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Rob Black to Lexington Steele: Where’s the Racism?; You’re a Millionaire Because of Racism

Lexington Steele was quoted in an article about industry racism in which he talked about, how, within the fabric of the adult industry, those in positions of authority are implementing practices of no interracial and how managers, boyfriends, husbands and family members are also adding to the problem.

Considering that Mr. Marcus and Lylith Lavey were the issues at hand, Rob Black wasn’t heading for a show down with Steele but the subject matter sort of veered that way.

Earlier in the show, Black noted that Jessica Darlin and her husband Luis [Bobby] Cypher, the epitome of southern white trash, were probably, for their time, the biggest racists in the business.

“But she loved working with Marcus and Lexington Steele,” observed Black who thinks Steele is a millionaire because of racism.

Black quoted Jessica Darlin’s husband saying, “There’s nothing more degrading than having a fuck a white girl. These people love to hate it. And Lexington’s biggest fan base is racist.”

“I’m not saying that ain’t true,” continued Black, “but she would take Lexington Steele’s dick to the balls.”

“And Lexington Steele is upset about racism in the business? What racism, you fucking retard?” asked Black.

“You’re on top of the white guys. Talk about racism, you’re Darth Vader and Darth Vader is a white guy when they cut him out of his suit. Darth Vader is an old hillbilly white guy that looks like Mike South.

“You should be pissed off about Mr. Marcus, the Free Speech Coalition and that scumbag John Stagliano. Where’s your outrage? You’re sitting there playing ball with Free Speech, playing ball with Mr. Marcus, playing ball with Chris Mann, playing ball with John Stagliano.

“You want to talk about racism? You worked for Jules Jordan, and your biggest seller was little white girls getting fucked by big black guys for their first time. Want to talk about racism, you guys perpetuated it. You gave little white girls $20,000 to get gang raped by five black guys and called it The Dark Side. Called a she’s got a negro problem, whatever the fuck, racial profiling.

“You were Jules Jordan’s boy. Everything they do is racially motivated. You were in a movie [Star Wars] that took the role from a white guy and gave it to you. Axel Braun thought it would be cool for Darth Vader to have a big black cock, errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

“Can you imagine if our busines took a movie from a black guy and gave it to a white guy? You’d be outraged. How about if we did XXX Malcolm X and we shaved Mr. Pete’s head and put a little bow tie on him?

“But you disgust me. Where’s your outrage about Free Speech Coalition? You have the voice. You’re the millionaire Mercenary Pictures. You had your own company with Frank Koretsky the white Jew. Your company was bankrolled by Frank Koretsky when you were with Vanessa Blue.

“Remember when you were with Vanessa Blue, you were authentically black. Then you went out with Michelle McLaren. You went out with the white girl. And you’re going to talk shit about the business being racist?

“The boyfriends, the shit white assholes, that’s what keeps you in business. You want the inbred asshole white guys watching white girls fucking black guys thinking that’s cool… that bothers you?

“You have a chip on your shoulder. You’re going to tell me Steve Hirsch is a racist? Jules Jordan is a racist? You’re going to tell me that AVN who gave you Performer of the Year three years in a row is a racist? That Frank Koretsky the great white Jew is a racist? Where’s the racism? I’m lost.

“The racists are what I don’t get. So, all the times I used you when you were a nobody and used to hang out with Tony Eveready and Byron Long and I booked you. I had no idea who you were. You were just some little white washed black kid with a 12 inch soft limpy dick that couldn’t get hard.

“Tony Eveready, Byron Long, you couldn’t be more black than them two. Those ‘niggars’ carried that scene for you. We were in South Central, and this girl Viveca A. Fox, whatever, we pissed on her at the end. One of the guys had shy bladder, and I pissed on her with her mouth open. Where was the racism then, Lex? That was back in the Nineties when black shit wasn’t cool.

“I gave you money. Tom Byron loved you. He introduced you to Viagra. The little blue pill. Remember you said I don’t take that. Byron said, yes you need to take that. Then you did that scene with Jessica Darlin, the girl who’s a racist. I got video of you, the limp dick brother. I got video and you’re going to say racism? Are you serious? XBiz a racist? Who? I don’t get it. Who are the racists?

“You’re talking about these girls with the boyfriends. You’re talking about the girls you and Jules Jordan take advantage of. You talk about these little corn fed Jessica Darlin girls that come from these white supremacy black hating families and they’re now the big stars. ‘You know what would be so awesome? Do a Dark Side.’

“You’re part of that, Lex the Impaler. You and these white girls wouldn’t be so special if for the taboo factor, if doing a white girl wasn’t such a big deal. Isn’t that the standard prize in the black community to have the little white girl? Even the hardcore gangbangers will tell you that.

“Lex, where is the racism? I’m still trying to figure this out. You’re worried about what these white hillbilly guys are saying, and a bunch of white girls you guys are fucking and that’s why you’re making this money with your cock buried up their assholes? Who’s watching that? It ain’t the brothers.”


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