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Rob Black Offers Proof That Manwin Pulls The Strings At AVN

Things are really shaking in Porn Valley.

No they’re not. We had an earthquake this morning and I wanted to make a joke. Actually, it’s kinda dead and boring. We need something to shake it up. Not really feeling the porn vibe today. Porn is so undignified. Porn is just silly.

Whenever you talk about something pertinent or interesting or bring up any questions nothing gets debated because the people running the media channels either have their own agenda or are just incompetent and stupid.

Look at AVN. Nobody wants to reference AVN as being owned by Manwin. AVN is 100% controlled by Manwin. People try to treat AVN as its own entity, as if it’s an independent body. It’s not. It’s owned by Manwin. Plain and simple. We’ve talked about Manwin backing a substantial part of Wicked Pictures. This is something that is not discussed. Instead, people talk about useless shit and assume that anything AVN discusses will be pertinent. Why? They’re owned by Manwin.

We cited first hand proof of this in an article we ran a couple of months ago where we discussed a meeting former AVN Senior Editor Gene Ross had with Theo Sapoutzis at a BBQ that was attended by several people from Manwin as well as Raul Cristian, who was introduced as one of the owners of AVN. Here is the story:

You want more proof? I found out some information that I wasn’t aware of regarding the AVN Best New Starlet winner Mia Malkova. When Malkova won the award, we ran an article asking basically who the fuck was Mia Malkova, she didn’t seem to be a front runner. There were several other girls who were being touted as strong candidates for the award and it was a shock that a relatively unknown girl had won it. Here is that article:

Back in 2012, Mia Malkova was the December Twisty’s Treat of the Month. Twisty’s is now owned by Manwin. Then she was voted Treat of the Year in 2013 by Twisty’s exclusive members. Then Mia Malkova wins AVN Best New Starlet. A Twisty’s girl, who no one had heard of, won a coveted award at AVN because both AVN and Twisty’s are owned by Manwin. All the girls who went to Vegas thinking that they had a shot at the Best New Starlet award walked into a rigged game from the start. They never had a chance. Mia Malkova had that award locked down from day one because the bosses at Manwin said that was the way it was gonna be.

I understand why no one wants to admit this. I know why people are reluctant to believe that Manwin owns and controls AVN. Because it throws all of your hopes and dreams out the window. People bitch about piracy and tube sites and how Manwin sucks. Those are easy to bitch about because it’s something that a lot of people don’t deal with directly. Manwin’s kind of a phantom entity, run overseas by an unknown and unseen Dr. Evil on an uncharted island somewhere.

But everybody deals or has dealt with AVN. Everybody goes to the conventions and the awards shows, reads the magazines and goes to the website. All of the talent out there lives to win one of their awards. Winning an AVN award seems to validate their existence in porn. If you guys had to admit that Manwin owns AVN, then the next logical step would be to boycott AVN. But no one wants to boycott AVN because that dashes all their dreams and hopes. It’s funny when people handle AVN with kid gloves when Manwin is owned by AVN and they say who wins or doesn’t.

Here’s some more evidence of a Manwin/Wicked/AVN connection. Riley Steele’s gonzo movie that she did with Axel Braun is the #1 movie on the AVN sales chart as of Friday. Riley Goes Gonzo came out in January. Two months later it’s number one? Really? C’mon man, Two months later, out of the fucking blue, it’s number one. In Hollywood, if a movie doesn’t have a strong opening weekend, it’s not in the theaters two months later.

Everything in our business is run so half assed backwards. A gonzo movie that’s been out for two months suddenly shoots up to the top of the sales charts. The movie probably did shitty in sales on its initial release. So they put out a press release that says it’s the number one movie and people should buy it. But it’s an asinine concept because the movie’s been out for two months already.

How can a gonzo movie featuring one girl do more in sales than say Performers of the Year by Elegant Angel which features an all star cast? Why? Because AVN and Wicked are owned by the same entity. Manwin.

You do realize that when you bitch about Manwin but continue to support and do business with AVN you look incredibly stupid? When you do business with AVN, you are doing business with Manwin. You bitch about Manwin but you don’t bitch about AVN, because if you do, your life is meaningless. Without the hope of winning that stupid little trophy in January at the Vegas show there is no reason to go on. If you shit on Manwin, AVN will not give you an award. But AVN will not give you an award anyway unless Manwin says so. So why do you do business with AVN and go to their conventions?

Everybody’s hypocritical and a lying piece of shit. That’s the business. It’s pretty simple. It is what it is. I’d love to see the big tough talkers go after AVN, but they never will. To boycott AVN is to dash all the young talents’ hopes and dreams.

You’re all bitch ass punks who still deal with AVN even though they’re owned by Manwin. Enjoy it while it lasts. I told you that AVN would be gone soon and mark my words, they will be. The people running it have no compunction whatsoever about pulling the plug whenever it suits their fancy. AVN is Terry Shiavo, a drooling, brain dead, useless lump of meat that needs to be put out of its misery.

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