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Rob Black : Lisa Ann Was Trying To Help Alex Gonz Out

Let me give you guys a scenario.

You get a call and the call’s from a woman named Lisa Ann, who you’re set to work with and she says, “Hi , how are you? I want to see your test.” So you give her the test and she says, “No I want to see your other test.” And you go, well I’ll have to get back to you. Then you hang up the phone and flee America. Because Lisa Ann is saying she wants to see your hep C test.

So Alex Gonz goes on the lam. He leaves California, San Fernando, who knows where the fuck he goes? He goes into hiding.

He claims he went to go see doctors and specialists. And now, with the information that he has, he comes back to the industry to clear his name.

But he’s not working. He’s not doing anything except saying he has hepatitis C, PASS let him work and Derek Hay is free and clear of all wrongdoing.

So that’s the story. Here’s my question and a little scenario for you. Now wouldn’t you have done this if you were Alex Gonz and were accused by Lisa Ann?

Lisa Ann calls, “Hey Alex, I need to see your hep C test. Alex says, “I don’t have it. Just my other test.”
Lisa says, “Are you gonna get a hep C test so we can work together?” Alex: “Sure I’ll go get it tomorrow, I’d love for you to suck me off and feel your awesome boobs.”

Now that’s someone who doesn’t have hep C. They don’t have the test because they were just…lazy.

Now we know that didn’t happen. Are you ready for this?

Lisa: “Hey do you have hep C?” Alex: “No.” And he hangs up the phone.

Now I know I don’t have hep C. Because three years ago Bobbi at AIM said I had it, then I didn’t have it and it was gone from my body. This is fucked up. I’m gonna go to the doctor tomorrow.

So he goes to the doctor, “Hey how you doing? I’m going through some serious drama right now.” Doctor: “What’s your drama?” Alex: “This dirty twat in the business is saying I have hep C. You see three years ago, I was told by the doctors at this talent testing place that I have hep C.” Doc: Who’s the doctor?” Alex: “Well, she’s not really a doctor, she’s a phlebotomist named Bobbi. She said I had hep C, but it wasn’t really hep C, and I was chill and good to go. Now this girl is saying I got it, so I want to come in here, take the test, so I can run back with the results and shove it up all their asses, because they’re trying to ruin my name, they’re ruining my money, ruining my business.” Doc: “No problem, sir. Let’s get you tested.”

Day one. Day two.

Doc: “Hey Mr Gonz, we want to take some more tests just to make sure.” Alex: “No problem.”

Day four. Day five.

Doc: “We’re gonna run some more tests with the most advanced and sensitive means available” Alex: “No problem, doc. I want to be 100% sure that I’m free and clear. People are accusing me of a crime and I want to be sure beyond all doubt that I’m clean. If the glove don’t fit, baby, you must acquit.”

Day six. Seven. Eight.

Doc: “Hey Alex. Whoever diagnosed you with hepatitis C in 2010, well, they were wrong. You have no hepatitis. Here’s your stack of paperwork. You’re as clean as a baby who just came out of his mom’s womb.

Alex: “Really? Well, thanks doc!”

Now he’s back. “Ladies and gentlemen! My name’s Alex Gonz. I’d like to have a press conference with everybody.”

“I was accused of having hepatitis C by Lisa Ann the dirty twat. I was told three years ago that I might have something like hep C, but not really. But everyone on Twitter and so forth accused me of things and ruined my reputation and my life.”

“So here is my medical paperwork. This paperwork is from a team of board certified doctors and it says that I have never had hepatitis C. I do not have hepatitis C. It was misdiagnosed as you all can see. I’m completely safe, completely clean, and all the people who accused me, who put my name as available, then unavailable…”

“This paperwork proves that I’m negative, I’ve always been negative and now I’m going to sue every single one of you for trying to ruin my life. I’m gonna sue Lisa Ann. I’m gonna sue PASS. I’m gonna sue Free Speech Coalition. I gonna sue very one of you, and it only took me eight days to prove to all of you that I do not, and have never had hepatitis C.”

