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Rob Black to James Deen: Distance Yourself From People Who Offer Jobs to Child Murderers

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Embracing an open book policy, Rob Black said there would be nothing but honesty on his show.

“I have to admit last night if it wasn’t for the Internet it would have amounted to jail. I did a form of stalking that was wrong. It’s called twitter stalking. If it was done on the street I would have been arrested for stalking women.”

“I stalked some adult film actresses and I will admit I’m sorry,” Black continued.

“That’s what you do when you’re wrong. Last night, Tom Byron left to go to Santa Monica to do some work. I stayed in the cabin, and I twitter stalked Kelly Shibari, Andy San Dimas and Allie Haze. I wanted to see where they were, if they were in town and who they’re fighting with. Then I took my hand, and I started to pleasure myself.

“Here’s the thing. There I am in the cabin. I stripped down and I’m naked. I’m hairy. Chi Chi LaRue would call me a bear. I like it dry, no lube. I like to think there’s something special between me and Allie and Andy.

“The fucked up part is there’s a wood chair I sit on. The splinters are hitting my ass in the way splinters never hit my ass. They’re poking me and I’m jerking. I ‘organism’ and it’s all over my stomach and I’m hairy and it’s stuck in my hair.

“I’m trying to pull it off and reaching for the tissue. I don’t have tissues. I see some Bounty paper towels. I have jizz in my right hand; now I’m hearing Lukas’ mom. [Rob always refers to the fact that he shares a house with a Lukas Haas lookalike.]

“She’s calling for us to come to dinner. I have cum in my hand. I don’t know what to do. She walks in and sees me. She says what’s wrong?

“I got caught masturbating by Lukas Hass’ mom. I have a problem. I’m sorry.”

Now that he came clean, Black feels others in the business should come clean as well.

“Kelly Shibari, I’m really digging you, but the point of the story is I’m admitting to the world I have a problem. I stalk women on twitter. I’m seeking help. I’m confessing my sins. I twitter-stalked Andy San Dimas, Allie Haze and Kelly Shibari. I had impure thoughts of Kelly Shibari licking my asshole and Andy San Dimas calling me a piece of shit.”

Black said there’s people in our business that need to repent.

“I was cyber stalking, and I noticed there are other people in the business of the media world that are noticing that Steve Hirsch may have some problems and needs to repent, listen to Rob Black.

“Steven, you need to talk about your sins. The plot is getting thicker like the cum fixed on my body.”

Black saw the Fox News article today which called out Hirsch. You have a guy in the business who Christy Canyon said is of impeccable character. Now you have news organizations like Fox News, and they’re not going after us about our content. They’re going at us for the corruption of minors. But I’m going to connect all the dots, and it’s downright disturbing and criminal. All you women, Steven Hirsch is not your fan, he’s an exploiter.”

“Two words,” said Black. “Casey Anthony.”

“How, TMZ, I thought you were all investigative journalists- Harvey Levinson- you do a real shitty job. You defend someone like Steve Hirsch? Shame on you. Harvey, you and Steve hang out with Melissa Rivers? And she dumped his ass saying I’m not going out with someone who exploits children.

“When a woman by the name of Casey Anthony allegedly murdered her child, she took a little baby, maybe a year old. She allegedly took a little baby and because this piece of human garbage wanted to party or maybe got a call from Steven Hirsch, she said let me go kill my kid. Allegedly.

“Casey Anthony was offered a job by Steven Hirsch to work in pornographic films. Guys, do you see a pattern? Are you going to call me Jim Garrision a guy who was finally proved to be right? Am I Jim Garrison? Steven Hirsch offered Casey Anthony a job. Fact.

“She was on trial where she allegedly murdered her infant daughter. She threw her kid in a swamp so she could audition for porn movies. These are facts, guys. Steven Hirsch offered a job to an alleged child murderer to star in pornographic films.

“Are you people not outraged? This is why the government is coming after us. Are you telling me this is because Rob Black and Lizzy Borden made fantasy movies? The government is coming after us because leaders in our business make offers to child murderers. Steven Hirsch offered Casey Anthony a job. Fact. She was on trial for allegedly murdering her child, taping her head and throwing her into a Florida swamp.

“Fox News now is looking at the new leaders of the business- guys who offer jobs to alleged child murderers.

“We then go to the news story [Farrah Abraham] that Steven Hirsch set up pornographic shoots for girls who had kids at 15, turned 18 then orchestrated an elaborately staged sex tape with James Deen.

“James, take it from me. Distance yourself from this. Get the fuck away from this. You have crafted a beautiful career for yourself. Get the fuck away from a guy who makes job offers to child killers and choreographed this event when this girl was 15 years old. Get the fuck away from this.

“James, your cool, bro. James Deen has said it was all a hoax. Think about this. Steven Hirsch watched this case unfold with Casey Anthony. He said as soon as she gets off he’s going to offer her a job. Guys, don’t you see a pattern of someone who doesn’t like children?

