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Rob Black: LA Weekly, You Lie and You Suck; Sharan Street ,You’re Incompetent

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Rob Black, aka Robbie Radio, Thursday afternoon pretty much destroyed whatever free subscription base LA Weekly might still have.

Black said the publication was incompetent, so Diane Duke didn’t have to fear about any negative articles coming from them in the future.

Black said, judging by past articles he seriously believed that writer Dennis Romero was getting blowjobs from Spiegler girls for all the puff pieces he was writing about the agency and the business. Black also revealed that Sharan Street [pictured] who runs AVN used to work for LA Weekly and AVN reflects the same level of incompetence.

“Sharan Street has no idea about the porn business, but she was brought in to run AVN. She goes Peter Warren and Steve Javors are my people who know the business. Oh I forget, Sharan, you already know how to work with incompetent assholes.”

“Dennis Romero you are a retard. You work for a free paper and it doesn’t pay you enough to get re-educated and do real journalism. If they have a reporter who can’t do fact checks on porn stories then how can they do an investigative story on Lee Baca? LA Weekly is the biggest piece of shit in the world.”

What got Black riled was reporter Jennifer Swann’s article on Jessie Andrews. Black said it was riddled with inaccuracies and obvious contradictions if you know anything about Andrews’ career and her history in the business.

“It’s beyond funny that it’s such lies,” says Black.

“Jennifer Swann is a reporter who doesn’t do any fact checking. Dennis Romero must be getting blowjobs, but I can’t believe that Jenn Swann is a lesbian who gets her pussy licked by Jessie Andrews.”

Black apparently checked Swann’s twitter following, noting that according to the Seymore Butts rule, Swann was irrelevant.

After reading Swann’s piece about cool Angelinos, Black would bet he’s far more fascinating than anyone on Swann’s list. Black also pointed out that Andrews doesn’t even qualify as an Angelino.

“She’s from Miami, you retard. This shows you why LA Weekly is the biggest piece of shit newspaper ever on the planet, that the woman who ran the place [Street] now works for AVN and she has people working for her who don’t know the business. It’s an awesome mix.”

Black awarded Swann Retard of the Day.

“I didn’t know Jessie Andrews was a brand,” Black mused. “Whew!!!!”

Black said he’s got a friend at LA Weekly who’s a porn mark and even he was laughing at Swann’s obsequious, embarrassing error-driven article. Black then basically tore the article apart line by line with blushing exuberance and false gusto to show that Swann didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Jessie Andrews has a music business, really? My cousin Matt Zane has a music business. Ask him how that’s going? He’s actually sold records. Jessie Andrews, where is your music business?”

“Black said AVN ignored the article probably for good reason.

“LA Weekly you not only have piece of shit reporters, you have a piece of shit website. Jessie Andrews was played up like the Alec Baldwin [the movie, Glengarry Glen Ross] of salesgirls. You are a closer, you are scary talent. But Jennifer Swann, Carl Bernstein you are not.”

Black wondered if Dov Charney, the owner of American Apparel who’s mentioned in the article, would agree that Andrews had superstar status at the age of 18. “Then she was recruited by ‘elite porn agent Mark Spiegler.’” Black read that line sarcastically.

“She’s [Andrews] actually allergic to alcohol, oooooooooooooooh, we heard that before! So if I take a small amount of Budweiser and put it to your lips, you’ll have toxic shock and die? This is enough to show you the bubble of industry bullshit. When you live in this bubble, and Mark Spiegler is your agent, you wonder why there’s legislation for the business.

“This 17 year-old girl [Andrews in the article] I presume was so wholesome and came from an amazing family and had all these super skills where she could have been an executive at American Apparel.

“She went from clerk to Alec Baldwin to Gisele Bundchen without any college education. That girl was that talented at 17 that the minute she turned 18, she was recruited by elite porn agent Mark Spiegler. How does that happen?

“This girl wasn’t with Mark Spiegler when I shot her for Taxi Driver. She wasn’t with Mark Spiegler then, and she wasn’t 18. Jennifer Swann, your complete story is a lie; you would be fired from a real newspaper, put on a black list and never paid a day in your life.

“You are a loser. Whoever did this story on Lee Baca is discredited because you guys do stories that are complete lies. The sheriff’s dept. what you need to do is intervene, that Rob Black exposes corruption at LA Weekly. When they lie about a porn star, they’re lying about a sheriff who’s running for office.”

Black attempted to break down the story some more.

“Jessie Andrews turns 18, and while she’s the model for American Apparel I guess she gets a call from Mark Speigler. ‘I work out of my car and I have an Iranian partner. It sounds like you’re going to be a big star in the Hollywood business of modeling, but I’m going to make you rich and famous by doing a sadomasochism movie.’

Black imagines Andrews reacting to that offer by saying, ‘Oh, my God, Dov Charney plucked me out of obscurity, fuck that guy. I’m going to leave behind a promising career to suck cock. I’ll do Portrait of a Call Girl and fuck six people in a blow bang. Now I’m 21, and I’ve got a clothing line because Mark Spiegler said porn isn’t going to last forever.’

“Jessie Andrews in the span of four years is talking about a career. She has to plan for it ending, but she left this successful career where over the next four years she’d be the next Gisele Bundchen by all accounts of this article. I know Jessie Andrews. She was 19 when she worked for me. She was hanging around with Dan O’Reilly who brought her to Spiegler.

“Jennifer Swann, Jessie Andrews got put on the map because I was looking for a young girl to play the Jodie Foster character in Taxi Driver.”

Black said a lot of girls including Andy San Dimas shit on the movie when they could have been in it. Black said he wanted Lexi Belle for the part. He already had Lily Labeau tabbed for the Cybill Shepherd part. Black said all he was getting for the role were girls who “looked like Jews or wops.”

“Dan O’Reilly a great script writer, mentioned Jessie Andrews. Alright can you have her come in and read? I think she read one line. I said fine. We needed to get the money to do the movie and Carlos over there wanted the investor to interact and be the co-director.

“Let them do everything,” I thought, “and we’ll get high in the backyard. I was being a whore collecting the money.”

Black said he didn’t want to give Andrews the part, so he made other calls and got to the point where he’d suck Derek’s cock, but decided he wouldn’t break down to get Lexi Belle.

“Would Lexi Belle realize she was popular enough and wouldn’t need a pimp? Finally I said, yeah to Jessie Anhdrews. Dan O’Reilly was a collaborator who knew if that’s what I wanted he wouldn’t fight me on it.

“So Jessie Andrews got her job from a great guy named Dan O’Reilly. He was a good kid and funny as fuck. I like Dan. He’s a good guy. So Jessie Andrews has no career thanks to Spiegler. But I guess Jessie Andrews actually believes what she said in that article.

“She was a clerk at American Apparel. Spiegler had no idea who you were. You either are a liar, Jessie Andrews, or the reporter is a liar. Otherwise, good career move and your parents are saying we’re proud of you.

“Jennifer Swann, I’m done with this. You are the worst magazine. You lie about congressmen. You are an embarrassment to Los Angeles. You have incompetent losers who can’t do articles on porn stars.

“The girl, Jessie Andrews, is beautiful. That’s a fact. But I could give you 25 girls who did the same thing, and are bigger than her. If she’s fascinating, what is Jessica Drake?

“LA Weekly, man, you lie about police officers. God knows what else you’re lying about.”


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