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Rob Black: Patrick Collins Jizzed in a Bag and Had an Employee Deliver it to John Stagliano

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With a pause for an hour and a half of personal bio and recollections, the last half hour of Rob Black’s expanded Internet show Monday was devoted to Patrick Collins and Elegant Angel.

“This is going to be an intervention because I want to help Patrick and I want to save Patrick,” said Black.

“Patrick despises me so much, even though I got punished by the karma guy. When we left Elegant Angel, we never stole a dime. We all went back and forth in the press and motherfucked each other to where Patrick hired Toby Biner to be his spin doctor on the boards.

“It was no different than Patrick leaving John Stagliano and opening Elegant Angel across the street. What he did was worse. Patrick was the salesman at Evil Angel.

“When we left Patrick, we sat in his kitchen with pen and paper, and he told us we’d never make it. It’s not like he was on drugs and we blindsided him. It was no different when Patrick left Stagliano and jizzed in a bag which he had an employee give Stagliano- a bagful of jizz.

“Patrick was maliciously an asshole to John. How did Patrick get so butthurt that we left to form our own revolution of Extreme?

“We built Elegant Angel. Pat got Greg Alves then got rid of Ken Delucia and hired me. We all helped create Elegant Angel what it is today. When Pat left John, he had a handful of titles and basically in a span of six weeks I put out movie, Tom Byron put out movies. Patrick basically went from having 16 titles to putting out 8 movies a month.

“We won every award that year. We’re getting Mercedes Benzes and Porsches as presents.

“We’d get editors choices and won awards. We created something. So we left the company, and we talked shit, Pat talked shit. That was it, and it was over. Pat saw us getting rich. At a big party at Keith Gordon’s, Pat and I had a talk out. I thought we were cool. From that point, he’s despised and hated me.”

Black recalled how at an XBiz awards, Collins was loaded out of his mind.

“I go Pat, hey man. And he goes, ‘My God, what fucking hole in the ground did you crawl out of?’

“That’s been my history with Patrick Collins. Here’s the funny thing. I kept dibs on Pat throughout the years.”

Black said he had an inside man- Carlos- who kept him informed of what was going on at Elegant Angel.

“I’d ask how Pat was doing. Not one person could say I talked shit about Patrick. When I moved out to California, Patrick was my dad. I didn’t talk to my parents until I became famous. I even called Patrick my father. I had that relationship with him. I was the guy who kept Greg Alves in line. I was young but made sure people wouldn’t rob from him.

“Patrick Collins’ only fault is that he gave Dion Giarrusso the GM job and not me. My point is that Patrick fucked me making me believe if I stayed I would have got that job. I couldn’t handle a guy [Dion] knowing nothing about this business being my boss.

“I never worked for anybody who was better to me than Patrick,” Black concedes.

“Patrick made me a man. I never had a checkbook before. I never had a car before. Patrick gave me his Mercedes. Patrick brought in all the press people and said I made Greg Dark look like shit. I never had a problem with Pat except he gave Dion my job. To this day, Patrick despises me.

“Business is business, but I have no idea why this man harbors this.”

About a year ago Black asked Graham Travis if he would talk to Patrick, and if Black could use some of his old Elegant Angel footage for documentaries.

“I’m making this comeback, and would love to have some of my old 15 year-old footage. I said I will Pat tons of plugs. If I make money, I’ll give Pat money. Anything. I never heard nothing back. Then Graham told me Pat said go fuck yourself. That sucks.

“Life goes on. Then I’d hear shit going down – Graham’s having problems with female talent and hallucinating. Now I’m wondering if Graham ever talked to Pat about this footage. I sit down and wrote an email to Patrick. It was real late at night, and I was medicated too much.

“I went into a motherfuck email about how Pat would not let me use my footage. I got real emotional. Suffice to say, I wrote this email, you’re an asshole, blah, blah. I go in the email I’ll shoot movies, whatever you want. It went into an 8-page thing where I brought up times with Pat when we went to Cabo San Lucas and did funny things on an airplane they could put us in prison for.

“I never heard back, except Graham’s left and looking for work. Good luck, Graham. You got lucky. You were fucking Mason and you bamboozled Patrick to be a GM. You couldn’t direct a movie if your life depended on it.

“Graham leaves because he’s hallucinating. William H. is secretly negotiating with Jules Jordan. Mason and Graham were husband and wife. Basically, Pat’s entire staff is leaving him and Pat is doing some spiritual thing. Graham was the mediator during Pat’s divorce.

“This cocksucker Graham probably didn’t tell Pat nothing. I call Pat’s office. They tell me he’s in editing. We call Carlos and Carlos says he really is in editing. One of the flunkies tells me to call back Monday. I jump in my car, and Patrick’s sitting outside with Carlos playing music.

“What a fucking whore you are,” Collins tells Black.

“Patrick goes, ‘Even if I was in the movie making business, you’d be barking up the wrong tree.’

“I’m trying to get a hold of this guy for a year. The go between just took your entire staff and you’re calling me a whore?”


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