“Fuck all of you and I’ll see you in court.”

That scenarios ends. We didn’t see that, did we?

If somebody said to you that you have a life threatening, deadly disease, and you were trying to hide it and spread it to the business, would you not have done the exact thing I just described. And it only would’ve taken you eight days.

If Lisa Ann accused me of having something I didn’t have, I would’ve done the exact thing I just described and brought back the proof and she would’ve said I’m so sorry for trying to ruin your life let me suck you off to show you how sorry I am. Please forgive me.”

But Lisa Ann didn’t do that.

Alex Gonz didn’t do that.

What you got, from somebody who claimed to be clear to work, was a guy who fled. Not for eight days. But for two months.

Alex Gonz disappeared for sixty days. Only to reappear with Derek Hay. He says he was cleared to work, he has hepatitis C, but it’s not infectious.

He has hepatitis C. He’s infectious. If he bleeds on you, you will get hepatitis C.

He vanishes for two months. He tells everybody he didn’t do anything wrong. The paperwork that he has doesn’t clear him. So he’s not gonna work. See everybody later and Derek Hay is a great guy.

That’s what you got ladies and gentlemen. That’s what you got from a supposedly innocent man. Not the first scenario that every single innocent person in the world would’ve been doing.

Instead you got a story of sugar coated bullshit, that’s supposed to make everyone feel better.

Let me tell you guys something that people don’t like to hear. But Mr. Marcus and Alex Gonz are the same. But you know what’s funny? Mr. Marcus is safer right now than Alex Gonz. Technically Marcus is cured. And technically Marcus was cured when he worked. Not when he spread it, but after he was diagnosed and treated.

Remember guys, the whole Mr. Marcus thing was I had syphilis, we weren’t testing regularly for syphilis, so I circumvented the process and hid my positive, yet non-contagious results.

What’s the difference between that and having two sets of results and then just not showing the positive and potentially contagious results?

Ladies and gentlemen, how is everybody so shocked that Lisa Ann that would say to flunky retard Alex Gonz, before he got these delusions of grandeur that he would do better for himself going the route of Derek Hay, that Lisa would say, “Gonz honey, you’re a nice kid. This will not be that bad for you if you tell me about Derek Hay’s involvement.” Instead of hiding for two months and going through what he’s going through now.

Lisa Ann said, “Why don’t you just come clean and say this is what I’ve been doing and these are the people who have known. Then Alex, you won’t be seen as a piece of shit accomplice, you’ll be seen as a truly innocent pawn in this game that was perpetrated by these individuals.”

How is that so hard for you to understand? Or is Lisa Ann just that much smarter than you guys?

For Lisa Ann to say to Alex Gonz, “Alex, I know you’re a piece of shit, but I know you’re not a piece of shit by yourself motherfucker. And for you to go down in flames by yourself ain’t worth it when you’re protecting Derek and all the other people.”

“If you want go it alone and go down in flames by yourself, be my guest, but I, Lisa Ann, am trying to help you and we can work this out together. But you will not perpetrate these lies. Because you will lose.”

This business is amazing. You out someone for doing wrong and people get mad at you. Lisa Ann said, “Hey asshole! You’re fucked! Do you wanna stay fucked or do you wanna redeem yourself fuckhead?”

How is it wrong for Lisa Ann to say, “Hey asshole! I will help you not get fucked that bad if you cooperate. But if you wanna tow the company line, I promise you’re gonna get crucified.”

How is that wrong guys? What Lisa Ann did was very nice.

She said to Alex you have hep C. He says uh uh uh… She says tell me who’s involved. Let me know Derek’s involved and I’ll let you out of this motherfucker. What’s up? Tell me the truth, bitch!

We’re supposed to feel bad for Alex Gonz because Lisa Ann did the right thing by informing everybody that Alex Gonz has hepatitis C and he circumvents the testing?

We’re supposed to believe that this is all made up shit because Lisa Ann has an axe to grind with Derek Hay?

Lisa Ann tried to do the right thing for everybody. But what did Lisa Ann get?

Once again, a slap in the face.

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