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Rob Black: Seymore Butts, You Untalented Chuck Traynor; Butts Was In Bed with Pay ‘Em Later, Nick

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Seymore Butts, like a lot of other people in the industry, need to go to the school of shut the fuck up.

Because once they start tweeting about Rob Black, as Brooklyn Lee learned, Black has the bite of a viper. Black attacked Butts on two fronts today. I’ll provide you with the most amusing piece first.

Butts went on Twitter last week calling Black “irrelevant.” Black in turn illustrated how Butts established his industry career as a suitcase pimp who lived off the backs of women.

Noting Butt’s current Pure Play deal, Black observed, “I see you suck Frank Koretsky’s cock. Koretsky takes Tom Byron’s movies, uses the footage, creates new companies and takes tons of money off of that.”

“When you say I’m irrelevant, do you realize your biggest claim to fame is that you got in the business in 1990 with Darla Derriere? You stole Stagliano’s gimmick. You were Adam Glasser the original suitcase pimp.

“You are a failed child exploiter. You got into the business with this girl who was in a John Stagliano movie. Oh, I get it Seymore Butts – Buttman. I’ll take this girl and now I’ll use this gimmick now. Right now, Adam Glasser, you are nothing more than the people you are making fun of.

“You get in the business and you rented Darla Derriere out because you’re borderline physically abusive. Then you hook up with a girl named Shane, this sweet, beautiful girl next door the world loved and you created a line with Shane – it was you fucking Shane.

“You had to latch yourself to another meal ticket. You’re a real classy father, Adam Glasser. Then Adam Glasser goes to Factory Home Video – Rita and Josef – the pirates, then goes to Ultimate Home Video, Nick Pinkowski the other thief who’s making millions and not paying people.

“Adam Glasser is gravitating to losers. No Shane, now he’s with Taylor Hayes, the Vivid girl, and has a kid with her. How do you keep a Vivid girl? By making her pregnant and incorporating that kid on a TV show.

“But you only get a show because after you broke up with Taylor Hayes- I think you left a pregnant woman – you classless piece of shit – and then got with Alisha Klass because she was the one who was going to get you the Showtime deal.

“She was fucking the Showtime people. What a real winner Adam Glasser is. You fucking untalented Chuck Traynor, you fuck. You had Alisha Klass get you your gig on Showtime. You had a show that evolved into garbage.

“All I know, you’re either the world’s worst business man, or you’re just a piece of human garbage and went through all your money and you’re back to the beginning.

“You’re an untalented suitcase pimp-loser whose life line expired when Showtime got rid of you, and your 15 minutes was gone. Asshole, you’re right back where you started, with Frank Koretsky distributing your product and you begging and pleading with them to cut you a check.

“Now you’re with Mari Possa- no one’s every heard of her. You never made a girl, the girls made you. You can’t make her a star because those girls were stars that made you. Now you take a child that you exploited like a sweat shop worker and are doing webisodes.

“You’ve got a child on a webisode that you’re trying to pimp out. But your glory days are because Alisha Klass was fucking a guy on Showtime? Go in your garage and suck back exhaust.

“You attack me? You’re a worthless loser. Your son needs to know you’re a worthless loser who made money on the backs of girls. You went from Showtime to Frank Koretsky to webisodes. Bro, I just made you famous, and I want the world to marvel at you. Take exhaust. Cut your wrists.”


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