Black notes that Hirsch has distanced himself from his biological son with Ginger Lynn and offers jobs to kid killers.

“If that’s not an abuser, I don’t know what is.

“It’s a fact that Steve Hirsch owns a third of a drug rehab clinic with Dr. Drew Pinsky. Steven Hirsch is involved in a rehab clinic with Dr. Drew the guy who helps everybody who keep committing suicide.

“Mike South you think I’m libel proof? Dr. Drew has treated people who’ve killed themselves at a high rate.”

Black admitted the same criticisms are made of the wrestling business.

“Dr. Drew, you treat all these celebrities and then they kill themselves. What a success you are. Dr. Drew owns this clinic with Steven Hirsch and they happened to treat Farrah Abraham. Wow. Dr. Drew and Steve Hirsch basically started working a 15 year old girl to become a porn star.

“Is TMZ part of this?” Black also asked.

“Fox News keep going with your story. You’re on to something.”

Black said Joanna Angel is also a real genius for endorsing that Abraham tape in the Fox News story.

“I don’t want to say you’re stupid, but look at you and listen to the words that come out of your mouth.

“Joanna Angel- isn’t she the one who use an American and dressed em up to be Japanese? You used to go out with James Deen and he made it cool to fuck you. Say what you want about me, but you’re defending a girl who got pregnant at 15 who had this kid and acted like a retard. You’re going wow she did good for herself.”

Black also likes the way Kim Kardashian is always brought up in these discussions.
“She’s a microcosm of dog shit,” said Black.
“Robert Kardashian is the guy who helped cover up a murder. Really, Kim Kardashian’s claim to fame is a dad who helped get OJ free. And when Nicole Simpson was slaugheted, people disparaged that woman. Kim Kardashian’s father, a lawyer, hid evidence and helped OJ get off. Ray J filmed her having sex and that was her claim to fame.

“Robert Kardashia helped OJ destroy peoples’ lives. Joanna Angel you’re just stupid.

Black said Dr. Drew needs to be fired that this is the tip of the iceberg.

“Drew Pinsky cannot be on the air right now. He contributed to Farrah Abraham. He counseled her in a clinic that Steve Hirsch partially owns. The fact that Steve Hirsch and Drew Pinsky do business together and the fact that you got this girl Farrah Abraham saying it is, but it’s not.

“When a federal investigation comes down are they going to ask this girl if at 16 she was introduced to Steven Hirsch?”

Black said he wants Fox News to investigate the giant connection.

“What checks were paid to James Deen and Farrah Abraham? Was it Califa Entertainment? Fox News needs to prove if Farrah Abraham was paid by Vivid Entertainment. Then Steve Hirsch needs to say he met Farrah Abraham when she was at Dr. Drew’ Pinsky’s rehab house that Steve Hirsch owns a third of. That’s all I want to know.”

“Maybe I’m wrong,” continued Black.

“Maybe Steve didn’t abandon the child. Maybe Ginger Lynn took that kid because she was afraid what would happen to that child in the hands of Steven Hirsch. And this is the guy fighting for our business? Think about it.”

Black said he’s going to harp on this story until the facts come out.

Black also said he’d be satisfied to hear Hirsch deny the Pinsky partnership, that he offered Casey Anthony a job, that he met Farrah Abraham when she was 16 and that he offered Mr. Marcus a job.

“Let’s put it this way. Christy Canyon said Steve Hirsch is somebody with impeccable credentials.

“Put it on the line. Say that’s a lie, under oath, that you never offered Marcus a job. Say you didn’t orchestrate the Farrah Abraham sex tape. Say you’re not under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, Percocet, Oxycontin.

“TMZ’s your boy the place that says Alexis Texas is racist. Twenty-five kids sit in a room and they make fun of celebrities.”

Black extended the challenge to TMZ.

“TMZ, after all these allegations, call Hirsch and say we got to go on record. Talk about the Laurie Hirsch factor. All this is is a giant fuck you in your ass. To all the talent out there, these are the leaders you have in this business. You are this industry, not guys who offer jobs to child murderers.

“Jimmy Deen, without you, Steven Hirsch wouldn’t have been able to do that scene. You know why the government treats you like children? You act like children. You go to meetings, catcall and go on James Bartholet’s show and make stupid statements. You act like kids you get treated like kids. No one takes you serious.

“Steve Hirsch is a guy who’s fucked up like all of you.”

Black then referenced a case in New York where a women and child were beaten to death by Joel Steinberg a NY criminal defense attorney. It went to trial and this woman, Hedda Nussbaum, couldn’t leave. This guy Joel Steinberg hated kids and beat the shit out of this kid.

“I look at Ginger Lynn. I look at this connection. You look at a child that Steve Hirsch didn’t see in 15 years. Maybe Ginger is a little stronger than the average girl. I see a pattern of a guy who hates kids. That’s your leadership. Your leadership is right there.”


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