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Rob Black: Mr. Marcus Proved the Industry Lies; “Steve Hirsch Needs to Bail Out of the Condom Debate”

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As we were saying…Rob Black took no prisoners as his Monday Internet broadcast covered the spectrum of corruption and hypocrisy in the adult business.

Black talked about how Mr. Marcus was no different than Darren James and Marc Wallice with potential threats that he posed to the health and well-being of the industry.

Black also addressed how some porn bloggers got on his case when he was being prosecuted by the Feds.

“Bloggers like Mike South would say [sarcastically], ‘Great. That’s the person WE want defending our business.’

“Why, because I swore? asked Black.

“I recall when I got busted, and I did the TV rounds- not the second time after the Supreme Court overturned my case because it went all the way up to them – when I did Nightline and Ted Koppel and Jake Tapper who is the darling of CNN, he was in my home.

“I have the show. I’ll play the show. Nobody shit on me. People loved me on the show. Ted Koppel defended me. I was the poster boy. I was the wild, crazy guy. I was the showman. I was the guy they said it was fake, it was an act. It wasn’t real.

“But what’s the voice now? Peter Acworth and Kink? That’s the voice now?”

“Steven Hirsch- that’s your voice, guys,” Black continued.

“Michael Weinstein and the condom police go, ‘really, this is your spokesman?’

“Then how about your other spokesmen, your de facto boss John Stagliano and Trisha Devereaux?” Black also asked.

“Trisha Devereaux contracted HIV from Marc Wallice faking tests. Where are Stagliano and Trisha Devereaux? You would think somebody who contracted HIV from somebody who would fake a test would stand up and say, ‘Twelve years later, this is still going on. My life has changed forever because somebody faked their tests.’

“The fact is twelve years later we’re not even having a debate about real safety in our business. The people you have debating live in glass houses with shutters all over it. How the fuck do you put those people out in the public? They’re going to tell you we should not have to wear condoms because we’re all safe with each other. Really?

“Marc Wallice is a 20-something year veteran. He used to date Marcie Hirsch. Marc Wallice worked for them, was their editor and used to fuck Marcie Hirsch. Fact. He got fired because he told- like the boys- he told Howard Levine, and Howard Levine told people at Vivid. Marcie, was like, dude, why would you tell people? And Marc Wallice got fired. Marc Wallice who had a relationship with Marcie Hirsch faked his tests and gave people HIV.

“But we all know each other, right guys? Now you have a guy named Mr. Marcus who everybody loved. You’d have a girl that didn’t do interracial, but companies would go, yeah, but we’re going to put you with Mr. Marcus; he’s really not black. He’s non-black. He’s Mr. Awesome. He’s the guy that Vivid did something like the world’s luckiest black man gangbang.

“He worked for Extreme Associates. Me and Mr. Marcus never had heat. Marcus worked for me at Extreme Associates many, many, many times. Jessica Darlin’s husband Luis Cypher and a guy named Derek Newcombe- they’re all good friends. Marcus probably worked for us 30 times, 40 times. I put money in Marcus’ pocket. But somebody like that who we all loved and trusted, maybe we didn’t love but respected his work. I respected the fact that he came up and made his way as a black performer and worked with hot girls and broke those barriers. That was Marcus.

“What did he do? He faked a test and performed with people in the business. The test-thing? Mr. Marcus should have known better. That’s the point. The point is, Steven Hirsch, if you’re going to sit there and try to put us out of business 12 years ago [Black on his show detailed systematically how Hirsch tried putting competitors like Extreme Associates out of business] and talk about a condom debate; and here we are 12 years later and you’re thing is the business is safer now and more responsible.

“Mr. Marcus proved that’s a fucking lie. And what you need to do, Steven, is bail out of this debate, play with your fucking jet plane, go play with Axel Braun and his fucking Bentleys and get the fuck out of this debate. You want to spend some money? Do what you do best. Open your check book, shut your fucking mouth and flip the bill for the lawyers. Because you, my friend, have no business thinking about this when 12 years ago you were completely a flip-flopping cocksucker. So flip for the bill, shut the fuck up and let some other people actually get in this conversation.”

Performers, said Black need to start wising up.

“They need to start thinking what the fuck they’re doing. You know business is shit. That is the reality and the real condom debate.”


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