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Rob Black: John Stagliano Couldn’t Get It Up for Traci Lords

“I fucked the government, and I won,” Black declared on his Internet show Monday night.

“I beat them and it’s in the history books. I have a precedent. I have, I think, the only federal judge to rule that an obscenity statute is unconstitutional and he dismissed my case.

“It got appealed and the Third Circuit overturned it. Then we sent it up to the Supreme Court, and they refused to hear it. They sent the case back down and I got re-tried. I fucking had no money. I had no support and basically no juice left. I was the darling for those first couple of years. I have a documentary that’s coming out.

“By then, the case wasn’t exciting any more,” Black continued.

“Nobody gives a shit about a five year-old case. I finally went to jail eight years later because nobody gave a shit. While I was going to prison, people like Kink were making millions of dollars cattle prodding and fucking ‘raping bitches’. That’s what they were calling them, bitches.

“While I was in prison the business was doing what I did and made millions. I come out and go, wow, the business has changed. Russ Hampshire looked at me in 1996 and said you’re going to prison. ‘You want to push the fucking envelope, you want to be a ballsy motherfucker? You’re going to prison.’

“I went to prison. Cool. Here we are. How the fuck are you going to beat the government with such weak ass figureheads? How are you going to fight Michael Weinstein who’s hell bent on going after this business?

“How do you fight when you got a guy like John Stagliano and Type 9 Models who don’t even tell people John’s status. Type 9 is now jammed up for sending girls to unsafe practices.

“The state license says you can’t send a 12 year old actor where there’s going to be fire and shit, so all Weinstein and them are doing, is, when you send a girl to be cattle prodded or you’re sending a girl to have her hymen broke or you’re sending a girl to work for a company where there’s a police raid for cocaine activity or firearms activity [Kink]; when you’re sending a girl to a company where the guy that’s shooting it is HIV positive and he doesn’t the tell the people, how do you sit there and defend that?

“Weinstein is saying that agents send girls to unsafe places and then you have girls that go, here’s my story.”

Black said back in the day where there was so much work and the business was controlled, “these guys kept the business on a leash.”

“They made sure people didn’t get stupid or funny. And here we are in a situation where you have a guy like Weinstein and the AHF have noting but ammunition against us and money.

“That’s because the powers-that-be aren’t giving it [money]. In my day, if somebody was getting funny you’d have this owner or distributor call up a friend who knew this person and went hey, man, can you give this person work. People were very quiet. Anything that was shady in our business nobody reported it, except it was me. I was the only person where people said Rob Black farted today. Let’s go tell everybody that.

“Now you have this thing where girls and guys don’t say a fucking word because they won’t get work and they don’t want to lose the one or two jobs a month they’re getting. The only other option is an Eros ad or webcamming. Or they quit the business go to college and get an education.

“Everybody has choices, but do the choices have to be so fucking tough?” Black asks.

“So now you have an industry of girls or guys that will do whatever they have to do because they might not get that thousand-dollar job. Now when they go to a set with a herpes sore they say that’s a pimple from shaving. How many times you’ve heard that’s a pimple? It’s herpes and you’re working with an outbreak you irresponsible asshole.”

Black said Tom Byron has videos to prove where male performers are working with outbreaks.

“When a 20 year-old girl is working with a ten year veteran, what’s she going to say?” asks Black.

“She’s been programmed not to say anything because people like Lisa Ann are told to shut the fuck up. That’s what happens.”

Black was curious why during the condom debate there isn’t a woman leader speaking out.

“Why are all we hearing from is Steve Hirsch and Diane Duke. When’s the last time Diane Duke had a penis in her ass? Huh?

“When has Diane Duke put her fucking body on the line? When has Joanne Capistrano done a fucking anal creampie? Tell me. How is it that Steve Hirsch, Diane Duke and Joanne Capistrano, that’s it. Diane Duke and Joanne Capistrano are going to be your leaders and all they are are corporate pushers who make more money than you. They make six-figures telling the people about you, and you make $20,000 a year.”

Black is also quick to point out that he’s the furthest from a role model.

“I’m the scumbag. I’m the bad man. You only copy, steal and take my ideas and then claim them for your own.”

Black admitted that he’d bounce checks make a girl or guy wait an extra week or two to get paid.

“But Jonni Darko can make somebody wait six weeks to get a thousand dollar paycheck.”

“It was to a point where we had to call Chris Mann. Tom Byron had to call Chris Mann and say, hey, Chris, there’s a girl we’re friends with that hasn’t been paid by Jonni Darko for six weeks. They asked for the check and they get, ‘oh we sent it to the wrong place.’

“Here’s the best part. The girl goes ‘I just watched the trailer for the movie I did with Jonni Darko [pictured] and I haven’t got paid.’

“You know what that means, guys? Jonni had to hand in his movie before Mr. Stagliano would give him money so he could pay his talent. So he [Darko] made his talent wait. He gave them a float. So instead of bouncing a check because he was fighting the government he bounced the check because he wants to party and they gave him the money. Is this a lie? No, it’s fact. Chris Mann had to be called not once but twice.

“Chris Mann of Evil Angel the richest company in the world, did you not have to be called not once but twice to have one of your directors pay talent?”

Black remembers when he got started that Evil Angel was a company of “old guys” like John Leslie, Alex deRenzy, Greg Dark, Joey Silvera, Randy West and Bruce Seven.

“They were the old guys, and we were the young guys. They were doing the edgy stuff and John Stagliano was calling me a misogynist. He said, ‘You hate women. No one wants to watch this Extreme stuff.’

“Let’s just look at butts. Awesome. Let’s take the business that was shot on film and now let’s take a failed porn actor who couldn’t get his dick hard to fuck Traci Lords and Tom Byron had to stunt cock for you.

“Let’s take a guy who was shunned from every job in the business and singlehandely re-invented and destroyed the business. John Stagliano proved that any asshole with a camcorder can be a billionaire. You re-invented porn, thank you. You showed us how awesome it is and how responsible it is for a guy to become Buttman and reinvent porn.”


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