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Rob Black: Spiderman Xander Corvus’ Comments to AVN Prove Irresponsibility of the Business

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I remember saying weeks ago that Xander Corvus should just shut his pie hole. Obviously he doesn’t listen to good advice because Corvus yesterday made statements to AVN that are legally incriminating. As if anyone cares. Rob Black addressed those remarks on his Thursday night show.

“Xander Corvus- wow; there’s the making of a future piece of shit,” said Black.

“Give him another 30 years, and he’ll be the douchebag loser he is now. It will never change. Now we have all the revelations in the media, and the ones we get, seem to be the ones we’ve been talking about for two and a half weeks to the point where Xander and his girlfriend got so intoxicated and drunk.

“Xander was going to beat me up- all these guys want to do sexual things to me, and he proceeded to stalk Katie Summers. Now there’s other homophobic men out there who want to wrestle me and proceed to say more ignorant foolish things.

“At the end of the day I’m called a liar and every name in the book. But here we are the media out there all across the globe- a press conference was held with Cameron Bay where she proceeded to talk about the actor [Corvus] with a sliced up penis, she worked with and proceeded to work with a bloody penis.

“I reported that and everyone said I was a lunatic. Xander Corvus threatened me on twitter and he stalked women. He even talked about little birdies landing on top of Cameron Bay and showering her with HIV. That’s the respect this little piece of shit shows our industry and young Cameron Bay.

“Everybody proceeded to say Rob Black was a liar. Now we see Xander Corvus doing an exclusive with AVN. Adult Video Manwin News does an EXCLUSIVE interview with Xander Corvus. After this has been going on for weeks and weeks.

“We reported this first, then all the other gossip sites talked about the Xander Corvus bloody dick but nobody wanted to address it because I brought it up and have been hitting home runs with everything since I started five months ago.

“You now have- and this is what’s amazing [Black then quoted]- ‘AVN confirmed with Xander Corvus, the sole male performer in Bay’s Public Disgrace scene to penetrate her vaginally and/or anally (she did performer oral sex on another, unidentified male during the scene), that he was the performer Bay was referring to at the press conference.

‘Corvus verified that he did sustain a cut on his penis from Bay’s teeth during the shoot.’

“We reported on that weeks and weeks ago,” said Black, “and now Xander Corvus is admitting to this. After he stalked women and threatened to beat people up.

“Listen to me, be a man- wait for me to walk out of my building and clip me. We’ll leave the door open for you. So Xander Corvus is now verifying he had a sliced penis which he sustained from Cameron Bay. He now admits it.

“We have Xander Corvus admitting he had a slice wound on his penis bleeding into Cameron Bay’s mouth, yet a week and a half later he donned the tights of Spiderman to shoot for Vivid in Las Vegas. That’s pretty responsible.

“What kind of guy in our business would want to work when he had an open cut he sustained two weeks ago with somebody who had the industry convinced she had HIV before that scene. Shit, 90% of the industry said Cameron Bay was this junkie crackhead who had this dormant in her body.

“You have Xander Corvus with a bloody dick in her mouth then working for Vivid- nobody finds that troubling.

“Oh, wait, we were told everybody tested clean with that great PASS test and Xander is clear out of the words. Let’s just jump bank on Xander’s awesome statement. But I tell lies. This is the best part.

This is what I LOVE because when people like Nina Hartley and Christian Mann and all the keyboard warriors start commenting- and aren’t the agents supposed to be protecting the talent? Now we have the silence of the agents. But this is what is so disturbing, and if this is not the poster child statement of why our business needs regulation and can’t regulate itself- ready for this? This is just the most heart touching statement:

“Xander said he bled ‘a little bit’ from the wound. He also maintained that the decision to continue with the scene was a group one by all participants, while shooting was stopped, – thank you Xander, you just implicated Peter Acworth, Kink.Com, the directors, thank you Xander Corvus. It was done by a group.

Corvus also said it was, “As much of Bay’s volition as his own.”

“It’s amazing how someone can implicate in what no one thinks is a giant lawsuit and a cluster fuck of cluster fucks,” Black mused.

“Xander Corvus said he bled a little bit but maintained that the decision to continue was a group one by participants.

“‘I asked her if she wanted to keep shooting, and she said, ‘As long as you’re OK, you’re not hurt,'” Corvus told AVN.

