Rob Black Still Has Lots of Love To Give To Marci and Steven Hirsch. And Shylar Cobi.

I’ll tell you guys a funny story.

I’ve known Marci Hirsch and Steven Hirsch since I’ve been in the adult business. Tom Byron’s known Marci and Steven since he’s been in the business. When I harass them and bust their balls, there is harshness to it, yes. But it also comes from a place of love.

I’ve told the story of when Tom Byron and I went to Steven’s house in Granada Hills and were going to purchase it back in the 90’s. I’ve told you all when I used to work out at the private gym IFC in Sherman Oaks and Marci would be there working out at the time I would be working out and we would say hello and talk and so on.

So it’s a love/hate relationship. We love to hate on each other, but we love to love each other.

When we started Extreme, Steven decided he wanted to fuck with us, so he started a tranny line with the name Vivid Extreme. I think the movie was called Attack of the 50 Foot Tranny. So they had a back page ad in AVN and when I saw it with the name Vivid Extreme I lost my mind. Then we had to have our lawyers send them cease and desist letters and the whole thing.

So that is the history I have had with the precious Hirsches. We all joke and jest. Tom Byron lived in an apartment building across the street from Steven when he was a chubby little coke freak. Marci used to date Marc Wallice, and as you know Tom and Marc were friends and Marc had a lot of stories to tell about Marci’s sexual proclivities.

When I got out of prison and was on probation, I had to report to an office and fill out paperwork every month. I played nice with everybody for 2 years. Sucked an amazing amount of cock.

It was similar to the fellatio I gave to the entire business before my plea deal that I accepted begrudgingly to spare my wife from going to prison. The plan was to reshape the image of Rob Black and Lizzy Borden and to save the wife. In the end I still went to prison and so did my wife.

When I got out the cocksucking continued. I got a job at Exquisite Multimedia where I created the Extreme Comixxx line and directed a bunch of movies under the name Sinister X. Brought a company called Exquisite that was dead back from the ashes and gave it an identity and a new direction.

So I was at lunch one day and when I got back I was told that Michael Bisco was at the office snooping around. For those of you who don’t know, Michael Bisco is B. Skow. Michael Bisco/B. Skow worked at Vivid Entertainment and worked there for many, many years. He was Steve Hirsch’s man.

Basically Bisco wanted to own his movies like Axel Braun did and make more money and drive a Bentley. And Steven told him to go fuck himself. So Bisco said, OK Steven, sorry to have bothered you.

Then what he did was get in his car and went to go see his old friend Howard Levine at Exquisite who used to be at Vivid and Howard brought him in to see Jerry and proceeded to map out a strategy to bring Michael Bisco to Exile Distribution. Bisco was also doing superhero parodies, so I took it as a slap in the face and a move by Jerry to make sure I stayed in check and wouldn’t ask for more than the 800 dollars a week that I was paid.

So I emailed Marci Hirsch and said since one of your big time directors is sniffing around my place looking for a job maybe I should sniff around over at Vivid and see if there is anything we could do together. Since Michael Bisco is out looking for a deal maybe Vivid should talk to Roberto Negro about coming on board there.

Marci goes, “Oh my god, what are you talking about?” I said, “Bisco’s over here talking to Jerry and Howard, so if he’s allowed to do that, perhaps I should explore other options as well.”

So I met with Marci at Erotica LA and we discussed the possibility of me coming over to Vivid, with Allie Haze standing there in her Princess Leia costume signing autographs.

When I got home from this meeting, Lizzy Borden informed me that Axel Braun had texted her and told her that while Marci and Steven wouldn’t distribute my product, he would distribute my movies through Axel Braun Productions and Vivid Entertainment. I thought what happened here? Did Axel cockblock me? Who knows? But whatever, I guess Marci told Axel and that tickled the wire and got people talking.

So I got a call from Marci the next day after I talked to Axel and she said that they had gone in and talked to Steven about Michael Bisco’s actions. Steven said he would talk to Michael and see what was up.

A couple of days later Steven had the meeting with Michael who assured him that none of this was true and Steven relayed the message through Marci and Axel that I was a liar and that he did not believe me.

Ultimately, the Axel Braun deal didn’t happen for various reasons. I think Marci was using my overtures to Vivid to keep Axel down in thinking that I could make features for Vivid at a substantially lower cost than Axel, because I was doing that at Exquisite, making features for 20K that looked like they cost 80K. Keeping him humble, much like Jerry was doing with me with the Michael Bisco thing. So I continued to make movies with Jerry and life went on.

So what happened with Bisco? Four or five months later after I left Jerry, Michael Bisco did indeed go to Jerry and Exile Distribution. They announced a huge deal for a bunch of movies. It somehow ended after one movie and Michael Bisco ended up at Girlfriend Films, where he remains to this day. So I guess the bill of goods that Howard Levine and Jerry Estrada sold to Bisco amounted to shit and Bisco left the deal after one film.

