‘fantasy’ where she punches girls in the face, cattle prods them until they bleed and are split open, chokes them until they pass out and can’t breathe, and she water tortures.

“I don’t know the amount of abuse and torture this girl inflicts on girls in the name of fantasy and BDSM, but this piece if human dog shit is going to say we are all very safe in this business.”

Black imagined that if Princess Donna were challenged by the California legislature on this behavior, she could point to compliance tapes which Kink shoots.

“Their code word is red – so when you guys are sitting there and speaking, I think the legislators have a chance to ask you what aspect of safeness is practiced where girls have to be given safe words, and five minutes later you stop the action, the girl is crying hysterically, but the compliance camera doesn’t show what’s going on.

“And they archive it, so a girl can’t say it’s rape. If girls who worked for Acworth said they were raped Kink would have to show these tapes to authorities. We had a guy Khan Tusion. I don’t think anybody in our business ever had to prove that people weren’t being raped on his set. I can’t fathom anything on this earth that would be worse for our business than Acworth, Princess Donna and Karen Tynan speaking for us.”

“We send a scumbag and a gangster who tortures women to speak on our behalf?”

Black again explained his theory about how the 1% of the business are driving the other 99% out of the business.

“Do you guys see you are all being set up and used as soldiers in the fight with guys who don’t give a shit who wins or loses? You have an organization that is a group of racketeers that profit by having two sides fight each other. You’re going to have an all-condom mandate and the new companies are going to be 86’ed out.”

“They have the money to shoot non-condom in foreign countries. But you guys who make your little movies, don’t. The Free Speech Coalition sent Peter Acworth and Princess Donna, but the person in Sacramento put a halt on this, and said if we get this going today you’re done.

“If the committee talks to Tynan with the statements she’s made, you’re done. She’s a soccer mom. What is a soccer mom doing in the adult business?”

Black suspected that Jeffrey Douglas was able to get Tynan on the cheap.

“’She’s a labor specialist.’ What!!!!!!!!! You’re a soccer mom. I want Gloria Allred. I want a lady to be evil and vicious. I don’t want a soccer mom, and then have the soccer mom tell lies. Why? Because she’s gullible like a soccer mom who believes what she’s told.

“All these scoundrels she’s dealing with. Derek Hay is the one she has to deal with. Derek Hay who bullies 18 year old girls then tells the soccer mom nobody does prostitution.

“Jeffrey Douglas must have opened up a phone book and asked, ‘Where can I get the cheapest? Oh, she manages dirty towel heads at Taco Bell. She’s no Erin Brokovich. She’s some soccer mom.

“Now you’ve got the soccer mom attorney standing arm in arm with Princess Donna who’s an enhanced interrogator. In the Dick Chaney world, it’s an enhanced interrogation. A little water boarding that’s all it is.

“If we didn’t have friends in Sacramento who can put this on hold, we are doomed. We are done.”

Black said he got an email from an old porn star in the business asking him how he was going to fight Manwin and Vivid. ‘You didn’t have money. How are you going to fight the establishment? You are basically a bum. You don’t have a job at all. You don’t have a place to live. You eat what people throw away.’

“I said, no, I’m just going to be Rob Black.

“Here’s how you beat the machine,” said Black. “You use the resources you have and outside enemies. You use outside enemies to take down a regime. Those outside enemies help create a new regime. As long as you don’t gas too many of your own people that new regime will exist for many years.

“We will use enemy forces to destroy Manwin and set up a new regime. We will work hand in hand like the United States works with dangerous allies. We need to band together because we do have friends. Listen to words we say- together we can make a change, but it won’t happen over night.”


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