“Guess what? Xander Corvus, and I want everyone to listen this and why we cannot regulate ourselves and what Christian Mann tells us are lies and that John Stagliano hides his HIV.

“Think about what Xander Corvus said. He wasn’t working for any outlaw company. Everyone said if we have condoms everyone’s going to go underground. That’s what Diane Duke, all of them say. The minute we put condoms on it’s going to drive us underground and no one will adhere to safety measures. We’ve heard that time and time again. If this doesn’t slap in the face of everything they’re saying.

“Xander Corvus is on the set of They own a $20 million building. Peter Acworth sits on the board of the Free Speech Coalition. He is on board of PASS. He’s part of business dealings with John Stagliano. They are about as mainstream as you can get.

“They’re being distributed by Jules Jordan and have had documentaries made about them by James Franco. is furthest from an underground company and pretty mainstream. We have a production on a mainstream company’s property. And we have a performer that is smack dab in the middle of a scene with untested fans off the street abusing and punching her [Bay].

“Her breast damage is so severe she has to go to the emergency room. All these things are happening on’s property. Cameron Bay bites his penis unintentionally while he’s jamming it down her throat and a flow of blood ensues. Blood is oozing onto the floor. He’s trying to have blood not spill everywhere.

“People are concerned and trying to stop blood. James Franco shot a documentary and Kink has a $20 million building. They are furthest from underground, but we’re going to be driven underground with condoms? This is how commercial and mainstream Kink is and here’s an extremely hazardous work condition.

“Somehow if we go condom the conditions are going to get worse? Worse than a man’s penis bleeding? Here’s the irresponsible part- the fact that Xander Corvus and the entire cast and crew vote among themselves, ‘hey, my cock is just bleeding with blood over the floor; no restaurant could imagine blood all over the food, but Xander Corvus and the entire cast and crew all took a poll and said who says I should continue this scene with my bloody dick so we can all get paid and risk our lives and have Mr. Acworth get mad at us and shoot off guns.’

“‘All say aye. Aye. Are you okay with it, director? Is everybody alright with the bloody penis? Then let’s start fucking.’

“Are you fucking for real?” asked Black.

“Does everybody understand now when Peter Acworth and John Stagliano and Christian Mann and Diane Duke say we self-regulate and have done a great job and have never had a transmission of HIV on set ever and our protocols work. Self-regulation, yup, that works. Explain to me how putting on condoms are going to drive companies underground?

“When the great Nina Hartley and all you people talk about regulation and our self-imposed restrictions, guess what? I ‘ve seen Bret Favre take a shot to the head and the trainers come out and go get the fuck out of the game. You just took a shot you got to come out of the game. The call would come from the commissioner’s office you better get him out of that game.

“When the fuck have we called ourselves an industry and one to be compared to a sport where they’re regulated. In our business we have actors wounded talking with other actors and talking with the cast and crew and they go if we don’t finish this nobody’s going to get paid.

“They all work and you have exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago. What does it say about Xander Corvus with a bloody dick working with an HIV performer? The general consensus is that she [Bay] didn’t get it on the Kink set.

Xander Corvus, what kind of person are you that you put your stock in a test that Diane Duke says is the greatest test in the world, but the test they use for syphilis never fails except for Clover with false-positives.

“How the fuck could Xander Corvus working with a bloody dick and with an HIV performer- what kind of irresponsible person would go do a scene [for Vivid]. You were performing with someone who had HIV. Somebody irresponsible would take that approach and go work for Vivid.

“And I don’t know what girl worked with him [on the Vivid set]. You worked with Xander Corvus and two weeks earlier he had his bloody dick in Cameron Bay’s mouth. Nobody is troubled by any of this? Like nobody is troubled by any of this.

“Nobody sees the troubling words from Xander? He cut his dick, but continued on a group decision. You got to be laughing your asses off when the lead actor in the Public Disgrace scene is telling everybody that the decision to continue was a group one by all participants and you wonder why Michael Weinstein of Aids Healthcare Foundation and Isadore Hall go the business cannot regulate itself. Look what’s going on.

“Then you listen to Diane Duke say if you go condoms you’re going to drive the business underground, and it won’t be safe. Are you for real? the most commercial company there is, takes a hand raising to continue a scene with a bloody dick. What happens if they go underground? Are they going to kill someone?


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