Steven and Marci lost Michael Bisco and here we are two and a half years later and now they have lost Axel Braun.

They lost Michael Bisco and now Axel Braun and now they have Rob Black on the air five hours a day busting their balls. Doesn’t seem like it worked out too well for Vivid.

So there you have a chain of events that all started because Rob Black told Vivid that Michael Bisco was looking for a deal with Exquisite.

What started with an exchange between Marci and I culminated into them having no directors and now their biggest star taking half his catalog and going over to their competitor Wicked Pictures.

What a great love affair we could’ve had two and a half years ago, Marci. I would’ve loved to have told my probation officer I had a great gig at Vivid and gone to work in their beautiful building in Studio City. But you pushed me away. You rejected my love.

I have a lot of love to give. I just don’t have anywhere to put it. I could’ve given my love to your new Sirius radio station and I could’ve given my love to Vivid Entertainment and made awesome movies. But you pushed my love away.

But I’m gonna do something for you Marci Hirsch. I’m gonna do something for you Steven. I’m gonna give you guys my love one more time.

But that love comes with conditions. Because last time we danced, it was a one-sided love. Now the love is all on my side and I’m gonna give you my love. One more time.

I’m gonna give you Steven Hirsch and you Marci Hirsch my love one more time.

So Marci Hirsch, I’m offering you an olive branch. I’m offering you an olive branch with conditions.

From what I’m seeing you guys need love in two areas. The first area that you need love is in the form of Vivid Radio. In order to have quality programming for Sirius, I gotta tell ya, you don’t seem to have the wherewithal to produce it. You took it over from Manfuck, and you’ve got huge shoes to fill in your programming.

I will offer you my services to appear on Vivid Radio on Sirius/XM 102. With conditions.

I will broadcast out of the Vivid building and I want Derek Hay’s old office, considering he’s packing up and moving to Vegas. I want that office overlooking Studio City. That is where I will broadcast The Rob Black Show. I will broadcast at 8AM on the morning drive time slot.

This is a big announcement. I am negotiating a truce with Vivid Entertainment and taking them off of the Axis of Evil list. This is historic.

This is what our ground rules are and what we need the Vivid Empire to cooperate with and this are our list of requirements.

We will operate Vivid Radio on Sirius/XM 102 and provide them with 5 hours of compelling radio in the morning. Our studios will be in formerly LA Direct offices overlooking Studio City now that it is vacant. The Derek Hay office will be the home of The Rob Black Show.

The next condition will be a company car. We will take over the production arm of Vivid because they have the Vivid TV channel and they need programming for it and for that we need a company car.

I will produce all the movies and oversee them. I will bring in my production team of Tom Byron and Katherine Summers. I will keep some of the current production team like Shylar Cobi, I like Shylar, I find him quite charming. Bryn Pryor aka Eli Cross will probably go with Axel Braun, so I will bring in Paul Woodcrest, the masterful cinematographer of Taxi Driver XXX, the XRCO winner of Best Parody in 2012.

So that will be my production team and I will start with a production that is very near and dear to my heart, a production that will put Vivid on par with mainstream productions. We will take Vivid to a whole other level.

Also, very important, Vivid will again be all condom. Very important, no wavering on that rule. All condom.

Another condition is that Marci Hirsch will resign from the Free Speech Coalition board of directors.

The last condition is that Vivid Entertainment will back the formation of an organized union structure that will include a single talent database and a universal testing system that is independent of the adult business.

Steven Hirsch and Marci Hirsch, we have a unique opportunity to end this cold war. We have an opportunity like when Ronald Reagan told Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down this wall.

The preconditions once again are:

#1. The Rob Black Show broadcasts on Sirius/XM Channel 102 on the Vivid station.

#2. The Rob Black Show will broadcast from the LA Direct offices overlooking Studio City after Derek Hay tucks his tail between his legs and runs to Vegas with his hooker bags in tow.

#3. Rob Black Productions will take over the production arm of Vivid Entertainment and make it the powerhouse it once was with a production team that is second to none. Celebrity sex tapes with people no one cares about will not sustain you and you know it. Oh, and we need a company car.

#4. Vivid will be all condom. Once again they will be at the forefront of protecting the health and safety of its talent.

#5. Marci Hirsch will resign from the evil cabal known as Free Speech Coalition.

#6. Steven Hirsch will be an intricate part of helping create a one talent agency system and a one talent testing healthcare system and we will call it the Hirsch plan.

So these are the six preconditions that Rob Black would like to extend to Marci Hirsch and Steven Hirsch and Vivid Entertainment. I am extending my love for a second time.

Marci Hirsch, when I email you tonight and I say let’s make history, you will tell Steven, “Tear down this wall!”

If we can have The Berlin Wall fall, if we as Americans can unite behind a common goal, I think that Rob Black and Steven Hirsch can get together in an historic summit that will bring economic prosperity and health and safety for years to come.

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