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Rob Black: Regarding the Farrah Abraham SexTape Steve Hirsch is a Lowlife Piece of Shit

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Rob Black on his Internet show Wednesday said the state is regulating condoms in the porn industry because porn basically is producing a lot of dumb people to speak on its behalf.

“Am I a dummy or is Joanne Capistrano and Diane Duke and Jeffrey Douglas and Mark Kernes of Free Speech going out and talking stupid? Guys, I’m from old school book stores. We used to get visited by the health department.

“I’m going to say something so outlandish. This is a war. Like it or not, the homosexual crowd is being pushed down from the heterosexual crowd on gay rights and gay marriage. I know I’m saying stuff that’s pretty controversial, but in the homosexual community I don’t think they like the heterosexual community.

“That’s what you’re dealing with, guys. In the bookstores back in our day you’d get these regulators like the AIDS Healthcare Foundation that were very health conscious. They’re very protective.”

Black suggested their regulatory efforts were a get back for raids on health clubs and bath houses and an effort to bust balls in the hetero community.

“That’s what they’re going for,” opined Black.

“The AHF started with Sharon Mitchell and just kept going with easy shit. It wasn’t that hard to do because we’re not all that safe.”

“It’s real easy, guys, to lose this battle because we have no defense,” Black continued.

“We’re fighting people at the state level. They’re fighting a porn industry. Can we lose?”

Answering yes to his own question, Black noted that APHSS is cutting talent subsidies and there’s a need to fund raise more.

“I don’t understand. Fund raise more?”

“Our business is full of Republicans, but they’re self-loathing and they hate porn, so that’s why they’re pornographers. But they hate our business and their freedoms.”

“If we don’t self-regulate ourselves, the government’s going to do it,” Black cautioned.

“You’ve never had the Federal government come after you. You don’t know what that’s like. It’s awesome to watch them work. Ask Tommy Chong what it’s like.”

Black was put in prison by Mary Beth Buchanan, the same woman who prosecuted Chong.

“Can we establish that we have a lot of people in this business saying a lot of dumb things?” asked Black getting back to his original point.

Black suspected that dental dams and hazmat suits are government bargaining chips.

“It’s called negotiation,” he said.

“Stupid motherfuckers keep trying to wrap condoms around Free Speech. It’s a health issue you dumb motherfuckers. I don’t think you’re going to get a federal judge to say health trumps the First Amendment.

“The thing is they’re not saying you can’t do vomit movies or rape movies like Kink. The city didn’t say you can’t choke a girl. I don’t think the city said you can’t send a girl over the state line and break the Mann Act.

“The city didn’t say you can’t do anything to protect your artistic freedoms. Artistic freedom is what got me, Max Hardcore and John Stagliano brought up on obscenity charges.”

Black compared “artistic freedom” as defined by porn as cumming in a girl’s asshole then scooping it out with a spoon and feeding it to her.

“Ira Isaacs is going to prison for making poo-poo tapes and animal sex.”

“As liberal as California is, Ira Isaacs peers said that fucking a dog is kinda over the line.”

Black said people on the outside generally look at porn and child porn interchangeably.

“People who talk about child porn look at our business where girls just over 18 are getting choked out and are having the shit beat out of them. People are going that we’re all child fuckers.”

Black’s also of the belief none of the Steve Hirsches or Bill Margolds protect women like they claim. Black used the Farrah Abraham sex tape to illustrate.

“Everybody knows that Hirsch and James Deen and others set it up. James Deen shot it in the studio. How old is this girl? Here’s the sick part.

“Tell me if this isn’t weird, twisted child pornography. The only reason why Hirsch wants this tape is because people fantasized about her when she was 16. The plot has been for her to turn 18. It’s a real class act.

“Steve Hirsch is a real class act. Those are our leaders – a guy who looked at this 16 year old girl- basically you sat there looking at this girl grow up on MTV saying to yourself when she turns 18 I’m going to manipulate, orchestrate and pay to have a sex tape with that girl so I can sell it.”

“TMZ, Harvey the guy was a fucking lawyer and now he’s assaulting girls with bullshit. Black’s of the opinion that TMZ is acting in concert with Hirsch to promote this young girl.

“Maybe Hirsch is someone we need to get help for. Steve Hirsch you’re a fucking sick bastard. This teen mom was sitting there on TV exploiting her body. MTV, I’d fuck you in your ass like little punks.

“Hirsch, you sat there and looked at a girl and said when she turns 18 you’re going to put her in fuck movies. You shot a sex scene with this girl. At the end of the day she’s going to get $150,000. Goddamn, when you’re sitting there and thinking about an underage girl, that’s nasty shit. You’re a lowlife piece of shit.”


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